World of Warships: HE Deals No Damage (for low caliber guns)

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After patch World of Warships ammo on low caliber guns has been messed up. High explosive dealt with something like the Mogami’s 155mm guns or the Cleveland’s 152mm guns deal very little damage to armored targets like battleships. AP deals essentially the same amount, if more, to them at the current moment.


  1. WTF! That endplate – it does speak volumes…. I can’t recall ANY SHIP,
    ever that I have played, where I have landed 140 or more HE shells with
    ONLY 26k!

    Hell my best match in my Yubari, I will have to check the screen shots I
    took, but IIRC, it took me about 150 HE hits to score over 70k direct
    damage, and another over 30k in fire!

  2. Maybe it’s time to trade those 155mm pea shooters in for some 203mm 8
    inches of high explosive and armor penetrating love!

    I always DID feel like low Caliber HE was too powerful compared to 203mm
    and larger HE – I mean it USED to do almost the same damage per shell.
    Personally, I feel like this COULD be a step in the right direction…

    You DO know that Low tier Cruisers and indeed, ANY cruiser with low caliber
    high RoF pop guns were HEAVILY out-performing the 8 inch guns of true,
    HEAVY Cruisers!

    And if you follow naval warfare – there is a VERY GOOD REASON THAT ALL

    The Mogami, while DESIGNED with those 155mm guns, was considered UNDER
    PERFORMING – UNTIL they mounted the 203mm guns! The IJN only used to 155s
    to try to skirt a naval treaty, but in action – they weren’t as desirable
    as the 203mm guns, which would explain why the Mogami was not only built to
    fit those dual gun 203mm turrets, but after something like 6 months, all of
    the Mogami class cruisers were sent home to be retrofit with the 203mm

  3. Entire damage model seems to be fucked up by recent “bugfixes”. No rollback
    is planned and further changes should be coming in few days. That said im
    not sure if its bad thing that BBs dont get massive HE damage from small
    cruiser guns…

  4. Could it be linked to the AP correction/bug that WG officially explained
    yesterday ?
    For now, I get both issues : Atlanta seems broken with HE. Amagi AP can’t
    give massive damages anymore.
    Near all the sessions I played last 20 minutes. Around half of the ships
    were still alive..

    Anyone noticed the same thing with his ships ?

  5. Good.. HE shouldnt just be free damage. And cruisers shouldnt just get
    rewarded for spamming it. Also… why does the Mogami even have 155s? That
    HE spam is real.

  6. welcome to the world of german cruisers! ;)

  7. Check out the atago. It’s guns now are completely wrecking regular ships
    with taking far less damage than before.
    Do a test for us on premium ships vs regular. I think WG is making this a
    money/win game like WOT. Premium ships doing fantastic damage and regular
    ones doing far less. I noticed from your Polish DD vid that it was doing
    amazing compared to non premium boats with even larger guns. Then I noticed
    it with other premium ships too, those prems doing awesome damage and my
    regular doing very little.
    This, I think is WG’s endrun around the win buying element like WOT.
    So now we will have to buy premium ships to compete. Free to play, not free
    to win.

  8. why you heff to be mad? Jk man this is bullshit, I’ve had the same problem
    with my zao.

  9. Well thats fucked up. Wargaming needs to look at these issues like asap.

  10. It could be a unintended effect from boosting the German Cruisers AP.
    Strangely though, 203 mm is still fine or even dealing more damage with AP
    to a battleship (8k AP to Nagato’s belt wtf?)

  11. Today I played a round in Cleveland and got 170 hits only HE over 150k DMg
    and 6 ships destroyed. I was shooting into many dd’s and killed New York
    from full hp to 0. Also killed 2 Cv’s using HE only, I’ve got many
    citadels, good dmg and many fires. In my opnion everything is fine, but I
    don’t have Mogami so can’t judge.

  12. the only time you did damage is when you destroyed a module.. hmm

  13. This patch has been a mess. I have only hit citadels with BBs from plunging
    fire 14+ km out, which encourages sniping as not to get out DPMed by
    cruisers. I’ve also seen weird disperion under 10km that causes waterline
    shots at moving and beached targets to land short. The cruiser AP thing
    seems like a joke. I’ve had consistent 4k and 3k volleys against
    battleships from my Cleveland and Atlanta and received only overpens in
    return, while broadside! I just unlocked my Hotel and don’t want to take
    her out until this gets resolved – really disheartening.

