World of Warships- Hannover First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new Special Ship Hannover and the Grand Battles mode, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. more armor + more health
    still irrelevant to fire

    • Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

      Hence thats why we need a fire rework

    • You mean less armor, right? The nose is a massive joke compared to how little 32mm GK has and the big chunks of 35mm deck are just more ways for 203mm CAs to farm you

  2. Hey look, its me! The shimakaze in the last clip, with my 8km torps getting absolutely stomped by a midway and satsuma! I feel special now!

  3. tamas lapsanszki

    Smolensk, Thunderer, FDR and other OP POS: *breathing heavily*

  4. MasterVideoStudios

    OH yes please put this in the main game as a premium! If these things are THAT BIG that they become shell/torpedo/plane magnets I don’t think its gonna be that big of an issue. The bigger you are the harder you FALL! #MakeGermanBattleshipsGreatAgain!

  5. Hannover: Exists
    Fires, Planes, Flooding: Ultra Heavy Breathing
    (She looks neat tbh)
    (30 knot speed? What?)

  6. QpourYt QpourYt

    This mode looks very fun ! It would be cool though that hannover guns sound different 🙂

  7. Flachwassertaucher

    Cant be a premium ship. Good gun angles and a reliable dispersion? Its not german without the gun roulette every salvo.

  8. the little “oh mein gott” makes it so much better hahahhahahahahahaha. Sehr gutes Video ;).

  9. WG: let’s create a mode of an alternative reality where CVs weren’t a thing.
    Also WG: let’s add CVs to this mode.

    A perfect opportunity to test a no CV mode ruined.

  10. Accurate German guns……….The Dream of every german player FINALLY made true…….i am crying

  11. Christian de Cruce

    If super battleships will bring in money wargaming will do it. They care about milking the golden goose till it’s dead. The games longevity and balance is not part of the equation. Purchased premium ammunition will also be coming eventually.

  12. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    The fact that it gets better firing arcs than Kurfürst makes me sad MAKE A PROPER H CLASS AT TIER X WG

    • If I had to take a guess,I’d say it’ll probably be a research bureau ship. The German counterpart to Ohio.

    • @Dr. TeaRex Do you think these can be normal T10? (Satsu and Hano)

    • @Andrj Molotov I haven’t played them or played against them yet, but consider that the submarines started off as a Halloween event class which is now planned to be implemented in the live server. Assuming things continue the way they are currently in terms of balance and power creep, I would not be surprised if something based on these ships is eventually introduced into standard T10 games.

  13. Me and my Thunderer want those in randoms!!

  14. “it’s only going to be around for limited amount of time”. Are we sure about that? WG never puts this much effort into developing a ship if they don’t have plans to make money from it later.

    • For RB or Steel or FreeXP or they may even straight up offer it for Doubloons. Whatever gets them the quickest and most $$.
      After the ARP Yamato, anything is possible for this milking machine.

      And the wild factor, maybe a test bed for T11 ? and make it insanely expensive and grindy to get, you know, to get the whales to spend more of that sweet sweet $$/FreeXP.

    • ToughAncientSpark

      Sadly true.

    • they say this so that ull be pressed to sacrifice ur time and money

    • B-17G Flying Fortress

      They said on stream with gameplay will be a test for them to add them in future or not

  15. The sad thing is that fires will burn this thing down just as quickly as any other BB. + your even easier to hit…😬

  16. Imagine running into an FDR with this. You will be bullied like no one else before. You will eat every single torpedo dropped at you lolol

  17. I wouldn’t mind seeing this secondary powerup make it onto normal BB’s. Almost makes them feel like the way they were when that powerup hits

  18. I really hope Hannover along with Satsuma get added permanently. They are so beautiful!!!

  19. Hannover: Has 35mm deck plates

    Shikishima: My time has come

  20. Imagine German BB with those Secondaries

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