World of Warships – Halloween Mode: Saving Transylvania

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  1. And like always, WoT on PC is left out

  2. I’m from Transylvania. I can’t wait to visit the Dracula’s castle this
    halloween! ?

  3. eyy , i live in Transylvania
    this event will be interesting

  4. Its most original game is being left out… again

  5. Marry Christmas every one

  6. Proud Transylvanian here 😉 Glad to see this

  7. why is this happen when my laptop is broken T.T

  8. This is why I play only world of warships now, world of Tanks PC gets
    nothing and Im okay with it. ?

  9. Funny thing is that Transylvania is surrounded by mountains, in the center
    of a country, not near of waters (Black Sea is several hundreds kilometers
    away) and this battle is fought on water. But it seems interesting. And the
    ships look awesome

  10. As a romanian I think this is pure genius xDDD You should definitely add
    this permanently to the game xD

  11. and hungarians say WG never makes hungarian maps? xD

  12. Le chti simulateur

    Bonjour war gaming je voudrais savoir si World warship sera disponible pour
    la ps4????@+

  13. I would get ready, but I play on the EU server. So we’ll probably get this
    event… sometime next year.

  14. 王苏楠(The cool Chinese guy)

    defeat putin? 0:50

  15. i have to uninstall wot..?

  16. There is no sea near transylvania

  17. David -flamingsword1

    Dat bass voice doe ?

  18. Saving Transylvania from the huns !

  19. is there anybody who finished it ? mission impossible

  20. Anders Mostue (AndMos)

    rasputin? I mean realy?

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