World of Warships- Hate CVs? You’re Gonna Love This

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Hey guys! Today we have quite the replay from Matrix in the TX US BB Montana! Enjoy!

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  1. Not compared to my hatred of Subs, CVs are Historically OP… Subs in their iteration in the game I hate them I Loathe them even, anyway great video as always Sea Lord.

  2. The long last video to the prequel ‘hate subs? You gonna watch this video’

  3. Sea Lord’s mic clipping adds a layer of entertainment value on how good our Protag is playing.

  4. I really like Montana. Yes she might not have as much overmatch advantage that most other tier 10 BBs have and she is clumsy, but many underestimate how powerful her main guns are! They are not only consistent, but the AP is really powerful. And together with Halsey, she really isn’t an ship you should underestimate.

    Also she can adapt quite well to most situations where most other BB are situational dependent.
    You need to shoot from long range? She can do it.
    You need to brawl? She can fight.
    You need to deal with enemy planes? She’ll shoot them down for you.

    • Now Maine I feel really bad for.

    • True jack of all trades. Doesn’t excel in anything but does everything good enough

    • Hoàng Hmà Nguyễn

      Monty is probably the most solid tech BB at the moment, Yamato is overrated

    • @Hoàng Hmà Nguyễn I ended up in a tier 10 game with my Bismark the other day, got a double citadel on a yammy from about 9k, I found that amusing. Tier 8 with not the most accurate of guns dumping on a tier 10.

    • Before I had tier X BB I heard many things about how Montana is not the way. But truth is I did best damage and destruction games in Montana. It has slow shells that bounce at angles and bows. But it has many guns and very tight spread. Therefore its element is middle part of your team side, where it can choose any target that expose their broadside to it and punish it horribly. Once you learn to lead slow American shells they are absolutely devastating when they land on the right spot. Unlike many other ships, wich sometimes spread around even if target is ideal. And US AA wich farm inevitable planes is nice bonus to it as well.

  5. Could you do your top 5 favorite maps ine the game ?

  6. If that DM at 2:23 was me, it probably would be torn to pieces because JFC I am unlucky with that ship

  7. Good original tier X BB game to high light. Well played ship and the RNGodz were kind.

  8. I like Montana it’s my first tier 10 BB , I am mostly a BB player .
    Whenever I am sad or want to just relax I take her out , a date with her always ends with breakfast ❤❤❤

  9. I got one of those early cv kills the other day. Made me smile for the rest of the match.

  10. Another Great Video. Thanks. I might even play my Montana 😜. I know for a while that the premium shop has not been available ingame. While you can still buy ships for doubloons in the Armoury, paying cash directly is gone. You need to buy doubleoons first. The result of that is that if you want to return a ship (Yes Tiger’59 I’m looking at you). you will get back doubloons and WeeGee will keep the cash. There use to be a way around this by going to the premium ship on the website. It now appears that this is gone. I personally think this is another SLEAZY move by WeeGee. Has WeeGee announced this change or is it just an unannounced “Feature”. Thanks for listening to me SLM

  11. I’ve knocked out an enemy CV with one salvo in a Montana before, just like Matrix did. So, Montana = Fun

  12. GG. If only when a CV is sunk that player would be unable to play if for a week … or a year.

  13. Salute to Matrix for a game the rest of us can only dream about. Who needs college football when you can watch this channel 😄

  14. you want to use your heals when you have a heal buff. Use the heal to recover recoverable damage and get the buff ticking on unrecoverable damage. The buff isn’t in danger of getting you to full any time soon, so using a heal early means you get more hp back now, so that you can tank more recoverable damage later and use another heal.

  15. These analysis videos are my favs

  16. Autistic Stingray-Lover

    Damn!!!! That was the best World of Warships game I’ve enjoyed in a LONG TIME. Thank you, Sea Lord

  17. SLM coming back with another banger💯💯💯

  18. I think they need to rework the over pen mechanics. 16 inch shells going through at least through water line should cause flooding.

  19. Epic game! I bet not one person on his team comped him.

  20. SLM, I have a good idea (at least it is what i think) for one of upcoming episodes. Thing is simple only at first glance, cause I’d gladly watch a video about USS Illinois, cause “aveerage Joes” never been taking this ship too seriously. No matter if in general overwiev or from perspective of an friend/foe in battles. I think, such a material can be both catchy and helpful (thanks to ongoing 3vs3 brawls, not to mention hidden manuvres event) for players, that wants to decide – no matter if its a decision about getting this gem or yelling at me in chat window “why you were hiding behind a rock, you’re a BB”! I love to hear such a statements.
    For me Illinois is a hidden gem, even it it has a few drawbacks (especially for player like me, who plays USN ships ocasionally and never felt 100& comfortable with them since past 8 years. Enemies often first ignore me, and when they notice, that something is odd its usually to late, cause when you fire first salvo, that is reaching it’s target there already 2-3 more salvos already at the way. on it, and these salvos rarely end fast if i;m angled properly and have some natural obstacle to hide myself in case of focis fire.
    IMO Illinois is a floating DPM monster – in my hands Illinois is above average and would perform even better with hydro on board. Not to mention, that Illinois AA is almost a no-fly zone with quite good secondaries to suprise a mediocre DD player, and at least scare it to run from behind my line of sight.
    Cheers from Poland! 🙂

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