World of Warships – Hatsuharu T6 Impressions

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on Trident moves to the west in support of a couple friendly ships. We send out torpedoes against some enemies, eventually they move to the eastern flank. I take the chance to push into the enemy base in a effort to kill the enemy carrier. A couple enemies ships attempt to kill me before I can finish off the carrier. We fight back and forth, I try to remain alive while destroying the enemy. Hope the video is helpful and you have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Hatsuharu Replay


  1. What do it we’ll LOL. Yeah but Fubuki at 6 is as good as it was at t8.

  2. did my best to get out of that ship ASAP

  3. The biggest issue with the new Hatsuharu is having to grind back up from
    its stock build (which is horrible). With 10km torpedoes the ship is
    *playable*, if not exactly fun, but with the 6km torps it just feels like
    punishment. Then when you combine that with the relatively slow speed of
    the ship, the high visibility and low speed of the torpedoes, the (lack of)
    range on the guns…I have yet to free XP my way past anything in this
    game, but I’m having a lot of difficulty maintaining that feat with this
    ship. And this is coming from somebody who actually ~liked~ the old

  4. Yup – the Hatsu is just the Turd on the way to the shiratsuyu & akizuki….
    Its taking every fiber of self control in my being to not free-XP past this
    pos :).

  5. I did the hatsuharu grind, reminded me of why I sold it so quick the first
    time. Already have a fully upgraded Shiratsuyu and half way on the xp to
    the Akizuki. And whomever came up with the idiotic idea that you have to
    give up your gun to get 10km torps is a clown.

  6. To me, the only positive part about the Hatsuharu is her speed. Not really
    that special but still better than most mid-high tier IJN DD mediocre

  7. another ship to skip with free xp

  8. Филип Пешић

    Yet I’m kinda stuck with Isokaze and it’s pathetic torp an speed range and
    I’m thinking, it’s cool, it will get better in T5 or T6.. Well I guess I
    started grinding the wrong tech tree for DDs hah :)

  9. I understand that this ship is some sort of obstacle you have to grind
    through. Like the Tashkent… I have the feeling that WG wants it that way.
    And I can somehow understand this. Get through such a ship and you will be
    good at what you get later.

    I do also take into account the 200.000 or more free XP some people have
    sitting on their ships. BUT! You have to spend doubloons to exchange

  10. I loved the Hastu before the torp changes earlier in the year. Once you
    understood the way the torps came out of her launchers, you hit a lot more
    of them. But personally the torp nerfs during the year made ijn’s a chore
    to play.

    I was getting more damage and kills when I was grinding through the kagero
    with her guns as trying to land torps was not that easy, by T9 a lot more
    people are aware of torps, and the increase in detection range and slower
    torps made them kinda useless for damage, great for zoning though. In the
    end I never bought the Shimakaze and sold all the ijn dds, I only have the
    Kamikaze. But these new gunboat dds I might work on getting them now.

  11. CAMO: Wait, how do you mean “not deserved” Notser?

    I bought the camo for the Hatsu while it was T7. Now it´s moved to T6 and i
    lose the camo? What happens with my 2000 dubloons?

    If i lose it, it would be the third time that i have a loss because WG
    decides retroactive that a feature was a bug.

  12. Emerald sucks balls. A weaker version of the Omaha.

    Problem with the new Hatsu is that the gun range is so pathetic. 9.3km
    upgrade without capt skill.

  13. I thought it was gonna be awful but i’m actually doing well with Hatsuharo.
    Maybe because i was so negative about it or maybe other players don’t even
    consider it a threat so they dont put as much effort as in other DDs.

  14. Christopher Matarazzo

    hey notser, I had a match yesterday where I was a Kaiser and an Ohio
    pulled a notser and I devastated him

  15. Grinding the stock hull now. They could at least have given us a direct
    path to the 10km torps…. :(

  16. This ship is a bad joke. Due to the low range guns using them is almost a
    death sentence, because the slow reload means you can’t do much damage
    anyway even to another destroyer. You need to grind through about 15k exp
    before you get the long range torps. Before that pretty much the only way
    to fire torps and hit is out of smoke on an enemy that’s stupid enough to
    come towards the smoke. The torps at 6km range mean you’re spotted long
    before you can launch them, and they are so slow they are easily dodged by
    any decent player even in battleships. And now 60k more to grind to tier
    VII? I don’t think so. It’s just not worth it, especially since the tier
    VII Shiratsuyu doesn’t look any better.

  17. Ayano “Akari Mizunashi Furutaka” Sugiura

    as someone who grinded through the Japanese DDs before the patch, having to
    do hatsuharu again is like repeating a nightmare

  18. Stay away from my peanut butter

    I just look at it as a stepping stone before getting to Shiratsuyu and
    Akizuki, using mainly the guns on it gets me around 1000 XP per game, so
    that’s just around 60 games i have to play on it to get there!

  19. Okay, so after grinding my way through the standard upgrades on the ship, I
    was right–with the upgraded torpedoes & gun systems it’s a decent ship.
    Still not good, not particularly fun, but it’s workable at that tier.

    Why the stock version has to be so incredibly bad is beyond me, though.

  20. are you going to do one for akatsuki?

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