World of Warships- Hate CVs? Then This Is The Ship For You!

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the Tier VIII Premium American Destroyer, Kidd! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Orkan + Kidd platoons are stupid fun. Well, until you get uptiered and run into some Smalands, but yk. Until then it’s super hard to get dug out of cap by the enemy team.

  2. I got her from a drop a long time ago and I hesitated to play her, as I was not interested in playing American DDs. But recently I used her for the dockyard challenges and I started to really enjoy that ship. Its AA and her heal the most. I’m doing pretty well in with an PR of 2500. She really deserves some love.

  3. Well, the problem I see with CVs is that the lack of proper counterplay.
    Against any other ship, you can do a lot of stuff – angle your armour, rush, disengage, return fire, evade, you name it.
    Against a carrier? Your only defence is completely passive – you watch AA do the thing, you press literally two buttons that simply provide another passive boost.
    Dodging is meaningless for the most part, because any semi-competent carrier player will mess you up no matter what – planes are faster and more agile than you, you can’t run, you can’t hide.
    AA does not work as much of a deterrent, because flak can be dodged very easily and often deals meaningless damage and passive damage is so short ranged that enemy has enough time to drop an attack anyway.

    This lack of active defence makes CVs virtually impossible to balance – there is only a binary choice here – if AA is effective, CV becomes useless. If AA is not effective, CV becomes OP.

    Submarines face a similar problem to an extent – you can defend against a competent sub by dodging, but actually countering it is hard without a decent dose of luck – chances are you won’t find it, plain and simple. Like in case of carrier, unless you are lucky and stumble upon a sub, dodging will get you only so far – you are simply delaying the inevitable.

    • @StarshipEnterprise I also have Oland and also played against Oland in Ranger, literally a no threat.

    • @StarshipEnterprise A dead battleship that pushed despite overwhelming odds is useless, not the one that knows when to disengage – and most higher tier BBs are just fast enough to do that, maybe with exception of Vermont line.
      And no, you can’t turn in to torps of a carrier reliably with rudder shift of over 20 seconds against an enemy that can attack you from completely different direction within that same exact time.

      You seem to be projecting a lot, immediately jumping into calling others bad players.

    • StarshipEnterprise

      @HidesHisFace If you need to retreat you positioned badly just as I said, or your flank collapse, which is happenif the teamwork of DDs Cruisers and BBs are bad.
      A pushung battleship however help the team to push while force to retreat the enemy.
      I see too many BB players think they are carriers and hide, but when I play my BBs and push to support my DDs and cruisers even if I die we already win 9/10 times.
      But those who only play 1 or 2 class are always bad players who just compllaining.
      In 1v1 a Shimakaze beat a Yamato better than any carrier do and Yama hasno counterplay against it.
      Your arguments invalid.

    • @StarshipEnterprise
      “A battleship never break contact with a cruiser or DD”

      “You can turn in carrier toprs and stop them before activation, turn in dive bombers, so most of the bombs not hit”
      Do you actually realize Yamato is a slow BB with the 2nd worst rudder out of all tier 10 BB? And carriers usually carry more than 2 strikes per squad? Hello?

      “like when cruisers spam HE”
      There is this technique called disengage which you can actually do against surface ships, against 120knots+ planes? Not so much.

      “Meanwhile you can shoot down carrier planes, and at long term carrier run out of planes”
      If you actually run out of planes without doing anything meaningful, you’re bad.

      “Think about what would you do if your 3 main gun constantly knocked out, and when 1 is ready to fire, the other 2 already knocked out again”

      “You clearly a bad player who never played carriers or subs”
      Danhvn_1, Asia.

  4. Who remembers the Texas being an AA beast? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  5. StarshipEnterprise

    By the title I expected this video about the Halland, Smaland, F. Sherman, Friesland, or the other high tier Pan-Eu DDs.
    If you play a CV you always avoid those.
    My Öland (T8 Pan-EU tech tree DD) has 49 plane shot down in a single battle.

