World of Warships – Harugumo WiP – Hot Garbage

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Harugumo is the proposed T10 gunboat…but it’s sooooooooooooooooooo crap it literally has no purpose.

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  1. I really hope they show the Harugumo some love. The IJN lines have been the most power-creeped of all lines year after year.

    • Sukkoi19 until relatively recently, usn bbs were giant floating citadels that were expended to brawl but no designed to be able to. Eventually usn bb citadels were lowered, and now they are all very competitive. But it took years of complaining for that to happen.

    • I am aware. But we can only discuss the present. He said the US BBs were worthless and every other line could out perform them. Montana is arguably the best T10 BB all around. North Carolina is arguably the best T8 BB; Iowa/MO depending on opinion top their class or come very close as well. Hell even Colorado is a very strong ship. The sigma nerf was very frustrating but it is still a very good albeit slow as dirt ship.

    • Obviously I am discussing Randoms. Yamato is probably better than Montana for competitive play and while NC was the top dog for T8 competitive that is dead now.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Zao and Hakuryu are probably the only two ships in the IJN Line – to be more or less – untouched from any power creep.
      Yamato – those biggest guns – are pretty useless against citadel proof – German battleships – that so called lolpen gimmick – has been debunked when you can citadel through the bows of ships – by hitting them 45 degrees. Yamato has armour? – out of all T10 ships only Yamato has a LARGE hatable citadel – that won’t survive a single salvo – from giving full broadside once.

      The USN BBs are fine – idk what you are on about – if they are bad – why is the NC and Montana still used for ranked only? Don’t forget they pretty much had their citadels removed from T8 and above – and it is the most accurate BB line – overall.

      Midway was perfectly fine = until her stupid payload nerf from wg that based their stats from the questionable skill of the Russian player base – and bitching Hakuryu players.

      The IJN torpedo boat line – has been pretty much replaced by the Pan Asians – that have better stealth torps against BBs with USN DD firepower.
      Shima – is probably the one exception for those 15 torps – then again – those torps are spotted from the moon
      11:05 – (IJN had the stealthiest torpedoes in WW2) yeah right…

    • Montana, most used BB in competetive play, is also the weakest BB? :Thinking:

  2. For Christ Sake WG let go of the grudge for Tsushima…….

    • I don’t know what the hell you guys are talking about. In real life the Akizuki was succeeded by cheaper to construct sub classes, as Japan was nearly devoid of the resources to build anything more advanced in quantity.

    • Joe Average I see your point but you’re missing a lot. First this Harugumo is a hypothetical successor of the Akitsuki-Kai Class destroyer (the T9 Kitakaze being one of the actually drawn up and planned ones), while you’re talking about Fuyutsuki and Michitsuki subclass that’s meant to be built cheaper and faster and offer similar performance. And secondly this is a game….A T10 of course has to be stronger than its T8 predecessor .

    • Joe Average very ture

    • I’m not missing out on anything. The historical Tier 10 would be heavily based upon US Navy technology, as built for the new post war Maritime Self Defense Force, with a selection of ASW vessels to select from. Most of them would absolutely suck in this game, which leads us back to a fantasy Tier 10.

    • Joe Average The tiering system is not one of chronological order but that of overall combat capacity, e.g. look at the old USN CA tier, where Cleveland was in T6(Yes I know it was T8 in CBT) and Pensacola in T7 . In fact the JMSDF was only created in 1954, and the first ship they receive, the Harukaze won’t even have a place in this game as it was an anti-submarine destroyer. Next we have two fletcher class dds sold to JP, which would at least be T9 good (with more advanced electronics)

  3. Maybe Akizuki through tier 10 should get the 1/4 HE pen treatment…

    • That’s a little too OP. 1/5 would be fine though

    • Flavio Salatino

      Brendyn Bartos i thought that too. With 1/4 penetration l+ifhe you would have basically a worcester(same rof) with smoke, no citadel and hard hitting torps, it would be uber OP

    • Not really due to the extremely slow speed, low alpha, terrible engine, AA, and turning radius.

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Yeah they should just do away with IFHE as a skill completely. It is absolutely idiotic. Just make the 100mm guns have 1/4 pen. WG is forever stuck in idiot mode.

    • Forget the 1/whatever number just give the guns the same HE pen as a 127mm HE shell

  4. Daniel Martinez

    1:28 “at first you may look at her hp pool….”
    Oh Chase, if only the cute construction penguin wasn’t in the way of it

  5. Give them German penetration counter and shrink that turn radius. Maybe give her the option to slot DFAA

    • Frank Berkemeier

      Completely agree. Still, compare her to the new wip T10 British DD and she is still a crap ship.

