World of Warships – Hat trick

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Hans goes NA, Hans insta pulls off a Hat trick xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. When the enemy team lines up like ducks

  2. See, this is NA: the best server, EVER! 😀

  3. WG: “We’re going to need a whole new heroic achievement just for Flambass.”

  4. So you DO get special rewards as a CC! Like “Probability of ‘things that never happen’ happening, increased by 100%”, the elusive RNG Flag. GG Flambass

  5. Even better watching it second time round, after seeing it on live stream. ?

  6. Gamers: Why are there detonations in the game?
    WG: For realism.
    Gamers: Then why does radar and sonar go through islands?
    WG:…………….*pops smoke*

  7. Karma!?! For all the HP you lost at the start of the match WG flipped the switch.

  8. “These dudes should be the easiest kills in the world…”
    Maas instantly detonates

  9. Russian Bias always protect.

    Oh baby it’s triple!

  10. They should give out a Flamb-ace medal for a triple. ^^

  11. That Shiratsuyu spamming 16 torps at a hydro DD!! Gotta love noobs!

    • ICantBelieve ItsButters

      This guy is a “never wrong” player and has never been hit by torps that his team mates have spotted or while using hydro. In fact he’s so good he has never been hit by a torp ever because he has the matrix dodging skills!

      Gg sir, I should have realized who I was talking too.

      I’m certain he is so oblivious to facts that he hasn’t put 2 and 2 together and realized that the DD that shot all the torps shares the same username.

    • @ICantBelieve ItsButters Wow, how triggered are you, a bit of lighthearted banter and you get all serious and angry!

    • ICantBelieve ItsButters

      @ArrrGee I’m not angry. it only a game. I’m here to see how long the banter can go mr perfect.

    • @ICantBelieve ItsButters Ha, ok, if you say so, ‘it’s only a game’ but you feel the need to make quite lengthy responses making a load of reverse implications because I called you a noob! It’s a noob thing to do, deal with it!

    • ICantBelieve ItsButters

      @ArrrGee I am noob shooting at hydro botes but you don’t get dumb and dumber memes. So who is teh real been.

  12. We : How much ships do u want to kill with 1433 HP Flambass ?

    Flambass ” YES “

  13. “These dudes should be the easiest kills in the world”
    *_immediately detonates DD, kills another with torps for double strike, kills a third and gets high caliber with the same toro salvo_*

  14. David Chrysostom

    Started like many of my DD matches: instantly get spotted and focused by the whole enemy team, loses 90% of hit points instantly.

    THEN Flambass gets mad, and 3 ships go down in one torp volley.

    Damn !

  15. Any other DD players have deja vu in the first 3 mins of this game?

  16. NA is so passive and annoying, my ba k hurts from all the carrying I had to so yesterday. Dds behind bbs, me in sinop having to get middle of epicenter. Its very annoying.

  17. Hans never one to toot his own horn… NOT!

  18. I know you did well that match, but to say your team did nothing, when you have 4 kills with only 58k dmg and no cap….11 minutes into a match that your team held cap advantage the entire match…. c’mon brochacho. Don’t get too elitist, now.

  19. Why is it every time I try picking any DD there’s a radar cruiser with a thing for me?

  20. thank you Flambass for all the great vids – making ma days man ??

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