World of Warships – Haven 0.6.2 Preview

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I take a look at the new Haven map in both standard and domination. First game is in the where we try to make use of the islands to create some torpedo lanes. Second game is in the where I try to engage enemies who show a little too much side. Hope you enjoy the games and have a wonderful day!

Tier V Nicholas Replay
Tier V Konig Replay


  1. And bbs usually have ap loaded and dds pop in and out of vision all the time. It is not worth the 30 sec reload to load he when the dd will smoke up and disappear.

  2. Got a little greedy when that Pens showed up and it cost ya. It happens. I’d have done the exact same thing. those juicy american citadels are hard to pass on.

  3. stop apologizing for being sick every video!

  4. 1:52 was pretty close

  5. i dont think you need to apologize for being sick 😀

  6. You can say whatever you want but the T-22 is by far the best tugboat in the game.

  7. Αρης Γαβριελατος

    I mostly play US DDs and i think this is going to be my new fave map i think

  8. you should make a video:
    When to use HE when in a BB

  9. Hey Notser, I was the guy who got you killed in the Gneisenau. I wanted to thank you in the end for your compliments but sadly the match ended before I could hit enter lol. Again it was so amazing to play against you and especially that you highlighted that match, just wow 😀 Greetings from Hungary!

  10. Seems a better map than the last set they put out.

  11. I love the new map. Tried it quite a bit. There are actually 3 different layouts for domination I believe with one that’s just a straight pattern from A to D and one diamond shaped pattern IIRC. Plus standard of course. FInally a high tier map that’s not an open campfest garbage with Everest-sized mountains. Hopefully WG seees that and fixes more of them and obliterates the Okinawas and Mountain Ranges and Islands of Ice of this world…

  12. Wow this map will be “Haven” (pardon the pun), for Atalanta and Belfast owners.

  13. did you queef at 6:58?

  14. Everytime I zoom into an beach island I keep hoping to find a lady in a bikini waving at me. 🙂

  15. I enjoy your videos :3

  16. Not a big fan of 4 cap zone on domination.

  17. thx for showing YouTube there is a new update bc I went to the mall with my mom

  18. I appreciate the super high res textures however if I play in 4k the UI becomes so tiny I cannot read anything… I cannot believe they didn’t resolve this already.

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