    • I agree with this. It’s total crap we have to choose between making our ANTI AIR ship usable, or having IFHE and being able to defend yourself. Total garbage. Hardly play Akizuki anymore…

    • I also think that it should have the option to trade smoke for heal in addition to ALL those things u mentioned.

  6. This ship looks like a floating trash heap. Not going to waste my time on the line if changes are not made.

  7. Gustavo Escobar

    And it will stay like that cause WG hates IJN

  8. another floating brick in the ijn techtree …….

  9. No offense chase but You make this ship seem A lot worse then it is,

    12 good Torps,
    Highest DPM,
    Highest HP, (though Khab is still more Tanky due to armor)

    Massive turning circle,
    Bad Acceleration,
    Bad AA,
    And You need IFHE on your guns (like Every Light Cruiser in the game)

    If they give her DFAA it has to take the place of speed boost Ect, there needs to be a trade off like with the US DDs

    Harugumo is not a “Atlanta AA ship”
    She is a DD Hunter, like Alizuki and she will do that well, and other DD’s only hope of beating you is Torps,

    Yes her turning circle needs to be lowered to like 780 Meters or so,
    Yes she needs DFAA,
    And yes she needs better acceleration, But that’s it,
    Everything els is Actually fine compared to the other DDs when you think of Alizuki at tier 8, (witch I have beat tier 10 DDs in a gun fight Easily)

    This is from someone who has Played Akizuki A lot,
    So I’m not just some other player bitching because they don’t want their other ships to suffer Ect,

    From what I heard you say it seems you just are not using the ship correctly, Not poorly, just not correctly ether,

    Note you only had 250Hits or so in it, while sure for other ships that’s enough for a lot of DMG, it’s not that way for DDs like that, you Rely on the Amount Of Shells you send out it takes upwards of 600 hits to do proper DMG in these ship with only Gun. (But if you are using a DD only to use guns then you might as well play Cruises)

    • Darnath Lysander

      Thank you for a well thought out comment. Makes a nice change from the whining about power creep and Russian Bias.
      The only thing that I would mention is that it may be wise to reduce the concealment by one hundred to two hundred metres which would still give other DD’s a small get the fuck out window before this annihilates them, to help this ship become more comfortable to play.

      Hopefully, Wargaming will tune this up nicely as they have done for the Massachusetts, Z-39, Haida and the American CL line recently.

    • You forget a lot of parameters, like the torp reload and the limited consumable to get 12 torps.

    • I agree with you, sometimes it’s hard to make and balance ship using historically accurate data even including some values that arnt from history. Maybe try and give helpful realistic solutions rather than mindlessly criticise the ship into the ground throwing away even the measurably good qualities of the ship. This boat can be amazing, it just has a specific playstyle that some players know by heart. This destroyer obviously isn’t for everyone.

    • Admiral Reeves to get 600 hits, you wont be living up to your DD name either.. Chase was contesting caps and kiiling off dds, he would have easily farmed more dmg by ignoring the caps and smoking closer to the broadside of those two BBs on the right flank.. But we hate those kinda DDs right? Who gives no F to the objective.

  10. Well, Flamu’s video showed that the guns are great… I actually like ships that are hard to play, but can be great in the hands of great players

    • Yeah you missed the point…he was making fun of it. It’s pathetic to do that little damage with that many shell hits, and good luck getting that many shell hits.

    • So what is the difference of armor of ships in T8 to T10. Not that much when using 100mm guns. The akizuki with IFHE and no demolition expert is a beast at tier 8 that can deal with tier 9s and 10s. When I play it, firing from smoke is great, and ready to bail from it if the enemy uses radar. Yes, IChase is right that this ship is big, slow, and doesn’t turn that well, but you are not supposed to fire on the move like the khaba. 10 guns will destroy any DD at close range (-khaba maybe) in a very short time (with the big hp pool and high dpm vs DDs). I still think the guns are great and in the right hands the ship can be great.

    • At least at T8 Akizuki can beat up on lower tiers. Haru as is won’t get a break, distance does not favor these guns and getting closer in high tiers to gun boat around will lead to instant punishment.

