World of Warships – Hans dental office

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It was just one of those moments and it was in one of the ships which I haven’t played in sooo long, Kamikaze.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. This commentary cracked me up good! Thanks for the laugh!

    • Christopher Pittman

      😂 I think quarantine has gotten to poor ol Hans. Off to the funny farm me thinks lol 😂

  2. This is why I think you are one of the best, if not the best WoWs player. Soooo entertaning and relaxed.

  3. Lennard Röhricht

    Its very funny when you speak german and someone who has german as mothertounge listen to it 😂😂

  4. Stefano Crosazzo

    It’s incredible how playing DDs becomes fun once you get rid of sky cancer. Oh well, I suppose WG knows best

    • @radialdrift why in any means is it balanced that a DD can have a good battle and have like 100K+ DMG. You are saying this is justified, like how? What other real counter dd have? Hydro never exceets 6km with is just 300 m more then his detection range most of the times. Radar last like only 30 sec max, when not focused this can easily be survived. And like i said a CV can make or break the team, so when playing king of the seas and 1 party has a unicum CV player while the other has a worse player. That 1 party already has 55% chance to win without any other factor taking in counting

    • @radialdrift when you are reffering to the halland? When you talk about flying over T10 DD with deff AA, believe me that AA is so powercrept, the double flak shred your planes to nothing within 1 sec if you dont play well, other DD’s is nothing more then logical. DD’S are small ships how in earth they can have better AA then a BB 12x its size? And AA certainly has been buffed, aa sector rework, now AA focus on 1 plane at the time instead all of the planes. And dude a DD can avoid torps, dive bombs and even rockets when playing well. Just learn how to act bc 80% of dd players dont know and start whining

    • @Raoul z When I see some of the best DD players in the world being unable to avoid CV strikes, that speaks volumes.

      The issue with CV’s, is the micro adjustment that can be made prior to releasing the payload. I can make 100 aiming adjustments before I fire. All the other ships have to commit to a shot and wait 10 seconds. Anyone that claims CV’s are balanced is deluded.

    • @radialdrift go back in time and make enigneers delete cv’s dude

    • @Raoul z It’s not whining you fool, its pointing our clear issues with imbalance in a game. When the top players are stating its an issue and they prove it time and again, and WG can’t be arsed listening to their community, it shows arrogance and ignorance. Anyone with a brain knows CV’s are OP and have forced many long time players away. Also how is it balanced that a CV can sit at the back of the map out of range and sight and easily dish out 150k damage, when a DD player has to work their arse off to get 50k damage. My first game in a T4 CV, I sunk 4 ships and dished out 60k damage, it was so easy. There are no cons to playing a CV, zero. Your planes get shot down, make some new ones. Park your CV behind an island for the entire match, zero need to think about positing. Give the Smaland its anti-ship missiles and we may have balance.

  5. My dude looks like College Harry Potter

  6. Bartosz Sawaniuk

    @Flambass I was that poor CV left behind 🙁 Sorry for your machine gun 😀

  7. Drive by on a broom: Harry Potter turns gangsta.

  8. I mean an officer with a luger is probably more effective then the AA in world of warships anyways so, it’s not a bad idea. It would be like tier 15 AA

    • Voron Agrrav lol anything could work. Also the shooting down a plane with a handgun is possible. Apparently there’s a story that an American pilot shot down a Japanese Zero with his Colt 1911 pistol. Not sure if it’s a confirmed kill but you should look it up

    • @BladeKi11a well, I guess a Zero would be indeed one of the more Likely planes to be shot down by such a thing,
      and I never claimed it’d be impossible, just Improbable, with enough luck (or bad luck) anything is possible at least once,

    • Voron Agrrav Yes you would have to be extremely lucky to shoot down a Zero with a handgun. I think how the story was told was that a squad of American fighters or bombers were shot down by Zeros. And the pilots that managed to eject out of their plane were immediately shot by the Zeros. So a pilot pretended that he was already dead while parachuting. Once he saw a Zero approaching him to confirm his death the American quickly reacted and shot the Japanese pilot to death. Thus downing a Zero.

    • Japanese pistol would probably be a Nambu, not a Luger.

    • @BladeKi11a Certainly makes that a more likely proposition than an officer on a swaying Destroyer in any case, Zero’s also weren’t known for their Survivability under fire, so one well aimed shot could result in a pilot snipe, especially with a cartridge like .45 ACP

  9. The start reminds me of one of my Kirov games a couple of weeks back. Enemy fighter squadron comes in, launches one salvo from the direct front, BOOM! my starboard side torpedo launcher is DESTROYED. I turn to disengage because priority target tells me that 3 enemy ships are targeting me, manage to avoid all salvos, but as I turn, one single shell from the last salvo clips the very end of the boat’s tail. BOOM! 2/3 of my health is gone.

    • Skidaddle Skidoodle

      I just had a similar experience with my fiji. T9 battle with a shokek on the enemy team, first salvo destroyed my left side torp tubes set 2 fires and did 6k damage.

  10. I didn’t know it was Seal Clubbing day 😀

  11. It’s smart that the dentist also gives candy. Good business

  12. Hans dental service must suck, his customers are jumping ship left, right and center.

  13. 3:44 cool guys don’t look at explosions

  14. If you cap instead of getting a kraken, you could say that you were…


  15. Worried about the location of the second aa gun? What I wanna know is how does a Worcester fire aa while shooting the main guns at ships, at the same time?… or lose aa without losing the main guns.

  16. Kamikaze vs Colorado – one of those classic matchups like David and Goliath!!

  17. ** the 2 aa guns are below the bridge, on each side in front of the life boats. The thing on the top is just a rangefinder. **

  18. The carry. Also, your officer would be carrying a Nambu instead of a Luger.

  19. A few officers with their sidearms would be arguably a more effective AA suite

  20. The scream at 1:25 gave me a heart attack…

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