World of Warships: Harugumo – Ranked Is Hard

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Harugumo ranked match from the previous season. I got incredibly lucky and was able to carry the match to victory.

World footage of the tier 10 Japanese Harugumo.

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  1. This is probably the luckiest match I have ever had in this game.

  2. wooo
    gg for this game x) what an amazing game and end ^^

  3. 7:21 B cap, from now on you will be called as A cap.

  4. Yea i love the harudakka!

  5. Never underestimate the power of a throw

  6. What captain build would you advise: Im doubting between a traditional DD build (as much concealment as possible and the traditional DD captain skills) and full gunboat build for the absolute trolling potential it might have (so no concealment expert either)

    • I’m not sure. I am trying out different things. For ranked I would probably recommend a normal DD build with RPF, but for random battles I would recommend AFT. Maybe you’re right that concealment expert isn’t worth it.

  7. Very nice, RNG was lovin U!

  8. LOL….” Sure why not it’s only ranked” awesome comment

  9. That last statement tho *I’ll see u guys next time* . Yeah, after 4 months you mean right?? :/

  10. Christopher Jonasson

    Nice !

  11. Yup, that is a great representation of WOWs current gameplay. I tried ranked-the first minute we lost 2 ships, the second minute we lost another 1 and after that the team just camped and lost the caps. Rng has become the only way to have a moderately entertaining game.

  12. Gotta watch out for those Sunspots. 7:56

  13. I must compliment you on your entertaining vids. You feel very human as well as humorous. Hybris is otherwise common among youtubers, not for you tho. Thx man, and keep it up!!

  14. There is no RnG when it comes to torps, it is pure LUCK. Either the intended target sails into your torps or they don’t, OR some unsuspecting victim sails into them. On several occasion I was aimming for one ship but hit something else that was not in detection range LOL.

  15. Montana didn’t move for the first 4.5 minutes… 2 DD died in the first 6 minutes killing nothing. Moines suicided and was dead during next 30 seconds. Z52 – a superhydro DD – met enemy Shima 1v1 and died from a torpedo.
    Yes, ranked is hard.

  16. I got a game where I get 5 dev strike in the recent t5 rank, it was a dev strike only kraken


  18. I heard that the IJN cruisers and dds are getting a big buff in the coming future.

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