World of warships – Hans on NA ranked

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  1. love it .. Hans is just sooooo Speshull 🙂

  2. btw, that Roma camo looks like a Heineken commercial.

  3. HANS!!!! is life

  4. its the middle of the night stop shouting

  5. “3:18 papiereen!…..get rekt” hahahaha

  6. in case you care: the Ö in Zerstörer is somewhat pronounced like the O in “worst”. or the U in “Burger” or the I in “bird”. damn English is a strange language sometimes….

    • No. English is a strange language ALL the time. If I were not a native English speaker, I would dread learning the language.

    • the grammar is a piece of cake though compared to almost every other language. that’s why english is so easy to learn.

    • A lot of languages have easy enough grammar. English has subject-verb-object (I like cake). Japanese has subject-object-verb (I cake like). Russian has whatever the hell you want because you have to conjugate _nouns_ in one of I think six different ways first before you even get to the sentence structure because the guy who invented Russian was drunk of his rocker on vodka.

    • In Russia, noun conjugate YOU….


  8. because i'm batman 5702

    Did Hans hijack an American ship?

  9. OMG the cat and the car story. I had to pull dead kittens out of some one’s engine once. they were torn to pieces. very gruesome.

  10. Thanks. Wish I could play on his team

  11. Hans sneaked allready in the USN?

    Damn that dude

  12. Hans managed to cross the Atlantic to the NA HAHAHA

  13. Flambass, will you be doing a Cossack WIP preview ? Seems everybody is unhappy about that ship 🙂

  14. Hans should be the first German Hero Captain in WoWS. Skills:
    – Feuer frei!: Demolition Expert with additional Fire Chance
    – Papieren!: Radio Location displays the class of ship detected


  15. Did Hans get the keys for an American ship in his happy meal or something?

  16. Pan Asian DD’s hit BB’s so hard and can gun battle with the Loyang no problem.

  17. hans got the (1)666 score at the end , there is some evidence of hans and the demon being linked now!

  18. Can you come back to rank 10 and help me please. LOL

  19. Better for ranked, LoYang or Kidd? Hydro seems great, but also the heal, jesus, the heal!

  20. As always, FALCO = Loss

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