    • Sherman AA is not really that impressive. Mecklenburg seems a nice option though

    • Kleber is not terrible. I have a 40 plane shot down game. Plus speed makes it hard to hit.

    • Do you remember Halland early power to get whole squadron down in just 2 snapping finger?

      I also remember some guy with De Zeven Provincien got some high score, maybe 90 or even something like 108. Hakuryu guy made his day.

  6. The Gearing was the USS Orleck. My dad was CIC officer on her during the Vietnam War.

  7. Definitely Ellie

    Hey, could you do a video about the best AA ships in the game? Ideally for all classes and tiers.

  8. Love this bote. WG was giving her away as a reward for completing a combat mission many years ago.

  9. Kidd is still my all-time record plane killer, 71 in a match.

  10. You described my WOWs History almost Perfectly..
    Just that i had even not a Idea, Til Tier VIII..🤣😂😂🤦

    EVEN These days,somemtimes run straight in too 10 torps, because cant let go the scope mode on the long run…😂😂🤦

  11. Matchmaking has it out for me and Kidd lately. Any other DD: here, have a 2 CV match. I jump in my AA spec’ed Kidd: Nah, I don’t think I’ll match any CV’s this match. SMH

  12. t6 cleveland, NC, Iowa and montana was my fav to spec for AA back in the RTS CV days a much simplier time back then.

  13. I’ve got the Kidd. That thing is still an amazing AA platform. Unless you get in tier 10 or face a Soviet CV, you just shred squadrons with her Def AA. However, I must complain about her. Even though she is a Fletcher class, she feels more like a gunboat Benson. Same reload, same ammount of guns, similar range, similar HP. And, worst things of all: because she’s a tier VIII not a 9, it doesn’t get another bonus HP from Surviability Expert, nor does it get access to the 6th slot modifications, which is what makes Fletcher a better ship than Benson. Without it, the Kidd just feels like a bigger Benson with a heal and barely usable torps

  14. Kidd is just a monster. The guns hit hard, the heal tips any equal fight to your advantage, excellent torps even if there’s only one set, good duration smoke, and DFAA. Busted.

  15. Wargaming gave me the Kidd for free and I’ll never understand why. I played in beta and for awhile but took a good break from the game. When I came back I had a combat mission to complete and the reward was the USS Kidd. Not a rental. I did the missions and have had the Kidd in my port for a couple years now. I’m no DD player so I rarely take it out…but this video inspired me a bit to bone up on my DD skills.

  16. Obligatory legends player:

    Kidd is very close to me as back when legends was still in its infancy (no cvs, no epic. Flags, back when we were in iowas bow tanking days)

    Fast forward now statisticly she is my most played ship, and with my full aa build minus dfaa which is coming in the next months to the kidd, and she still Is an absolute monster in today’s meta,

    I’ve lost count how many clear skies I’ve obtained with the ship, a few krakens even and one of my 2 solo warriors with.

    If you can overlook the terrible torpedos you will do fine in my eyes

  17. Crucible Custom Flooring

    The better your AA the less cv matches you get. Grab a gearing deck it out for aa and run 100 matches then set it up for torps and watch what happens.

  18. For concealent: don`t forget the Cossack, beyond that yes only torp dd’s and subs can outspot you.

    I call my Kidd the USS Bully, since it`s great at bullying any ship she encounters including cv’s ^^

    One thing I noticed you use deff aa in the wrong order: 1 active Def Aa 2 Then activate reinforced sector (when your aa is already scoring hits(look for numbers!)).
    When you activate reinforced sector you send out one blast of unstoppable damage to all planes in range, you want to buff that blast with def aa for more plane carnage. 😉

  19. I don’t have the Kidd. But I have yet to find a ship that can really do anything to stop a cv from doing whatever the hell they want to do. This game has become a joke with this broken mechanic.

  20. Kidd: I’m a ‘No Fly Zone’.
    Enemy Cv: You kidding right?
    Kidd: No. I’m Kidding you softly.

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