World of Warships: Hannover’s Final Battle

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Grand Battles will be ending. This will be my last Hannover match in a while. I’m going to miss those amazing secondaries!

0:00 Hannover Match
9:35 End Screen
10:42 Captain Skills & Upgrades
11:19 Outro

World of Warships footage of the German super battleship Hannover.


  1. Anyone notice the special ability ‘arming’ after the first salvo, that missed with every shell?

    There have been videos where it actually didn’t register anything, although some shells hit the target.

    Did WG actually admit it’s bugged?

    • It’s weird like that. I think it’s based on whether the ship is spotted or not – and it’s not even about whethr you hit or not.

    • I think it ticks up as long as your shells deal potential damage.

    • I think it’s not based on hitting or not, but on whether it registered as “potential damage” at a target that you were targeting (so no accidental hits or dual hits).

      Potential damage is counted as everything that hits water or passes through (in the case of torps) within 700 m from your ship.

  2. I enjoyed this mode so much and such fun here. Previous event – those futuristic ships were amazing and fun. But the fact you could take tech tree ships here and go HAM with guns blazing or silly builds and nothing at stake just fun … it was top of the recent events

  3. omaiwa hentai!!!

    Damn gonna miss this wen its gone…it was pretty good mode for farming dmg

  4. Major Disappointment

    I love the Hannover nasty secondaries. Thanks Aerroon

  5. SkyRaider Eclipse

    Just looked at the blueprints apparently the h class starting from h 40 were going to have 2×3 533 torpedoes similar to the sharnhorst wonder why they didn’t put them on hannover

    • SkyRaider Eclipse

      @ANUBHAV SHARMA fair point although they are German and are easily blown up

    • last time i checked all H-class have underwater tubes.

    • SkyRaider Eclipse

      @ANUBHAV SHARMA you raise a good point but think of how often that would happen with the ship mostly intact without much he spam

    • @SkyRaider Eclipse yeah, that’s a weakness of these Super BBs in general. I mean I am fine if they are weak against CVs coz after all its historically sound. Look at Yamato and Musashi for eg. Hannover in PTS tho was quite ok in long range fights. I hit a fair few shots and did fair dmg. Ofc I missed at times but that’s my aim probably.
      They nerfed it (silently) for live.

      I am honestly fine with bad maneuverability, if a Super BB’s guns and tankiness bring significant impact on a flank.

  6. Folly Industries

    “the vampire went down for basically nothing” – says a ship with half his health gone. 😛

    I get what you mean, but there was an opportunity cost.

  7. Imo Grand Battles should be a permanent addition to WoWs

  8. Gah. I missed out on playing these ships.

  9. lmao, I loved the super-battleships too, they were wonderful to torpedo with my Flecher and Gearing

  10. GK is much better than the Hannover, no match for it

  11. My Satsuma ate Hanovers for lunch. Half of my games were 200,000+ damage. Hanover’s main battery guns were useless against 27km 510mm AP shells. Tech tree BBs were no match whatsoever.

  12. Hopefully next patch where they will buff secondaries GK becomes better

  13. @Welterino i will get the Gunther Luften for German Secondary ship

  14. Damn that FDR kill was cinematic as hell.. gonna need me some more of those

  15. will miss tha Hannover
    Actually already missed the PTS Hannover which was far more accurate

  16. Yeah the secondaries buffs are what I am looking most to coming up, my first t10 was my GK… second and thirst were the IJN dd’s..

  17. Артём Шепелев

    I really don’t understand devs sometimes. This mode is supposed to show what would happen if shipbuilding didn’t move towards the development of carriers but instead towards the development of battleships. Yet essentially post-war carriers are allowed in matches. Go figure.

  18. enemy gearing lose to cv

  19. @MK gaming on any German ship he is great. On premiums he is even better. I swap him from pommern to tirpitz to mainz to agir to weimar with ease at no cost. Great cxp earner

  20. I already miss this mode, it had its moments and very rarely got toxic because there were no stats to worry about. My favorite moment was oneshotting a full hp broadside Thunderer with Satsuma via half of the map 😀

  21. Johannes Jørgensen

    Satsuma was abselutely broken and i loved it. You could easily kill just about every single surface ship

  22. glad you had a chance too play her one last time .. i missed mine 🙁

  23. Adam Marcinkowski

    I bet at one point WG will introduce T11 , T12 , as we need to face fact , WG need cash from free xp converting …

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