World of Warships: Hayate [WIP]

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Hayate is the upcoming IJN DD. She’s a mix between Shimakaze and Harugumo that I don’t quite like as much as I like Shima and Harugumo separately.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese destroyer Hayate.
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  1. “negative downsides”, are there any other kind? 😀

  2. Hey Aerroon, could you please share with us some mogador gameplay with your build? Thanks, and great video

    A Frenchman who really enjoys your content

  3. Who’s idea was it to design those massive gun-houses of those 127 mm twin turrets.
    No joke those turrets are nearly as big as Mogami’s triple 155 mm turrets.

    • You bring up a good point. I completely forgot to rip on her 6mm turret armor. Even destroyer AP can overmatch that!

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Probably the same guy who thought building the biggest BBs ever was a better idea than building more CVs although he saw how effective CVs were.

  4. As much as people accuse this ship as being a “gunboat”, it is clear that a bulk of the damage still will come from torpedoes (concealment buff, hint hint). Another note: The reload on the torpedoes is not worse than Shima, they are identical.

    A very good game I have to say. Far better than I managed to do so far.

    • @Strefs no that was good info thanks. The play style seemed similar to a gearing, but a weaker version. It can’t compare to the harugumo imo. It can’t be as aggressive as the gearing because of the turret lay out but like the yugumo/ shima, retreating from a cap you can bring 2/3 guns to bear.

      Thanks again

    • @Kevin Hunter Don’t know why everyone seems to forget that the best daka was, is and will be the Kitakaze, it’s far better than the Haragumo. She have better stealth, better profile and much easy to handle at that at the cost of almost 20% DPM less and that is questionable as if you add the stealth+the profile and the handling you can come on par whit that DPM and even do better.

    • @Kevin Hunter BTW as I do agree whit Aerroon that Hayate is worse daka ship I CAN’T agree that she is A daka ship. I mean, from what I see here in this vid, she is a torpedo DD whit the option to defend OR assist in contesting caps whit guns but not a solo daka warrior. If you prefer the daka gunboat gameplay I would advise you to go for the Kitakaze or the UK DD line.

    • @dominges or even the french dd line now. I forgot about the uk dds. It doesn’t surprise me that the kit is arguably better than the haru. Imo yugumo and fletcher are better than shima and gearing.

    • @dominges That’s actually an excellent point. Hayate is a much better comparison to Kitakaze.

  5. Z46 looks be better so far

  6. If it gets Gearing concealment I would take this one over the Shima and build it a torp boat. I think its a decent torp boat with self defense. Especially with torp booster.

    • But her concealment and maneuverability aren’t good enough for that imo.

    • @Aerroon Yea its GG if you get jumped by a Khaba or Harugumo but its the fun factor that excites me. If I want to try hard I’d go for a Z52 Gearing Daring instead.

  7. You got to take torp booster imo, otherwise its just a worse Gearing. This thing has better than z52 fire power and with 20 torps in the water? I am going to buy the shit out of this thing.

    • Yeah, but there’s a 4 minute cooldown on those “20 torps” due to the cooldown of reload booster. But I’ll definitely try her with torps. Maybe it’ll work out better.

  8. Maciej Naumienko

    you should play it with booster as its clearly designed for that

  9. Hi Aerroon, you’re the expert here but I disagree with the comparison you made. From what I’ve seen here, Hayate seems more like a Japanese take on the old Grozovoi (when it did not have heal), and if it has anything in common with Harugumo, it’s that both are Japanese DDs, and that’s it. As for the build, I’d go for guns and leave torps as a powerful yet situational surprise asset.

  10. Nice review
    Just wondering WHAT THE FOK??? Your shima was upto!?

  11. How does it compare to a gearing or z52? It seems closer to a gearing but with longer torp reload and a detection of a z52

    • Well, she has about 10% less DPM compared to a Gearing. She also has worse maneuverability and no DFAA. And worse concealment. And worse torp detection. And worse torp reload.
      She does have faster torps by 1 kts and her torps deal a lot more damage (23.7k vs 17.9k).

    • @Aerroon thanks for the reply. I knew the detection was worse and the torps would be ijn. I figured the ship was closer to a gearing than a haragumo.

      Sounds like the gearing is more reliable than this one

  12. I just hope this interesting ship will not end up as a NTC-reward.

    • While I don’t know anything about what this would be released for, I wouldn’t be completely sure about that.

  13. So Hayate is a true IJn hybrid DD like the germans and US lines so basically go with a build like u would for Fletcher/Gearing and u could end up with a strong “jack of all trades” DD with the sun on her flag.

  14. I think you forget.. she is a good torp boat that can hold her own in a gun fight.. Not taken her out yet (testing the other ships) but looking forward to trying her

  15. Hayato….

  16. Maybe Hayate is supposed to be more of an all-rounder than Shima or Harugumo except it has really bad torp reload and concealment.

  17. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    This ship will either get nerfed or be available for steel only.

    *What is this Shimakaze you speak of?*

  18. She does look like a ship for a particular individual taste.

  19. Fancy a Bev Mate?

    I agree with your friend, for example my grozenvoi with the legendary mod (pure gun boat build) doesn’t work for me my damage and WR fell through the floor with that setup and so the hybrid leave guns standard and focus on the torp build. This will be the same. Ps because people think I would have dropped torps I never do and hold onto them 😉 then drop 😉 Cheers

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