World of Warships- Hannover Full Secondary Build With Lutjens

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Well…..this is fun.

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. I prefer the aiming module so that you can get to 50% of the main battery shells that actually hit over 20 km distance.
    10 km secondaries are still enough in a brawl and against DD.

    • It’s not the range that changes the most, the secondary module lowers dispersion by a whole 20% which is massive.

  2. Haven’t played super bbs because i can’t afford the modules. I’m currently very low on credits and don’t want to use all my remaining credits for sec. modules i won’t use after that event ever again.

    • I think mines running on spare equipment i had lying around, with some slots empty. I wouldn’t spend the credits on a temporary event anyway

  3. Jäger der Große

    Getting your rudder knocked out is the most historically accurate thing in a German battleship.

  4. There have been too many Hannovers firing HE, I think Thunderer main players wanted armor……

  5. Abu helal Rashed

    It’s all fun and games until a conquerer or hell a DD comes around the corner

  6. It annoys me greatly that you have to buy all the modules yourself as opposed to all being available. It makes zero sense. Nice ships though.

    • Just another sneaky way WG is implementing more in-game economy drains (i.e., removed signal rewards for achievements, 21pts captain needing more elite comm. xp despite pretty much adding nothing new, captain retraining removed for credits, etc.)

  7. I have seen way too many Satsumas firing HE, it’s infuriating, also because it seems to work, constant fires every salvo……

  8. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    You know its gonna be good when SLM starts with an unusually excited “Hello”

  9. I’ve seen a lot of ships using HE that shouldn’t be. Saw an Izumo firing HE at a broadside JB the other day…. That was the one that stuck out the most to me.

  10. I just wish the boosted secondaries where base, and you didn’t have to activate a boost just to make them useful enough

  11. Hannover with this build is the only reason to play in Grand Battle mode. That’s actually fun, as opposed to playing Satsuma (which is only a slightly different Shikishima) or any other ship whose only role is to click and farm damage.
    …which makes me wonder even more why WG nerfed secondary builds and made them not viable anymore for some ships (like the mentioned Shikishima).

  12. I use the hannover full secundary, and is a lot of fun.

  13. I’m almost certain their all running HE because they believe the guns accuracy is so poor, your better off using HE to ensure some damage. I’ve done it before in ships like my GK past like 10km cause the guns can’t hit anything at 10km anyway

  14. I killed the Satsuma with the USS Iowa! And the Satsuma was mad at me. I just said “ American battleships are better than Japanese.”

  15. It’s just annoying when you get people who have only just starting playing. One game I played a player was playing Hanover and had played 16 games total.

  16. Kriegsmarine Admiral

    This is why German BB’s can be extremely good, If given the right player and loadout.

  17. Didn’t have too much fun in the super battleships, got spammed with torps each time but definitely enjoying being the spammer with my fletcher 😉

  18. Only tried Satsumas, got 5 citadels on another satsumas, 100k+ dmg 😀

  19. Lol 😂 I used Lutjens on Hannover talk about secondaries go burr once you get both buffs.

  20. It’s a blasphemy that Hannover doesn’t get the Shikishima Gun Sound(tm), or at least the Yamato Gun Sound(tm), despite the caliber of her guns. Hmmrph. >:(

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