World of warships – HANS is back

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  1. First for HANS

  2. Im new to this channel and Wow. Who or what is Hans? Is it a twitch sub or what?

  3. HANS should be the SPESCHUL german captain like Yamamoto!

  4. god at some point I will piss my pants laughing I’m literally crying

  5. forty in german: “vierzig”
    spoken something like that: fiiirzig
    46 in german: sechsunfiiirzig 🙂

  6. HANS is love HANS is life

  7. Hans your to good, all heil Hans!!!

  8. You know flambass, for all the times you ask for everyone’s papers, you would think you would see more Papers, Please (the game) on your channel

  9. hans is love hans is life!. hans has once again helped his ship sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

  10. 7jahrekastrupbrauxl

    nevermind it is funny

  11. Hans sank das boot again.. lol

  12. always a pleasure to watch Hans even if he sinks his boat ^^

  13. SI confirmed skill for KM DDs ?

  14. If there will be a re-run of ‘Allo ‘Allo, you can be Helga Geerhart. We’ll make it work, and I guess Flambass would look very nice in suspenders with little lace swastikas on it.

  15. Hans way toooo stronK

  16. I’m german and this is hilarious

  17. allways look on the Hans side of life *whisteling*

  18. BAD Armada Warships Clan

    Nice game you had there Flambass… Hans always entertains… Brings Herr Flick to mind though !

  19. u pronounce it “sechs-und-vierzig” (=46)
    52= zwei-und-fünfzig ;P
    how to prounce german numbers: basically from 30-99…just take the number (e.g. 36) say the second # first, in this case “sechs” put an “and” (in german^^) in between “sechsund” and then say the first # normal form “drei” and add an “zig or ßig” (depending on the number) to it. BOOM “sechunddreißig”
    Another example: 65= sechundfünfzig
    Also never ever try to write a german number with a capital letter: *S* echsunddreißig (=wrong), always write it like this ” *s* iebenundzwanzig” (=correct)
    Hope its helpful 😛 but most likely, it´s not.

  20. Why didn‘t you go for the B cap after you killed the fletcher and scared off the Z-46?

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