World of Warships- Have Submarines Been Fixed?

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the current iteration of submarines including the new changes, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Now they just need to fix the single launch of the torps for the subs…. you are launching a single torps and yet she doesnt go where you aimed…

  2. the interaction between surface ships and subs still feels lackluster from both sides tbh.
    just like a cv they feel like playing your own mini game within a game.

  3. I don’t see this class being useful for anything anymore. They’re just bad destroyers in every way that matters.

    • the spotting is still a thing

    • @Dukenukem Is what I mean, may as well be a DD and have a lot more utility in addition to the spotting. Subs are slow destroyers with worse damage and less game impact.

    • @Dukenukem well unlike a dd if you get spotted in a sub by a cv 3 seconds later your hit by 5 Asw strikes and you’re dead as you’re made of wet paper. They really nerfed them off the planet 😎

  4. Ever since the nerf subs went from 1 every 3 games to 1 every 20. I think they went a bit overkill. For me heavy cruisers were the biggest victim of subs who needed more dodging time

    Edit: the manual torpedoes have been bugged since the patch aswell. They don’t go where torp prediction shows. (Same bug we had on destroyers)

    • I’d say even if they went as far as removing them AND the carriers, it wouldn’t be overkill. They kill fun in this game, I like having fun.

    • @Dancing Queen That is up to you tbh … I play plenty against cvs, never had issues with them, submarines are quite easy to counter in a bb given you’re not nosing in on their location and super easy on destroyers. Cruisers however lacked response time and dodging capabilities considering their size, there I did find a nerf in order.

  5. now you have to go homing torps + flood chance , and that damage is underwhelming

  6. They pretty much over nerfed them into oblivion. I barely see them in randoms now

    • Good. Very good.

    • I think they are very hard to counter in DD’s – but the potatoes who have played them do actually nothing while the good players are practically untouchable. This is a high skill ship IMHO just like CV’s easy for Potatoes to not get killed but do no damage but deadly with the good players who not only spot and ping ALL GAME but never get spotted.

    • Excellent news

  7. You pretty much can’t do anything in these things. They’re about unplayable in this form

    • Good. They don’t need to be in the game. We already have one brain dead class, CV, no need for another one.

    • @Vyrus Gaming lol. Bbs are the easiest class. U can sit there in a thunderer and not even move with HE loaded and get 100k. Try getting 100k in the audacious

    • @Vyrus Gaming if you think carriers are braindead to play, then you obviously dont know how to play them nor have you ever played them. Seriously, it’s people like YOU who make this game toxic and unfun to play. YOU are the problem. Not any specific ship or ship class.

  8. anyone who has played games like Battlestation Midway or the hunt for the USS Hornet, will go back to play a game with subs that actually works and has some amount of challenge and thought to it, no matter what WG does they will never get them to work in this game without turning them into something they never were to begin with, even the size is a joke they should call them midget subs when they are not even close to the size they were and they cant when the maps are far to small for them and CV’s to begin with

  9. I guess the happy time is over for subs. I personally find that a good thing.

  10. the torps are never the problem with subs…the problem with them is that they can dive to their deepest depth anytime they want to get themselves out of trouble and stay ‘as long as they want’ there before it was a consumable that lasted for 30sec so subs couldn’t just ninja vanish and there was no way to work out where they are going

    subs need more of a penalty from pinging, before their concealment would bloom up to about 6km each time they pinged and/or it consumes 10 sec of charge since that is how they are doing it

    there are games as people learn to play against the sub that all you do as a sub) is sail around pinging and spotting pretty much a glorified buoy, all the torps miss because as soon as people are pinged they turn and run, soon the game play would be just to send torps and not ping and let the torps do their thing

  11. i dont know about you but every sub i encountered i sank. Even when they were totally unfair they died easily. Its nice to know that things are harder for them now.

  12. Subs are still broken. At tier 6, they can ping BBs and torp them repeatedly, until they wear the BB down. You’ll never see them if they are properly played. If you do spot one, it takes *many* rounds of depth charges to destroy them. It’s simply a bad concept. Tweaks won’t fix a bad concept.

  13. just remove that stupid ping mechanism and use the DD lead indicator.

  14. From games in my Minotaur, the depth charges feel very underwhelming as you’re constantly trying to chase where the sub might have gone. I think instead of depth charges rolling of the back (historically accurate), ships without the plane depth charges should have access to the depth charge launchers that ships had that shot them off the side of the ships, the Hedgehog. Limit range to 1 km and that would be better for ships without the plane depth charges.

    • Brilliant of WG to have the natural sub-hunters (DDs and cruisers) really struggle to hunt subs, while the natural prey of subs (BBs) have the best counter…….

  15. Hey SLM, can u reassign the weapons to different numbers? Like, does 1 always have to be HE, etc.? In Tanks you can reassign shell types to 1, 2, and 3 to your preference. Can we go that in Ships, like we can for consumables? Also, Tanks now gives you the ability to create different profiles for your tank that you can select AFTER you enter battle. Wouldn’t that be great in Ships, where if you enter a battle with an enemy CV, you could switch to your AA build profile, etc.?

  16. Have they brought back friendly torpedo damage yet? Or is braindead gameplay still encouraged by new and improved WG?

  17. With an aggressive playstile and nonhoming torps you can still achieve consistent dmg numbers. The 12k dmg is base, you can 30% for a double ping and 15% from the T4 captain perk for a total of 18k per torp if you manage to citadel. In this Video the Thunderer at the end would have been a prime target after he repaired flood from the first torps, ping 2 times in advance, get 2-3km close and than shootgun him.

  18. Theres also a bug or something with planes spotting randomly at 60 meters when theyre not supposed to. What really screwed subs was giving every goddamn ship asw airstrikes. Get spotted once and you have 81 depth charges dropping on you from every direction.

  19. the fact that hardly anyone is playing them says they are getting close to not being overpowered.

  20. I’d say remove ping completely .. remove homing completely .. give subs normal torps with decent damage and longer reloads .. submarine’s main weapon is stealth. It can dive. That alone should be enough advantage, balance it around that. I would even give bad AA and one gun (where historic).

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