World of Warships – Have you EVER seen this many hits?

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I have never done or seen for myself someone do THIS MANY HITS before. I remember back in the day, always hoping to get it but never really got there. Even with biggest dakkas in the game it was unreachable but not anymore I guess.
THIS is what WG has prepared for us.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. The Tank Commander

    Flambass I’d hate to break it to you, but I rewound the video, and it was indeed the Des Moines. Sorry man. -The Tank Commander

  2. World of Warships fun-fact:

    Did you know?

    All DD players in WOWs leave in same “state”, and its named “constant fear”.

  3. Comrade captain, which vessel shall we focus on?

    *Smolensk chad: Yes*

  4. I’m telling you – it’s not Azuma, it was Des Moines bullet… 😀 😀 😀

  5. So you know – “Molotov Cocktail” is a Finnish dish, not Russian. During the Soviet attack on Finland, the Soviets claimed to the international Press that no, those weren’t bombs they were dropping on the Finns, it was loaves of bread to help feed the starving masses who weren’t living in the beneficent communist paradise – yet. The Finns, who (like the Germans) didn’t have any AP guns that could deal with Russian tanks, concocted gasoline bombs that were very effective at the close quarters they usually fought-at; they sarcastically remarked they were “Molotov cocktails” to wash-down the bread the Soviets were dropping to them.

  6. That was a Des Moines volley….

  7. cccooooooolllllllll

    3:25 this was the des moines , sry flambass :/

  8. World of Warships Magna

    *This is a good fight. As for fires, it is not surprising that the Soviet ships have always been good at putting fires, it is worth even recalling Chapaev. When I record a videos myself, I easily fill 100 K on Soviet
    technique even in very bad battles))*

  9. “Shashlik” Russian BBQ involving also a lot of vodka.

  10. Loving this on the X1. So much fun. Cant wait for more content to be released! I love your vids as they’re teaching me better tactics that I try to apply lol

  11. Jingles’s sowiet captain version be like: “We need more DAKA Komrad’, or no vodka tonight”

  12. andreas pedersen

    In a near future a Jingles Commander in his Conqueror says:
    “I need some more dakka-dakka!”
    The Kutsnetzov Commander in the Smolensk replies:
    “Hold my vodka comrade” 😉

  13. ‘i don’ t want to be on the blue line ‘ he says after 2 mins of border humping… Should be damage imposed for being there like the halloween mode on yesterdays vid.

  14. Just OldSchoolFrankie

    Oh joy, another well balanced russian ship! I am looking forward to it comrade..

  15. I haven’t really been a fan of the Russian CAs but this ship looks awesome

  16. I see, another totally balanced russian ship..

  17. Ah seeing you smack into the blue line so many times triggered me

  18. Can’t wait till I div up with 2 other people with this ship. And perma smoke LMFAO

  19. After firing all that ammo, the weight difference should give you a speed boost, surely for realism and balans

  20. Wow, Flambass team completely failed to support their DD!
    It went so far as to ask for help, ping the map, and type in chat.
    I guess DD lives don’t matter after all…

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