World of Warships- Have WG Lost Their Minds? Or Have They Finally Found It?

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Hello guys, today we go over a very interesting DevBlog covering the next Season of CBs! Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Finally something new, something fresh.. i have played cb since the very beginning but i kinda like this new idea

  2. So clan battles get no aircraft carriers or subs next season… looks like WG is protecting these favoured few gamers from their bad decisions but sadly the rest of us who struggle to organise clan battle teams still have to live with WG’s decisions to include these classes in the game. Not sure what to say about this frankly, WG seems to be going out of their way to protect the favoured few, the rest of us don’t matter it seems.

  3. The restrictions seems to reflect what is needed to do soon in every game

  4. I can’t help but wonder if we are going to see a bunch of Congress, Siegfried, and Groningen get their time in the spotlight?

  5. I find it VERY weird that no restrictions were put on Jean Bart. Thats an incredibly strong ship as it is. Can you imagine multiple JB’s in one game?

    • Skarhabek Greyrukh

      @Sea Lord Mountbatten if something can farm quickly on jean bart, its also could damage soyus badly. depending on the range and ship, those shell most likely land on jean bart turret bow vs bow.

      but anyway, maybe you are right. still, georgia is worse option for bow tanking than jean bart… and they ban it lol.

    • It lacks tankiness and the ability to remove tanky cruisers from their spot, not really ideal

    • @MON ROSASINA Tell my 165k average that story…lol

    • Gotta get those sales first. Nerf will come when a new buffed ship is on market.

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten doesn’t the same apply to Georgia though? Its armor and HP are a bit better, but it also melts easily under concentrated fire.

  6. Restrictions are certain ships are an admission that these ships are OP. How do they not see this?

    • They know but they don’t care

    • No? Do you think that Napoli and Marseille are OP? Cause they got limited just last season. Course not right? These ships are strong in small scale battles with proper communication while not being extreme in random battle, which all surface ship balance are based on. So instead of nerfing/changing the ship to something entirely different, the easy choice is to restrict said ships.

    • It’s an admission that the creep of 18 inch+ guns with fewer and fewer tradeoffs has become too much. They basically said as much in the dev blog when addressing the variety of cruisers in CB’s.

      Other ships are debatable. They’re balanced around 12 v 12, not small format games. Naturally, there will be some weird interactions and outcomes when only half the potential threats exist to players. Good examples are ships like Graf Spee and Cherbourg. They were restricted because of their health pools and heal in CB’s, however, you rarely see them in randoms where there it’s easier to get an angle on them.

  7. During last CB season the Clan I’m in all commented how it would be nice for a change of pace, and T8 or T9 was one that got mentioned so definitely on board with that. While I don’t like that hybrid’s are being included, I can understand the reasoning and WG have shown they are getting better at adjusting bans throughout, and the hybrids being spread across multiple restriction categories does mean that teams will have to think about ship selection a bit more.
    And even the no BB restrictions in the first week feels a like they’ve tried to offer the option to do some Brawl-esc games with all-BB teams, which could be fun for a game or two.
    Overall, I’m cautiously positive. At the very least, WG have obviously spent time trying to think how to change things up over CB seasons, which I will give credit for.

  8. I just love the persistent cognitive dissonance of this company. They claim that CVs and Subs are balanced and a great addition to the game and all that, while at the same time every other season they have to ban these gamebreaking abominations entirely, while also limiting CV`s in particular to “mostly” one per team per game.(Speaking of T8+, I know low tier is a double carrier shitfest) But there is no problem here, for sure.

  9. I’m actually very interested in this season so I can’t wait to play that clusterfuck

  10. Hey im in this one. Good to hear that wargaming is at least taking some of our gripes into consideration

  11. It sounds like they have realized the mistake (adding CVs and subs to the game) but can’t undo it properly.

  12. This game is epic, it is beautiful, The DD’s when the water is choppy look awesome diving through the waves. The problem with this game is being stuck on a team that will not give support to there dd. I have lit the enemy dd up so many times and I am the only person being shot at every single stinking time. my team I can always find behind one island or as far away from where they know I would need help. They play like they really get blown up when their ship sinks. I can not tell you how many times, towards the end of the match people would start complaining that I didnt cap enough or defend enough or spot enough. When I was the only person doing all of that. while they sat 20km away.

  13. Interesting information. While I have little interest in clan battles I do like the new tier choices. Random battles at higher tiers are becoming unplayable due to non stop double cv and sometimes triple sub matches. After one or two of those I generally log out for the day and I haven’t spent money on the game since they introduced the t11s and forced t9s to “fight” them. Perhaps War Gambling is learning, perhaps not. They have to fix randoms for me to have any hope the game has a future.

  14. Good video. WG has been more responsive lately as they added airstrike depth charge to Kearsarge and the ijn T6 hybrid BB , now you can fight off subs more.

  15. kingofcastlechaos

    This should destroy what little efficiency most clans have when figuring out who is going to take what ship into battle. Not to mention the poor mercenary when they are asked to helm a specific ship. So excited for this new friggin challenge!

  16. The fact that Borodino might actually be a good pick in clan battles this season makes me happy, I love that ship – it’s underated and underplayed.

  17. Russell Bousfield

    Limiting ships is a GREAT indicator of the need for balance

  18. appreciate your coverage of the game!

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