WORLD OF WARSHIPS has SUBMARINES (World Of Warships Submarines Gameplay)

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WORLD has SUBMARINES (World Of Warships Submarines Gameplay)


  1. 10,000 subs with no videos


  2. *Gaijin?*
    You know
    What to do.


  4. Its back! Its back I tell you!

  5. The fake T-80 challenge: Play the little T-80 versus MBTs

    • That’s not a challenge, that’s me and a friend of mine playing around in top tier. the baby T-80 easily kills an abrams from the side. And it’s tiny enough to hide in small alleys

  6. Naaa love you phly ur amazing please keep up the good work

  7. TheNostalgicAussie

    Gotta hand it to WG world of warships is a bloody good game. Subs in the game? Well theyre claiming that it will be

  8. War thunder… WE NEED THIS

  9. Waiting for the I-401 submarine

  10. *war thunder,show em how to do it*

  11. Omg phlys old intro music ??

  12. Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck

    Y’know, I would go and ask for the Neubaufahrzeug but I won’t since this isn’t WT. However, what we do need for WT are Zeppelins. That’d be interesting.

    • Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck could be a cool rare vehicle for a event, still they would be about as useful as big fat huge target even slower version of the po2, probably too much work for gaijin for them to do it or consider it at all

    • *stray .50 APIT hits the balloon, all the gas ignites and we have a second hindenburg disaster*

    • Now thats a unique idea i havent heard before, could work as objectives for air rb

    • MartinFrostia maybe it would be a great idea for the upcoming 100th year of the end of WW1, an event where you could use bi-planes or any other airplane vs. zeppelins

    • +Didum Boom yeah, that would be quite awesome, but I meant it more like a low tier bombing base, bit with really good guns and very small health

  13. Ra-ra-Rasputin?

  14. War Thunder puts out new updates so fast I’m surprised they have a game studio in Russia and not a sweatshop in India

    • +RoflCopter Not trash, just not needed. Helicopters weren’t needed in my opinion, but whatever.

    • +奥村 麻子 EXACTLY, veteran war thunder players don’t need a lot of new stuff, but because of all this new shit, BR is confusing, naval battles feels unfinished and rushed.

    • Ants Americana SweatShops are in China idiot Tech Support in India

    • +RoflCopter because its OBT as in open beta meaning that its still on testing just open for the public…also for chopper it was the player base that wanted them anyway. And don’t tell me” no they didn’t” because they did. Back in the modern tanls April fools event where we playes T90s and leo 2A5s we alao had helicopter not only did people beg for modern tankd but also choppers. Honestly you should be thanful that we get so much content any way…

    • Boeing AH-64 Apache Helicopter

      +Flackeify r/wooosh

  15. Wt had it before but its not availabe ANYMORE damn i miss silent thunder

  16. I dont know what I’m more hyped about, Phly playing World of Warships or the fact that there are submarines in World of Warships. I am a little sad that the badass WoWs Phly intro wasn’t there. That intro was perfectly put together and sync’d.

  17. April 1st 2018, War thunder test modern submarines. Half a year later World of warships test submarines on Halloween. Interesting timing.

  18. Steel Ocean still did subs the best 🙁

  19. Your WOW videos is what got me interested in your channel and eventually what got me into WOW and WT, and I’m glad to see you come back to WOW (man I missed that intro music)


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