World of Warships- Hate Submarines? You’re Gonna Like This

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Art department always got us


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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. All I got to say is I will never feel bad about sinking a sub.

    • Me too I have just played Ohio in ranked and I sunk one felt great … oh tho I regret that I taken Macklenburg for steel instead of Gato , as now I need earn 10mil credits to get 3 containers for Somme collection , and I have unlocked all 3 line subs , but i dont have any premium camo on any , I have some blu , and gree eco bonuses but i dont want to waste then , I have shit loas of grey 20% , but that earn with premium accoun 140-250k credits per game = shit load borring games on subs for me , but I wont spend cash for premium camo tho , so I am stuck in that crap :/

    • I’d team kill subs if I could. 🤪🤪

  2. I want hedgehogs in the game. Those things were a nightmare for subs in WW2.

  3. If there was anything in the game most players can agree on is the Art Department are Top Quality especially with what they have to work with, imagine a game in which all WG’s departments had the same work ethic/skill set, I’d still be throwing lots of ££££’s at them no doubt. Good Video SL 🇬🇧

  4. What would be really helpful against subs is plane based ASW for all cruisers. German, Dutch and British light cruisers are a pain to play against subs.

    • Tell me about it, i had the most frustrating game yesterday on a Shröder, being spammed by torpedoes from a Balao at like 6 km from me and i couldn’t do shit but watch my slow death salvo after salvo of torpedoes and being constantly pinged since i he knows i don’t have Plane ASW .

    • @3men2 then either rush him or run away. There is no way he can kill you solo and you’re much faster. If you can’t rush him because he has cover then just accept that you’re outnumbered on that flank and run away. It’s trivial to dodge sub torps

    • @nefnef They go like as fast as a dd underwater have you played against them?

    • ​@Scrom TinkerThat is why you charge them, just accept your fate and hasten you death so you can get in a new match.

    • @Scrom Tinker tbh I can’t remember the last time a sub had any impact in a game.

  5. Sinking submarines is so satisfying, but trying to locate it is pain

    • exactly i was in a match this week with THREE subs and one dd on each team. the rest were BBS except one cruiser. what the hell are most bbs supposed to do without acoustics and even then they have to get so close they cannot avoid torps fired at that range.. it was a shit show.

    • ​@Colin G
      I was in a match with:
      2 CVs
      4 DDs
      2 SSs

      And my ship was the Izumo.

    • Yog-Chan Supreme

      @Colin G that is not possible lmao xD u cant have more than 2 subs at the same time in 1 team

    • Yog-Chan Supreme

      @Steven Eurwyn no thats impossible . . . u can only have max 2 subs, 4 DDs or 2 CVs in 1 game but max 5 in total and u have 8 in total, that does not work, and TXIII+ is 1 CV restricted

    • ​@Yog-Chan SupremeWrong. I was in a random against 3. 3 each team

  6. USS Sims, Hull number: DD-409

    Another thing I really like about the sound overhaul is the sounds when your ship takes damage. The HE hits and AP ricochets sound absolutely amazing

  7. Now all we need is for those amazing sounding AA guns to actually have an affect on shooting CV planes! 😂🤪

  8. I think WG will nerf these mines quickly if they hear the sub players complain

  9. So beautiful art department! Hope my PC can still handle the system requirements after this update 😅 i have an Acer Nitro 5 so far

  10. I hope that WG lowers the arming time for the mines a bit. I think 30 seconds would be good.
    OOH, maybe you could lower the arming time with upgrades! That would be nice!

  11. Another thing they added is when AP ricochets, you can actually see the AP bounce off and either go into the ocean or explode in the sky. If your lucky they can bounce right into your camera lol

  12. I would love for WG to make the icons dynamic. When a sub or a plan appears you should be able to tell if they are 10k or 30k away by the size of their icon.

  13. Mines were not just dropped just anywhere. They typically were tethered and dropped into shallow water as an AAD weapon. Free floating mines were rare and largely ineffective. Dollars to donuts WOWS will allow these to be dropped anywhere regardless of depth. Actually if they approached this in an historical sense, where you could lay mines into shallow areas that ships would likely move though, it might be fun. It would add a new tactical element to the game. It would also open up the need for minesweeping classes.

  14. Thanks for pointing these improvements !! I also have lamented for years the secondary and AA gun sounds, finally they are getting the more accurate sounds which improves the whole experience of the game. I whish WG would slow down the ability for subs to dive, it seems to me they can dive too fast but i could be wrong. Thx SLM another quality and useful video. I may have to retire my Alienware 17R3 soon given all of the graphics improvements, i already have the settings tweaked as far as i can go. I don’t think this game is dying, but rather it is going thru refinement and new players will keep coming in.

  15. Its funny how I was actually the original person to suggest the idea of support CVs using the odd tier CVs. I even went so far as to suggest the smoke screen and mine mechanics, and almost 5 years later WG listened lol.

  16. Nebulachadlazzar

    I remember the very first iteration where the did 7500 dmg but took super long to deploy

  17. One of the changes that I would like to see as an option ( hear) is standard English for ships captains, like the Japanese, Russian etc, Not what WG has currently available. I remember when you could go and delete files and this would change the commanders to English. Thank you as always for a great job done Sea Lord.

  18. I would like yo see the sky and sea cancar battle it out more, but i get the feeling that for the most part, sub and cv mains are just going to end up in some sort of mutual agreement to not do that, and just screw with the rest of us. And that these new tools are going to be how they do it

  19. I am very excited to see the return of Taihou to World of Warships. I just hope she doesn’t get blown up by Gato submarine players.

  20. Sea Lord, thank you! Not just for producing excellent wows videos but for at last starting to introduce yourself as Sea Lord and not Mountbatten. You are a great utuber, and I’m sure your kids would say you’re a brilliant teacher but the old Earl you are not. He sadly passed away at the hands of terrorists many years ago, so appreciate your showing your respect by not calling yourself after him, and look forward to enjoying many more of your excellent vids !!!

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