World of Warships – Hardcore Torpedobeats

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Torpedobeats 😀 best fun I’ve had in months


  1. 0/10 no eurobeats.

    Jk I know freaking copyright.

  2. I laughed through my whole first match. It was hilarious and fun

    • TheNerfPlayer12321

      Yeah it was such a dumb fun game mode. I especially enjoyed immediately slowing down to throw off the enemy’s aim.

  3. That Blue Aster thing is not a replay bug. The Rover (space Shima) allways shows up in the UI as a Aster both on the team screen and on the ship itself. Also i think they should have started the Aprils fools event with this mod. Most fun i had since the submarines last Halloween.

  4. I only use wide spread torps I have had much more success with them

  5. One of my favorite things in this game mode is turning the Gearing into a ramming machine with its crazy speed and a ramming flag.

  6. ahhh… I was not in the video… I saw you yesterday. Keep up the guda videos!

  7. Uninstalled WOWS a week or so ago and very much doubt I’ll be back, just don’t like the direction the game has gone in the last year and it only seems to be getting worse. It was fun for the first year or two…

  8. Intense game mode!!! REally enjoy this, if you use Wide Spread on Torps is more effective because of the DDs increased Speed. Have a go and see if it helps?

  9. Ship touhou-like bullet hell

  10. StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

    I played only 1 game in this mode yet.
    Well I’m not sure if it’s truely skill based as I was the last player in my team and carried out a win, and I don’t even know what I did just enjoyed the game and played it. 😀

  11. I found sending a narrow spread then a wide one or wide then narrow helps catch them a bit better.

  12. And all the commander XP becomes elite commander XP. With the short game times you can really farm Elite XP fast.

  13. You should boost your xp and get some elite commander xp.

  14. Totally Addicted to this mode . I liked the other 2 but , torps are my thing and I love this . and I gotta get me that Shimmi Camo it is Awesome . thanks Chase

  15. This game mode is fun and hilarious! It’s also nice that people are just having fun with it and not getting too serious about it. Whoever came up with this idea deserves a raise.

  16. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    So instead of Touhou’s Bullet Hell
    we have Wow’s Torpedo Hell – while blasting Eurobeats in the background…
    I approve…
    (ill be so disappointed if torpedobeat god Yuro doesn’t make a compilation).

  17. Maybe these are the WOWS Version of the Russian super caveating torpedo from corrections to the Infographics show.

  18. This is the most fun I’ve had with WoWS in a long time, they should defininetly make it a full time mode.

  19. WG: Bring back the Ju87 Stuka on the graf zeppelin

  20. Really!! I thought WOWS was supposed to be based on a WW2 warships of actual or conceptual vessels. WG then added SPACESHIPS and this aberration which we need to play for XP, FXP, Cmdr XP, credits …. If I wanted to play a space game I would have downloaded one. This is just BS. Come on. I thought you were interested in the historical aspects of the game. I still like most of your vids but let’s call a spade a fucking shovel. This is not about warships anymore!!

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