World of Warships – Harugumo AP only challenge

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So naturally doing Yamato HE only wasn’t bad enough, we had to come up with something even more stupid so here it is, Harugumo AP only challenge.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Next Zepplin secondaries only, no aircraft, random battle
    Or Minotaur torps only

    • Zepplin secondaries is a must. Once battle a Zepplin with my Gadjah Mada, the secondaries are out of this world…

  2. Next should be use Mino as a torpedo only destroyer^^

  3. Khabarovsk AP only ? 🙂

    No, I take it back …. Khabarovsk legendary + smoke ….

  4. When did you start playing on SEA?


  5. I have better :

    Shimakaze no torps challenge
    Shimakaze AP ONLY challenge

  6. First in the team , you paying someone

  7. These games remind me of the 20km torps, wide spread only game from a year or two ago

  8. That’s exactly what happens to me when I get matched against vlad in my tier 6 BBs. Nothing but ricochets of the superstructure, because russian balance.

  9. HAha, that last sneer: “…You paid somebody.” Priceless 😀

  10. I did Minotaur HE only once. Didn’t go very well, mostly because I don’t have Minotaur.

  11. That enemy “team” is a perfect illustration of one of the main reasons I stopped playing WG titles shortly after WoWS released, having played from Alpha.

  12. Passive gameplay where everyone sits back waiting for someone else to make the play is now typical of random battles at top tier.

    • Renard Foxington

      Its true. I even do it, granted I’ll get as close as I can via island(s), sit there waiting for someone to try and make a push than punish them for it.

    • Stratton Schippers

      Is NOW typical of random battles at top tier.

      I would say that this passivenes isn’t really new, or just now happening. This has been a thing for years, think back to before shima got her torps nerfed. One of the reasons for the nerf was that the torps promoted(allowed for) play that was too passive/safe.

      Another issue with the whole team kiting is that if you NEED to turn around to contest the cap and have a chance to win, so you do, but none of your team does, you are now dead. Now it is reinforced with you that either 1. You should have kited more, or 2. Your team abandoned you.

  13. David Chrysostom

    Whole enemy team huddled together for warmth on the B/C line, between 5-8 … damn

  14. “Z Z Z Z ”
    Are you sleeping, sounds like that 😉

    First I thought, porr greent team, 3 harugumos only AP, that can end stupid
    Then I saw the enemy teams play.
    Well, you gave them a fair chance

  15. Bismarck HE only please! No main gun accuracy mod allowed. Have fun ?

  16. Constantly being able to boss whilst intentionally playing a ship wrong goes to show how weak the player-base is overall

  17. Is it me, or does Trenlass always sound depressed, as if his cat ran off with his wife?! ?

  18. Ap only and first what you do is sending torps….thats cheating!! 🙂

  19. The other title…What if WWII was fought only using paint balls.

  20. Cruiser in a Nutshell: “If I don’t turn, I’m gonna die. If I turn, I’m gonna die. If I stop and reverse, I’m gonna die.”
    Excellent Flambass

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