World of Warships: Hayate – Torpedo Reload Booster

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Hayate is still a WIP and can change. This match I used Torpedo Reload Booster and it performs better than I expected. I still don’t recommend using the skill.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese destroyer Hayate.


  1. First after aerroon of course

  2. FINALLY someone who knows how to use the torps properly

    Never mind. He doesn’t use the +5 kts skill. F

    • lol
      I’d lose RPF then, which I think is rather necessary due to the poor concealment of Hayate.

    • Aerroon I can recommend dropping the torpedo reload skill and get the +5 skill. Since every target will have struggle the dodge due to speed

    • @Blame KK Reduced range is a big no no, combined with losing RPF. If you think RPF isn’t worth it, then you don’t know how to use it properly.

  3. Radar neptune: I tip my hat to you. One legend to another.
    Aerroon with torp reload Hayate:*tips his hat*

  4. Technically, Aeroon, you pulled a “Tactical Notser”. Since he has copyrighted the move, you now owe him $7.50. ?

  5. stefanos perivolaris

    So yugumo with 2 set x5 torps reload

  6. People that shoot wide spread don’t know how to play DD. Ever see just 1 torpedo in a game that no enemy can fire 1 at a time? That was some dumb ass firing wide spread at 8 or 10k away. The torps spread so far halfway there you won’t even see more than one. There is never a good time to fire Wide spread. If they’re far…laughably stupid. If they’re close give them all the torps tight as well to capitalize on the damage. Wide spread is so weak you don’t usually even need to change speed or course to get that Torpedo Beat.

  7. 0:40 what about Mogador with 7.1km concealment?

  8. i love torp reload on the Kagaro and yugumo. ill most likely use the torp reload on the Hayate is well. ive never been a fan of smoke or used smoke to gun enemys down only to conceal my escape like on the shima, but ill rather torp reload.

  9. I love the speed boost you used in the beginning! 🙂

  10. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    This will probably be the first Japanese premium that isn’t a junk after the Kamikaze variants.
    -waiting for Yuro to expose the cons of this ship in his “How To”-

  11. I will never give up my smoke screen.

  12. So a meme consumable for a meme ship :3

  13. What I would like to know is what idiot thought there was a relationship between torp reload booster and having smoke? The two mechanics are totally different, dont have a single thing to do with one another and should not be setup as can only have one or the other. They have taken arcade to a whole new level of ignorant!

  14. アドミラルヒッパー

    need speed…

  15. That is more like it. I’d advise to overlap the sets more especially against sharp angling targets.

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