World of Warships – HARD CORE tier with Mrs.Citadel

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Mrs. Citadel decided to start playing WoWS today as well so I decided to give her a hand in few battles.
Oh my God did I screw myself with that genius decision xD
Half of my chat decided to invade our battles ofc.
Anyway I have you enjoy and have some laughs as I mostly battle my own chat here xD


  1. This is turning into a thing now I’m afraid xD

  2. I Miss Mrs. Citadel saying, “Citadella!!”

  3. the name of the first A team in erie on your side is “I play naked” xD

  4. HELP ME ALREADY!! “Steals kill”

  5. Who needs couples counseling. Just div up and sail around hurling abuse at each other in T1 match. You could be onto something here ?

  6. Hmm, gee I wonder. Black swan is being nerfed in next patch. This video might be the reason.
    #flamba_proves_all_ships_OP Kappa

    • I thought I’d give her one last match before nerf xD

    • hahaha ikr

    • Black Swan is just a little bit OP with that daka daka.

    • Well the next patch nerf kinda ruined the Black Swan… New top dog is the Erie, since due to its armor plate, you cannot citadel it with HE.
      The Swan was the only one that could “counter” it and hurt the Erie with AP, but it had a very very exposed citadel, it is even painted onto the ship.
      Aim at the area that has no port holes / windows on the side of the ship and there are your citadels, even with HE!

  7. Cute. She should stream too

  8. We want to ear her ! 😀

  9. Yea, now it’s woman’s fault, and not the guys on team that didn’t do shit -.-‘ I mean look, she even had a kill XD

  10. The “Come on Flamby kill something, n00b” absolutely killed me 😀

  11. Well Played Mrs Citadel .. leading the charge while the muscle men play hide and seek behind the islands ….. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Flambahugs …

  12. Anyone got a link to the full stream? Plzzzz?????

  13. skeletaur skull night

    It’s your wife ?

  14. “i kill this guy and than i kill the afk-guy and than its 4 v 4”

  15. Xavier Nabet Contini

    Hey Flambass!

    What do you think about this idea, to keep the radar meta but not make it so overpowered against DDs, we could „randomize“ some detection parameters? Let me explain.

    The problem with a smoke, when are more than 2 radar cruisers is that they can continuously radar your EXACT position in the smoke and that makes the smoke become irrelevant.

    This gave me an idea: making the revealed position of the DD random. Here is how I imagine it: a cruiser pops radar close to a DD, and then the RNG reveals a sort of hologram in the smoke. The hologram itself is within a 50m diametre circle of the actual DD position (RNG decides where, it could also happen, that the hologram IS the actual position). That way, the cruiser knows approximately where the DD is but can’t pinpoint and shoot at the DD with perfect precision. That would give the DD more chances to be „protected“ in smoke or at least duke the shells.

    The same could be applied to the detectability of torpedoes. Instead of having a fixed formula based on speed and range, add a 20% buff/debuff to their detectability. That way, shima torps would be partly buffed, without making them completely overpowered.

    In WoT, the damage caused by a shell can be +/- 25% of the listed potential damage, that means that wargaming knows how to implement it. This idea could fix the problem that DDs have been having when there are so many radars and hydros around.
    What do you think? What does the community think? Is this a viable idea?

    • WG response to your idea would be: “it’s to complex for players to understand” probably

      But it would be a lot more simple to just reveal ships on the minimap, especially since now they implemented the circle on the minimap so you know exactly where you’re aiming

    • Xavier Nabet Contini

      Apart from a response like that, do you think it’s a good idea?
      You could convey it to them and see what they do with it?

  16. There are clans of tier 1 players who solely play tier 1 to have amazing win rates… for example: Leut_kessel from [COAL] has a 78% win rate, 2631 PR and 12.5k average damage… and 5k games in the Hermlein

  17. We’re you shooting blanks Flambass? (in the game I mean) … =) Well to keep the peace you probably had a choice between taking her to the cinema and watching a chick flick or dinner and flowers so you might have scored a win for the ‘economical’ choice. I’d never have picked WoWs as marriage councilling but hey as Jingles says, ‘if it’s stupid and it works, it ain’t stupid’. Trouble is you might have opened a door which you may never be able to close. Not with your nuts intact anyway.

  18. When the devs of Wows asked “how to improve the game” I suggested that they ask for map ideas from The Mighty Jingles and Flambass.

    Instead, I should of used Rita Gaming and Mrs. Citadel xD

    Thanks for the video mate!

  19. How to get anime voiced captain?

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