World of Warships – “Happy Ending Booze Cruise”

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It has been a long while since we have played World of Warships. Special thanks to Melkandor for gifting me the Kamikaze R. I still find myself preferring the Japanese Destroyers style of game play. My gunnery skills have suffered even more due to lack of practice… but torpedoes still make me smile.


  1. Hey Bo! You should consider doing a video or side chat podcast on aerial
    gunnery (gun convergence, vertical targeting and bomber gunners; aiming in
    general). I think it would make an interesting topic, both in terms of its
    history and in-game relevance.

  2. CommanderStealth

    11:22 “BOOP!”

  3. Just get roasted Bo…. Hahaha :P

  4. Oh no! Mo killed Ruby.

    Roll credits!

  5. Bo ship for president 2016

  6. Back in ‘nambu…

  7. Frederic Cantigneau

    Omg, this first torp launch was EPIC!!
    i m pretty sure that ennemy’s keyboard is now resting in peace XD

  8. Frederic Cantigneau

    Omg, this first torp launch was EPIC!!
    i m pretty sure that ennemy’s keyboard is now resting in peace XD

  9. Александр Воробьёв

    Bogue never runs from battle!!!!

    Because he can’t.

  10. I could use a Happy ending right now bo. What type of Beer? Cough cough
    Dont be bud light Cough cough sorry some thing was in my throat.

  11. Awww, you couldn’t make ScewbaSteve go diving

  12. The begging of this was like David vs Goliath

  13. Hey, Furutaka isn’t ugly. 🙁 Furutaka and Kako are great ships.

  14. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Wait.. why do u have the CBT Flag? I was in CBT and i dont have it :(

  15. +Bo Time Gaming bo if you could look at my latest video I’m in a f8f-1b vs.
    British jets that are 9.0 and there was one person of tblf in there so if
    you could watch it that would be awesome

  16. Borat reference lol

  17. Bo!!! you said you would play Rising Storm again, I’ve seen no one in two
    weeks there 🙁 I’m sad…. xD

  18. I actually think mo and bo have a nice abstract and edgy style…

  19. more WOWS please! Love all the vids btw! o7

  20. excellent teamwork and situational awareness

  21. i think xzibit pimped your ship.

  22. I’d wish these ships would move in a more realistic pattern. Would make the
    torpedoes real fun :3

  23. Jacob Lucas (Sharon Cox)

    ScubaSteve I’m so happy mo recognized that can’t possibly like him more :)

  24. I was first, 131st…

  25. moe and cobey have no sense of style, it looks fabulous bo

  26. Haha like watching y’all together, great vids man

  27. Cameron Urquhart

    heyyyyooooooooo bo

  28. KevinAwesome Martin

    Hi bo :D

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