World of Warships – Harugumo Shot First and Often

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Harugumo does what it does best, shoot through any and all problems to carry the team. Hope you enjoy this close but enjoyable game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Japanese Harugumo Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. It is ships like this that discourages BBs from pushing. Slinging HE behind the safety of islands…

    • Brian Schoenfeldt  I played BBs in closed beta. Back in those days I didn’t even bother firing my guns until I was less than 13km from the target. When Tirpitz first came out half of the damage I did with that ship was with torpedoes. I auto-equiped the die hard ramming flag on my Yamato and regularly rammed enemy ships to death.

      There was a time when islands were used to separate different parts of the map and only complete noobs would stay at range with BBs. Today islands are used for cover so cruisers can spam HE and deny the entire area, so only noobs dare to get close in a BB. That is why I no longer play BBs. Because it’s not fun to shoot at 20km. My favorite ship right now is shimakaze with mod3 torps and torpedo acceleration, because I like to get up close and personal.

    • So many were complaining at WG for nerfing the Japanese DD’s to be nearly useless (their words not mine)
      And Then….
      WG buffed Shima Concealment and ALL Japanese 100mm HE and brought in the Japanese T-9, T-10 gunboat DD’s that ARE very useful and effective.
      And Now….
      Some people are slapping WG in the face for giving them Japanese gunboat DD’s that are effective.

      It is the normal thing to give what some have asked them for, only to get complaints for how they gave it to them…sometimes it’s funny to watch it happen hehehe 😉

    • Ships like this (even though I considering it to be somewhat cancerous) has nothing to do with bb players being discouraged to get in close. The fact that a bunch of bb:s have an effective range of 20km+ does. Majority of the bb players don’t push cause they don’t have to.

    • Gundolf300 – Good point. I started this game in February and it makes sense to me to play your ship using it’s strengths. If long firing range comes standard, then maybe using that range is a “normal” thing to do.

      I think most BB comments are just smack talk anyway, some just need to gripe….so they gripe…..even if it makes little or no sense.

    • +Gary Anderson II Yes off course you should use your ships to its strengths. Sadly the strength of many bb:s, and some cruisers more or less work completely against every aspect of team work which is needed to win the game. Or at least not screw your team over.
      Take the Richelieu for instance. Has a gun range of just below 24 km. That ship is about as useful over 20km range as an orange in your torpedo tube. But since Wg thought it would be damn good idea to give it allmost 25km range it will incourage many players to use it a range where it’s allmost useless.

  2. Hate that dd most op ship in the game

  3. Our shells will block out the sun

  4. God i hate seeing the Harugumo in the enemy team..

    • N1c3s  Nah, I’ve charged into their smoke screens before and still won the battle against the Harugumo. Harugumo has a vital weakness that the Khaba can exploit, speed. A Harugumo cannot escape a Khaba and the Khaba fires just as fast as a Haragumo with shells that are much more flat in trajectory. The other aspect is that Khaba has 50mm armor in places which means that the Harugumo’s HE shells are going to shatter, even with IFHE. Toss in using heal instead of smoke on the Khaba and it’s completely unfair for the Harugumo.

      One of my recent games, I took down a Harugumo, did about 9k to 10k damage to an enemy Khaba, before I died with 5 ships (including that Khaba) trying to help the Haragumo where I only had a pair of BBs helping me (I think my friendlies maybe did 2k to 3k damage to the enemy Harugumo). So, Harugumo isn’t a god tier ship if you have the right counter.

    • Cs Dn  The Harugumo has a higher DPS/DPM than the Khaba, especially if the Khaba does not run BFT. Granted they are both running BFT the Harugumo has a DPM that is 47k Damage Points higher. On close range the Harugumo should under normal circumstances shred the Khaba if both players are at the same skill lvl

    • N1c3s  If you’re not running BFT and AFT on a Khaba, you’re doing something wrong.

      The other aspect is that the Khaba player should be constantly turning and changing direction, even with the poor rudder that Khaba has, but that’s fixed easily enough with steering gears mod 2 and mod 3 (there’s little reason to run with concealment on the Khaba if you go with the heal, if you need to disengaging, you just run as your speed is the highest in the game). By turning constantly, you should be able to keep your guns on the Haragumo and he’s going to have difficulty hitting you (since he’s so slow). Throw in main battery mod 3 on the Khaba (since they can’t take gun fire control system mod 2) and your shells down range is high enough.

      Likewise, the Haru is going to shatter their HE (even with IFHE) on the Khaba’s 50mm armor where as the Khaba is not going to shatter their HE firing at the Haru. So DPM on paper isn’t going to be the same as seen in game.

      So while the Haru will wipe the floor with other DDs (US and non-gunboat IJN), she’s going to have a hard time against Russian DDs and the Z-52 (cause Z-52 can pull up close, hit hydro and hide in its own smoke and blast away at the Haru forcing the Haru to either run or get sunk. Pan-asian will depend on what they have slotted for consumables.

    • Cs Dn, All this speed does not really matter that much from my experience in close range engagements with a Harugumo. It throws enough fire at the Khaba. I was just pointing it depends on the scenario who is winning the fights. With both players on equal skill lvls the Harugumo should win close range, especially if the Harugumo player is aiming correctly. On mid-long range the Khaba wins, but on close distance the Harugumo should win easily.

