World of Warships – Hard Mode

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There are two types of people who enjoy playing World of Warships in Hard Mode – those who like playing light cruisers, and those who take Hallands into Clan Battles with a carrier and five radar battlecruisers on the enemy team.

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  1. Nothing soothes the mind like a Mighty Jingles video

  2. FYI I_Need_Intelligence_Data is the one and only Flambass.

  3. Its OK Jingles, you can just call him Flambass, I’m sure he won’t mind

    • @Dorgrident Lel the reason is so that Jingles does not recognise him.

    • @Dorgrident Lel He (Flambass) posts videos on his channel while showing that name, and he changes name from sugestions from his subs, so I’d say he’ll changing mostly out of boredom, not to be “secret”

      Flamu, on thye other hand doesn’t show his ingame name on his videos here on youtube, which there is a reason for

    • @Dorgrident Lel yea but he already changed nickname so…

    • I was kinda expecting him to not mention it because of all the angry 43% WR nerds who are mad he doesn’t feature their PB 100k dmg 2 kill “epic” yamato games “but only his streamer friends” 😛

    • Fips von Fipsenstein

      @SgtMclupus ?? Flamu also regularly shows his respective ingame name in his vids. I haven’t paid attention to whether he does it differently on the EU server (his last video was from the RU server).

  4. I’m surprised you weren’t just calling him Flambass. we all know it’s him. LOL

  5. I like the Swedish DDs. The trade off for the torps doing fart damage is that you are actually able to land them at all ranges without relying on the goddess of luck guiding ships into their path.

    • In fact, the French DD torps from t8 and above are the most easy to hit in the game 🙂 I just finished the line yesterday and I was mad that I didn’t considered to play them earlier. It took me two days or around 12h play time to do it and I can say that this is the most fun I ever had in a DD! Before that the ”Pan EU” DDs were there. Halland is great and all but not quite there. It needs a better heal or around 15% better DPM to be that nice.

    • @dominges If they upgraded Halland as you sugggest, they’d need to move it to the Russian tech tree
      Nobody makes better ships than Mother Russia, comrade
      Now go to gulag

    • @RedXlV I miss the good old days before they started rebalancing the IJN torps to be visible from halfway across the map. I enjoyed skill:reward ratio of the gameplay.

      Now it’s just spending my free time to get bullied.

    • The best torpedo salvos are fired from ranges of 7km or less anyway so you dont need spammy EU DD torps that heal the target to land hits, even with IJN DDs. Its not the torps speed or concealment that matter, just the range and position theyre fired from, though the former are obviously helpful.

      TLDR trade off not worth if youre any good

    • idk Skane and Oland are still piss annoying to land. Having only 2×3 torpedos is just bad…

  6. ok, at any point in WG’s history, the operation for a carrier at game-start has always been the exact same: find a island to hide behind. that guy was asking for that death ;p

  7. I believe the Goliath turned to avoid the incoming torpedoes dropped from the torpedo bomber squadron, pretty sure he didn’t just casually turn just to get off his torpedoes.

    • Shed Sheddington

      That or one of the other two crossmap stalins did, well, what crossmap stalins do. The goliath was in a bit of a crossfire after all

  8. I’d rather play Tarkov!

  9. This is working as intended. The game balance is an ever changing subject the players need to adapt to. To confirm whether there is or is not an issue, we must collect more data. Such adjustments take time. Thank you for understanding.
    Fly safe, Captains!

    • László Németh

      fly safe, lol

    • Had us in the first half, not going to lie

    • Yeah that is how the developers see it sadly.

      It is also the reason I don’t play online games like this. It feels like a payless thankless job.

      I will work hard form months to level up a certain class that I enjoy playing, eagerly waiting to get into highest tier matches, then the developers will think “nah this class needs to be that way.”

      It is also the reason people just go pay-to-win. There is no point in working hard.

  10. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    WG: when talking out of your arse becomes a successful Business Model.

    • Why wouldn’t it be ? Hell they used it too create their own system of government. In their own lil world. Where what they say goes no matter what the truth is! But then again that system seems too work for any form of Government. Doesn’t matter if its Communisms, Democracy, Imperialisms. It pretty much works for any and all of it. It has a proven track record plain and simple.

      It is also probably why the old saying, Money talks and Bullshit walks was invented. If enough money is talking then any bullshit will walk.

  11. I’ve given up in protest not that anyone would care. Playing WoW at the moment is akin to Admiral Jellicoe watching Beatty make decisions in game after game after game.

    • 9 months ago they stopped supporting Mac players. So I gave up. I still watch Jingle’s videos. But lately the more I watch the more I’m glad I’m not playing WoWs anymore. Because I know I would be totally frustrated as a player.

    • In random I’ve been losing 7 out of 10 for the last week, just as I reached T7. But actually I’m playing with more confidence and the game seems less intimidating. Oddly I feel like I can do more, take risks when the game is hopelessly lost. When my flank is overrun and I survive I head back to the cap everyone is camping on with the enemy in close pursuit (and their name is legion). I usually find a full health BB behind a rock that will gallently defend the honor of our team.

    • @Walter Melyon So, once again, it isn’t just me… similar situation, I’ve been playing since the game went public and I was a solid 51%er for the last couple of years. Now, I’m lucky if I’m on the winning team 30% of the time, even in some of my favourite ships where I used to get a 60/70% win rate. As far as I can tell, I haven’t suddenly gone senile, so something else must have changed…

    • @CaptainTiguan well, my formally huge flag/signal collection has dwindled to almost nothing, making success harder, so in effect they want money for flags from people that don’t pay for premium prizes. Think I’ve spent a similar amount to you in the past.

  12. The Mighty Jingles

    Yeah, this is Flambass. I’d had this video lying around waiting to be edited and published for so long that I’d forgotten it was him. Nothing to see here, folks. Just me being me.

  13. Alexander Watson

    Jingles: “I was playing a Random Battle-”
    Now I *know* this story is a lie.

  14. i love how radar can detect ships through mountains in this game. its a lame mechanic.

  15. The main point about hallands aa is that this halland is full aa built, as all the ships in clan battles are. If you spec nothing in aa they are still not bad, but if you put everything into it (6th slot, and the captain skills) then with def aa even fdr stands barely any chance against that flak.

  16. The halland has solid AA, in a game where no ship really has any AA to speak of (minotaur/austin asside). But in true power-creep style, WG added the FDR, so even if the halland takes 700,000 damage off of the squadron of planes, no biggie as FDR still has a few hundred planes left in each squadron.

  17. The guns look like ducks (new ducky boat)

  18. they kinda dit with the New Russian Carriers … they have one time use planes .. like a Cruse missile

  19. A cold war Halland with its anti-ship missile (two rounds) fast wire-controlled torps and anti-sub throwers !

  20. High-tier Russian CVs will have access to a consumable that calls in a shot from the Death Star’s superlaser. We did plenty of internal testing and determined that instantaneously destroying an entire planet is fair and balanced.

  21. Onan TheBarbarian

    @jack crawford Always fly a Duck flag

  22. Confirmed. Had a Swede in my clan who told me that is exactly how it is pronounced. 🙂

  23. Please stop giving them ideas

  24. Radio controlled glide and rocket bombs were actually in use in period, see the Fritz X and Henschel Hs 293.

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