World Of Warships – Harugumo + Yamamoto + Kraken = Ultimate Dakka

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Today we got ourselves a pretty nice display of the newly implemented T10 Japanese Gunboat DD, Harugumo.
And oh boy does this ship can get to work…
… especially with Yamamoto onboard… Ultimate Dakka incoming!


  1. First time I was this early the Harugumo was only known as the tier X super akizuki

  2. Come on YT, 360p i not good enough 😀

  3. Gonna wait for 1080p, might aswell make some popcorn in the meantime.

  4. The Sailing Robin

    15:45 Dakka starts here 😉

  5. Shooting at max range, you can maybe get more than 70 shells in the air at max.

  6. omg, thats 1.3s reload… i wish the Dakka was longer 😀

    • The Sailing Robin

      Me too! This was actually a close game but the enemy team bled too much points from our cap control…
      I wish I could have kept on Dakka-ing longer too 🙁

  7. My worcester looks like a t3 bb compared to this

  8. Hey Robin,what a GAME ???
    P.S. New Clan?

  9. Aerendir Heinlein

    Hey Robin, new stream, when ? :p

  10. Pretty good, but I’ve got to remind you that DD are useless now and cannot cap…so, if you could just not do anything in DD, that would be great… Then again, at 30k HP, it’s not really a DD anyway. Well played!

  11. It’s not broken….there’s so much radar this fine display will not be the norm. If anything Robin, YOU are broken! ;D

  12. What’s the music playing in the background?

  13. Nice vid Robin! , quality as always

  14. Fair and balanced, right there. Fair and balanced.

  15. R A I N B O W S !

  16. you HAD to do it xD 1.1sec reload is indeed insane !

  17. Yep that’s insane 😉

  18. Already a record? Damn Robin, you should have waited a little more :p

  19. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    ZeKaMaShi commits suicide realising her worthlessness in comparison to Harugumo. RIP.

  20. Reign of the Hyper Ducky.

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