    • Lol, I can’t even remember the last time my Akizuki got in a T6 game, it’s 99% allways against T10

    • bro Flamu was bring sarcastic

  11. unfortunately you need at leat 14 captain points to make akizuki + higher ships playable…With 17 captain points (demo. expert), you are rdy to play the ship without stock status lol

  12. 1: Six torps/salvo is a waste. You fired 12 and four of them hit on two broadside BBs.
    2: The same guns from T8 to T10? The gun is OK but the shells need some love like 1/4 pen on HE or something.
    3: You can get HP up to 29k but that just makes more XP and credits for the enemy team to collect on you. Better armor or a heal perhaps?
    4: 820 m turning circle? They gonna need a bigger map.
    5: Two set of torps. One is suicide with all the radar and the other takes three minutes to reload.

    I’m glad I view T10s as Trophys and don’t play them as much.

    • your point 3 is wrong – xp/cr are based on the hp% you took off per ship, not on the dmg count.

      – doesn’t matter if you kill a DD with 25k hp or 29k hp alone = you will end up with the same xp/cr for both kills

    • Six torp salvo is a waste??? It has a higher chance to hit something. Gearing’s 5×2 torps can literally hit 8 broadside BB at 16km, so should gearing have 2×2 torps?? Also, survivability is the most important thing for a DD, more hp is always a positive thing, thats why we all take survivability expert for DD. Try next time noob.

    • There’s nothing wrong with the same guns from T8 to T10, look at all the other lines, they have them from like tier 6 to tier 10. It’s the caliber that’s insufficient against t9/10 armor … this is a ship where you have to take a skill to make it effective ON TOP of CE. Same like the new Grozovoi, you need SI, there’s no way around it.

  13. If I played like you do there are a lot of ships I would have a problem with!

  14. **Laughs in Warspite at turning circle**

  15. iChase, the Atlanta class cruisers were NOT built to be AA ships. They were intended to be DD flotilla leaders. It wasn’t until later in the war that the USN decided that their real strength was in AA.

  16. i am very impressed…on how WG can pump out crap IJN DD consistantly. They gave the stealthiest torp the least stealth, the best AA DD no AA consumable, the nation with best torp training in WW2 the worse torp reload. whatever you say is best for IJN, WG have a way to make it the worst in game….

    • indeed…..not only that, idk where they come up with the idea that russian ship should have long range radar and laser accurate gun.

    • Brian you forget german accuracy in the game. Best Artillerie Shooter of they time. And in the game the worst of all. Example Scharnhorst was hitting a CV in 23 KM, best ans widest hit shoot in the hole war.

    • Bismarck 90 the longest shot wasnt a british battleship against the italian navy?

    • The problem lies with the japanese design filosophy of quality over quantity. In a game that would make many ijn ship OP. So in the name of game balance and fueled by anti-bias wg gives us this consistent crap.

    • No one build ships in term quantity over quality as they are to expensive to do that… pretty much every ship was pretty high standard.

      and yes Russian guns were one of best when it came to shell ballistic they used very long pointed windshields even on destroyer caliber gun combined with heavy shells and high velocity making for very flat arcs… but they paid for that by having very short barrel life (like Italians).

      another thing very long range shoots… that not about accuracy
      1. there were not many times when someone shoot at that ranges
      2. at that ranges most of the time it comes to pure luck with 2-6% hit chance…
      you base entire ship accuracy on 1 hit at range were actual hit probabilities are very low… bit nonsensical.

      what Jin ships OP? many things in game (outside Japanese torpedo detection range and reload) are pretty accurate…
      also if you want historical accuracy TAKE EVERY AP shell from Japanese DD line as they didn’t had any AP rounds. it works in both ways…

  17. Ok so for historical accuracy and for the sake of making this alternate IJN DD line from the main one, make DFAA a standard consumable for them, and Torp Reload for the main line. And ffs give them their historical speed figures

    • If you want to be historical, you’d have post WW2 copies of US Navy destroyers built for the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force. We can’t have that since weebs would cry foul :p

  18. Nahh WG will release it at current state, and a year later we’ll have a radar IJN DD

  19. I don’t think this ship is nearly as bad as you think. It may be _slightly_ underpowered, but it’s far from the hot garbage you called it. Also, I really _really_ don’t want another anti-destroyer ship. We have enough to deal with as it is with tons of OP radars per team and lots of hydro-BBs; please don’t get Wargaming to add anymore gun power to this.
    As to the purpose, maybe it’s not the one-trick pony you want it to be, and maybe it’s just not the ship for you. Maybe it’s just a supporting gunboat that can dump 12 torpedoes every once in a while. I would enjoy it personally and I bet Akizuki players who are used to this playstyle would too.

    PS: You chose the most passive map and battle type combination possible and then sat in the middle of the map for the entire game, which is obviously not what your average game would be like. So I think you completely misrepresented this ship.

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