World of Warships: Hatsuharu (Live Coms)

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: (Live Coms)
Warning: Course language, Video NSFW

Ok so that’s out of the way, Today we have a live comms match of my first ever time sailing out the Hatsuharu. I should also point out that I am not a particularly good captain.
That being said, I hope you enjoy the banter and I hope you enjoy the video!

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Big Red “Boomer” The Kangaroo, Channel Mascot Artwork designed by SemperMortem (BogRoll)
For more of his amazing work check out his Deviant Art page!

Intro with thanks to Laurent Caccia.
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound.

System Specs:
CPU: Skylake i7 6700k
RAM: 16gb 3600MHz DDR4
GPU: Galax GTX 980 HoF
HDD Boot: 120GB SSD
HDD Storage: Seagate Barracuda 3TB (7200RPM)
HoTaS: Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS
Flight Pedals: Thrustmaster T.Flight
VR: Oculus Rift DK2


  1. Thanks for the upload Magz!

  2. Tim “Tank fan” Tim


  3. goddammit Magz it’s 2 AM on the east coast and I was just about to go to
    bed for school…… well f#*% it, I guess I have time for 1 more video ; )

  4. So, is Deadmeat famous yet?

  5. A tip Magz if you have a ship with torps you can check the direction a ship
    is travelling by popping the torps up for a second

  6. am I famous yet?

  7. which server are you playing at?

  8. Hey Magz have you checked out Project Reality?, it’s somewhat similar to
    Arma or Squad

  9. When will there be another Long Dark Video?

  10. 15:48 any else here the tweet lel

  11. Are you going to do any WOT?

  12. You’ve got to tier 7 already? Have you got so far with the rest of the
    branches of the tech tree?

    I hope you figured it out from watching this back, but there were a few
    times where you wasted all your torps and missed opportunities to attack
    other ships. (especially against that DD that ran aground on low health,
    you could have finished him with guns before your torps even got there)
    Also you don’t have to launch both salvos at once, you can fire one and
    save the other for another ship.

  13. 47k subs o boi

  14. yeah enjoy the IJN destroyers whilst they’re still kinda fun

  15. It’s a pity the ship won’t be the same for much longer

  16. cant wait for you to get the new t8-t9 gun boat dds

  17. Enjoyed the vid, but only complaint if you want to call it that was the
    fact that your audio seemed really quiet.

  18. mags, have you ever heard of SOMA? its an underwater survival
    horror….thing. might be worth a look?

  19. Omg Magz when you dropped those torps infront of that Nagato I was
    screaming NOOOOOO NO MAGZ DON’T DO IT hahaha glad he avoided them though.
    Cheers for great video

  20. banba mahiru/shinya yuri is the best genre

    what i Don’t like About WOWS is that the ships move soo fast … they
    almost feel like motorboats with warships skins and guns .. even my kongou
    feels like motorboat :/

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