    • Err you played with a shit harugumo at cqc, a good one will shred you like nothing if you get close so dont brag about winning a cqc fight with it using Khaba, bacause charging it is like charging a Wooster with shima torp, just outright stupid

  5. This is broken… WOW should fix this

  6. New French BB is OP, but this? This is fine.

  7. The Conqueror’s bow was dmg saturated… no flooding.

  8. Most disgusting ship in the game. This shit is what ruins the game for everyone. Pure power creep.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Zbriu I always hated khabas… Specially with slow Des Moines HE… Harugumo looks like a fairly easy target if close enough and not backed up by 10 people though, but god getting spammed by one over an island or something is scary, cruisers just melt so fast lol. I should grind the harugumo one day, see how it actually plays :p

    • Definitely is, as i unlock teir X’s they release new ones that are more powerful making the one i finally unlocked feel obsolete

    • Khabas are annoying, but they don’t have the power to shave off half a ships HP in a minute with guns only. I went a whole game ignoring a Khaba that was spamming HE on me in my Missouri but failing to kill me before all his teammates died and my team started to focus on him. Harugumo is the face of real fear lol

    • dojokonojo  Yes, Khaba is more like a run and fire situation and damage is “equally” spread across several ships, so no one gets focused. With Harugumo, when the time is right and if you can do it, you will focus one ship after another, that’s why there’s more complaints. It’s the best when dealing with other DDs but not too close because you get torped and not to far because shells lose a lot of speed and you struggle to hit DDs.
      It will only be ridiculous when i get my kraken with Yamamoto and AR… 😛 still trying tho

    • 32mm HE penetration is disgusting on guns that fire that quickly, and can sit in smoke, almost immune to counter fire.
      This is a better cruiser than the Minotaur, it’s guns are more effective because you can do damage to angled ships, and it doesn’t have a citadel, where as the Minotaur’s citadel is bigger than the Harugumo. And those 3 hits in the smoke screen would have all been citadels if it had been a Minotaur.
      This ship is more survivable than a cruiser, more stealthy than a cruiser, faster than a cruiser and now (depending on the situation) can pump out more damage than a cruiser too.

  9. Sorry cant even watch a vid about this broken ship

  10. French 32mm deck is a joke, need the 40mm back.

  11. just to confirm, buying someone dinner first does not entitle you to surprise butt stuff later

  12. 3:25 acts like the victim when he gets hit in smoke while melting what was a full hp montana
    wow 🙂

  13. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    IJN 100mm need 1/5th HE pen – the smallest main guns in the game managing to pen 32mm battleship armour is stupid. Good game though.

  14. Other then you are commanding and newly dislike ship by a lot of people, it is nice to see a game go full length and down to the wire. It seems that most of my game lately are all or nothing. Well it does seem that WG prizes trolling ships more then any other skill in the game.

  15. Make it so that it doesn’t take over pens from battleships.
    Make it so that it just eats penetrations. This thing so way too op. It just punishes bbs who try to push. Or just make it so that it has 1/5 pen with ifhe. The smallest guns in the game shouldn’t penetrate battleship armour.

  16. I’m on board with most of the comments I’m reading. There is simply too much “daka daka daka, pew pew pew, skeet skeet skeet” right now. Seriously, its difficult to find a random game without the Mino, Harry Gumball, or Rooster all on each team. The amount of DPM those 3 put out . . . its way too much.

  17. Colonel David Davenport

    I love this ship – hard to use (fragile) but a great glass cannon! Nice video NOTSER!

  18. Watching this makes me wonder how it is you complain about radar. Look what happens when it isn’t around/used well. Ships such as this absurdity can wreck everything with little to no risk.

  19. Given that 291k damage was racked up, the relative lack of DoT procs doesn’t seem to have mattered much at all. Harugumo is disgustingly OP firepower-wise.

    • It would be right if Harugumo HE couldn’t pen 25mm aka having German HE calculation. And they are “balancing” it by Gimmickish DD Darling AP-smoke-heal-RoF-Hydro abilities.

  20. Notser, I think you should make a video which asks the question, “Are Warships Community Contributors fueling the power creep engine and gimmick ships?” Whenever I see a new ship introduced at it respective tier, the all too common reaction by CC’s is… “this ship is just blah” or “this ship really doesn’t offer anything special” or “it’s a really solid ship but it doesn’t do anything this other (insert ship name) ship can’t do. It seems like CC’s and even this channel are continuously looking for something unusually strong so that they can make a recommendation but many recommended ships are supernaturally OP. I’m honestly okay with it when a ship is reported to be “just blah” because usually that means WG has done a good (although rare) job of balancing its attributes. It would be great if someone in CC line up would address the psychology of ship reviews and offer guidance about what public expectations should be. Just because a particular new ship doesn’t have 1 or 2 outrageous abilities, doesn’t mean it won’t turn out to play solidly. Beyond power creep, I believe the mindset of CC’s is partially responsible for driving ahead gimmick consumables like that of Le Terrible.

    • I have noticed the opposite (well, sort of).
      They said the Kronny was going to be way too OP, being a cruiser with 305mm shells and nearly BB level HP.
      When the Asashio was in testing, they all said it would put an end to BB’s and way too OP.
      Some said the Monaghan was the worst piece of crap ship ever offered by WG yet others said it was (is) a good fun ship to play.
      Some said during testing that the Wooster was another glass cannon with lots of weak guns and you have to give broadside to use them all and is easy to delete as a result.
      (yet some said it was another Mino Monster…fragile yes, but still a monster)….just being fair.

      I have all of these ships (and more)…
      What I have learned is that everyone has a different perspective on what makes a ship good, bad or over powered etc and the only way to know for one’s self is to own the ship and play it a lot.

      Most said you cannot play the Wooster in open ocean and that it requires hiding behind Islands. But my favorite way to play the Wooster is in open ocean but will take advantage of an Island if the situation allows it. I also like to hit and kite with the Wooster.

      I LOVE that you mentioned “the Psychology of….” — I have noticed the very same thing!!! Cool! 😉

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