World of Warships – Hayate WiP – Seppuku Nao

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Hayate, T10 Japanese destroyer, desperately needs a concealment buff. Like BADLY needs a concealment buff.


  1. Quoting Yuro: “Wargaming is running out of napkin sketches and would take every opportunity to make copies of the same fake ship”

    • Although the Hayate is a completely new design that i have not seen in the game before, but ok.

    • I got a napkin sketch: The US halted construction of the Alaska cruisers and built a heavy ship optimized for shore fire support: The stretched Iowa hull (Montana) but with the 3×12″ turrets of the Alaska in the same triple-stack arrangement of an Atlanta. It’s a T9 or T10 BB with only 12″ guns… but *eighteen* of them, with a 20-second reload…

    • @John Evans play warship gunner 2 you will like that game alot I believe

    • @gothicalpha Too expensive, like $100 for a used copy, $155 new.

    • @John Evans download it . I use PSX emulator and then Downloaded it for free on my PC

  2. StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

    Hayate is a “what if” idea of some CC or who and not even a design of IJN ship designers… And this ship even bad for sneak torping and bad for gunboat… Meh…

  3. When’s a live stream?

  4. no argument here. skilled players can make it work but emphasis on “skilled”. I have a feeling the I will have to run TRB and RPF to make it work, but she needs something…And even Zoup isn’t totally thrilled with her.. needs either more speed, OR better concealment OR better torps (ie faster or less easily spotted or faster reload) any one of the three will make he far more viable but at the moment she looks to really kind of suck over all.

  5. Is this a yugumo pretending to be both its T10 sisters?
    Who thought of that idea..

  6. A small concealment buff might be nice, but it seems to me like she needs a torp reload buff (150 sec seems ridiculously high), and possibly an enhancement to her guns (maybe give them the 1/5th penetration fraction thing).

    Regardless, the Hayate is a hybrid, but with those IJN 127’s, she should be better in longer ranged gun fights, say 8-9 km, rather than up close where DDs with more floaty shells have flatter arcs.

  7. It is in the same level as the Thunderer….crap that nobody needs, with no purpose. I think Wargaming has no new ideas for unique ships.

  8. As usual, ijn premium will alway be weaker

  9. with harugumo having just 0.1km longer detection, i rather play my harugumo than this ship (until WG buffs it)

  10. I committe SUDUKO about this

  11. I was really looking forward to this one. I haven’t spent a cent on this game since the cv rework… apparently it’s gonna stay that way.

  12. It would seem to me Hayate is a weaker Gearing

  13. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    seppuku? i thought it’s sudoku… 😉

  14. Hey iChase, I’ve been wondering, why did you choose a penguin to “represent” your channel?

    • He was a club penguin pro back in the day

    • Hurricane Gaming the story goes like this: once upon a time in the old “islands of ice” map (way back in beta) there was an area full of small islands where dds fight, and iChase would always run into them. On stream, he would jokingly say he’s just visiting penguins on those islands. The meme stuck and that’s how the penguin thing started. iChase can confirm this story if he sees this comment.

  15. Could have been an interesting ship. Concealment down to 5.9 with full build and slightly quicker rudder and she might be fine.

  16. is this another “pretend” ship?

  17. WG: Releases new test ship that doesn’t top the charts at everything

    Community: Worthless ship, piece of garbage, X ship is better, needs buffs before it’s usable!

    WG: Buffs new ship

    Community: Power creep! Reeeeee!

  18. Meanwhile US gets the Somers which is basically an US Sheamakazing and that one’s looking incredibly potent. Too potent, really.

    Not that we don’t already know that WG is still sore about the russian loss at Tsushima in 1905. Just look at the relative performance between russian ships that partook in that battle (Oleg, Aurora (and by extension her Pallada class sisters during the events of the Russo-Japanese War) and the regular techtree Bogatyr class) and the one japanese representative (Mikasa).

  19. Is it going to be a premium? A resources ship or main tree?

    Also, I’d increase the concealment and add a torpedo booster, so you can get a couple of salvos away every so often. It’s that or boost the reload by 30 seconds

  20. PickelJars ForHillary

    So it’s a Tier 10 Harekaze 4-10 but actually worse.
    Most dishonorabru!!!!

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