World of Warships – Hard match from start to finish

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This match started pretty hard and it lasted almost full 20 mins. It was hard core fighting till the very last minute and I was leading the charge.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Just what I need before sleep! I was going to record a video yesterday but work called. Been up for 30 hours working 25 of them:( GG

  2. Jeanbart and flambass better love story than Twilight 😛

  3. that sounds 😀

  4. I want to give +1 to Flam in battle but it keep trying to Loop video :/

  5. Lol their poor DDs trying so hard and his BBs trying so hard to throw. They all lemming train to hide behind the Youtuber at the corner of the map. Leaving poor DDs alone to face the rest of enemy team.

    • Also a big thumb up for a CV! I know, it is unusual 😉
      He was like really teamplayer, spotting and covering DDs. In a KAGA in this MM…

  6. 16:21 don’t worry Flambino, I did it for you. QUACKEN!
    edit: this game was such a troll. accuracy was icky, then sniper-like, but you get 5 ricochets. 3 hits on a DD, no dmg, but 3 crits. First hit on CV – a citadel – next hit, 5 overpens trolololol

  7. How do you lock armament on bearing?

  8. I actually heard the sound of that orange joke going of his head.

  9. 16:35 historic clash of titans
    (MA vs JB)

  10. Don’t wanna sound patronizing and i know this is how you make a living but you look really worn out. Take a day or two off and recuperate. Your fanbase will still be there.

    • @Snaakie I know, that’s why i suggested for him to recuperate.

    • @80’s Addict ah yes, clearly didn’t pay any attention ?

    • Pretty sure youtube doesn’t pay any sick leave . Days off work usually means no pay for the days you are sick . Or at least that’s how it works in the real world .

    • ​@Orson in charge Pretty sure he’s got enough reserves to afford a day or two.

      On a side note, you obviously live in a country with a shitty health care system. In my country i get paid my regular wage for up to six weeks by my employer until state insurance kicks in and still pays me sixty percent of what my employer would pay me.

    • @80’s Addict I though you were talking to me at first….

      But yeah, I agree, our boy looks like he’s been through the wringer twice. Maybe he could use a little more rest while he convalesces.

  11. 14:55 “Jebaited” One Torp spread he shot into that island the other one he shot widespread 😀

  12. Flambass getting Ready for Ww3

  13. Smolensk is the mirror image of WG “philosophy”…

  14. A good JB show, as often.
    GG & HNY flam ?

  15. Most times i do see my 5 BB`s on the 1 line i giggle a little,
    it`s not a good giggle though . . .

    The outcome is often different from what we`ve just seen here.
    Good show nonetheless.

  16. Flambass’ comment, “Have to play carriers again.” I’ve heard Flammu utter similar comment. Does WoW require top players to play certain ships, and for what?

  17. I’m gonna be that guy and say, surely you mean it was a difficult fight? It’s resistance to change of physical form was probably not a factor…

  18. Me sees the title:

  19. BART 🙂

  20. UnexpectedInquisition

    Overpenning the citadel should cause a flood equal to 1/2 or 1/3 a torpedo flood in duration. Change my mind.;)

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