World of Warships – Harekaze still has it

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After 8h stream and not a single two Brothers , we were trying some weird setups that would maybe inspire MM to give us that map. Needless to say we failed but this ship still has what it takes.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Франка Игоревна

    I mainly play Hare, and I still think that stock Kagerou torpedoes on Hare is a no-go

  2. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I don’t understand why some people won’t play this ships (ARP, HSF) because they are “for weebs” I mean really? I’m fine with them refusing to play, but why some of them need to be such prone to being mean and disrespectful to the people who enjoy those ships?

    • I agree completely.
      Completely ridiculous and unnecessary. If you don’t like something don’t play it. Don’t knock people who like it.

    • TallulahSoie shut the fuck up. Weebs are a a cancer and ruin Naval History. FUCK WEEBS.

    • I love my ARP collection and proudly fly the Blue Steel flag. The Harekaze is worth every penny. Love mine. Pulled off a fun comeback win in my ARP Hiei that fed my weebness. ?

  3. 8 hours and not one match on Two Brothers? That’s ridiculous even if every game took 30 mins.

  4. I love the scharnwurst….!

  5. Yo flambass I used ur strat on two brothers on the ps4 beta me in a new Orleans and my mate in his colorado made the team come back to focuz us so they got crossfired I got 180k damage and 5 kills absolutely amazing lol ty flambass for the special tactic lol

  6. Wait a minute…this isnt a fishing tutorial…

  7. I approve of this weeb division.

  8. Flambass whot is yours most hated ship, i mean which ship you hate most and why?

  9. Meatballs for life

    To be fair I agree with monkey on atago and zoo I hate those ships, though I like big Freddy G and yugumo so I guess my opinion on ships is invalid

  10. Why do you not run IFHE? 32mm of pen is HUGE

  11. 8:32 you said trade? Don’t you mean, random torps in the DD’s face? 😉

  12. 11:04 video length, you know its going to be ugly.

  13. Wargoth Hellstorm

    Flambass …can u share the build on harekaze?

  14. Hey Flambass, could you run a game with the shima? I know you like those gun dds, just wanted to see what you do with a shima. How different do you play a boat like that vs boats like these. Either way, see ya next vid.

  15. Rogue literally cracks me up

  16. 5:27 I would not have left the cap at that point. I would have waited until i was radared and i probably would have lost a good chunk of my health or died. The difference of a good player and a great player. Experience probably also plays a large role, considering that i only have about 2k games while flambass has more than 10k, probably closer to 15k battles.

  17. well, I would call this – “Desintegration”

  18. Something is wrong with the audio…

  19. Please pay your respects for IJN Musashi here.

  20. The add at five minutes was a world of warships ad. It’s like huh, maybe I should play that game, never heard of it before.

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