  14. always the mogami get the nerfs…, i must say that i think the cleveland
    needs a nerf, but this is way to much

    the only thing thats confused me is that i did yesterday two 7k+ HE volley
    hits on a NC and a amagi in my mogami, and today my NC got a cita from NM
    HE at 1km range and took 3 fires by the same shot…wtf

    looks like HE is now bigger RNG as wot arty xD

  15. AP got screwed over too.

    My speculation is that it doesn’t just depend on the angle the ship gets
    hit, it also depends on the angle YOU fire and hence the angle of the

    Basically if you are angled such that the shells won’t penetrate properly
    when you fire, and the enemy maintains that angle, the shells will bounce.

    And it really, really sucks because it really pisses me off that six 41cm
    thick shells can bounce on a freaking cruiser at the exact citadel spot
    dealing NO damage

  16. i got same results in the mogami before the patch.its really weird because
    cruisers and T7 BBs are no problem at all for the HE

  17. I disagree 100% with this video, I had a game with 90k damage in my Mogami
    yesterday firing only HE with 2 battleship kills (a colorado and a

  18. Not just the Mogami, This was happening to me in the Cleveland last night.
    AP for BBs is having issues as well. WG is being consistent at least. They
    always break something.

  19. HE has totally bad mechanics prior or current patch

    127mm HE hitting waterline of bow on yamato causing fire over curvature of
    hull several meters away. That HE did 0 dmg what is completely fine
    considering placement of shell, but the fucking fire?

  20. I found this happening even before 0.5.1 in my Mogami, very frustrating
    against high tier BBs.

  21. And WG mess up with BBs AP as well, now AP shell seem to have so much
    power, they overpen anything, i shot a Clemson showing me full broadside
    with my New Mexico, 8 shells hit and it did like 2000 dame ~.~!

  22. One thing we know is that HE has never done damage if it hits directly on
    an armored part. Clearly, when they messed around with the armor mechanics,
    they also changed how much armor is needed to be counted as armored enough
    to withstand a certain caliber of HE shell to the point that high tier
    battleships’ “unarmored” parts also qualify. The game pins so much of its
    mechanics on shell diameter, so I’m not too surprised to see 152’s and
    203’s being influenced differently.

    For AP, the change seems to have gone the other way: your penetration now
    feels greater. *Too* great for battleships when shooting a broadside
    cruiser, but better vs a tank like the New Mexico or Lolorado, and you are
    now more easily able to citadel a cruiser if it angles towards you. If your
    shells don’t just straddle, that is.

  23. They fucked with ap too. I was in my myoko firing at an Omaha with ap at
    3.5km hitting that magical omaha “bye bye” spot and no citadels. 8 hits and
    2000 damage. Follow up shots were the same. I had many other examples too.
    I think they messed up the game code inadvertently somehow.

  24. so no HE sperming cruisers anymore ? yay
    and now fix AP

  25. Ive experienced this EXACT problem in Ibuki where a 9 hit volley did 545
    damage, or even zero. And those are even 203’s :/ Sometimes the entire game
    it was nearly impossible to do good damage, regardless of shell-type fired.

    And this was BEFORE WoWS was in 0.5.1.

  26. yea i have this problem with my mogami too when fighting high tier bbs and
    i see that 853 dmg a lot

  27. Seems to be a real problem. WoW need to debug it…

  28. Well the irony is that there are complaints that spamming 6″ shells at what
    would have been the most modern, heavily armed battleship ever built by the
    USN didn’t do a ton of damage and set it on fire.
    Well, d’uh, that’s exactly how it should be.
    Yeah, I know it’s a game, but watching BBs melt under light calibre HE
    rounds pisses me off no end as it’s so absurd. Hell, why didn’t the Brits
    send a bunch of CLs after the Bismarck instead of the crappy old Hood and
    Prince of Wales?
    Fire a load of 6″ shells at Yamato? It’d laugh at you, assuming it noticed.
    HE-spamming light calibre weapons are HUGELY overrated in this game.
    Anyway, it’s also screwed with AP rounds fired by BBs. I hit a Furrytaco
    about 10 times from broadside on with AP from New York and not one citadel.
    I had multiple battles in NY where I scored 30-40 hits with NO citadels.
    And BBs that can’t score citadels are in many respects gimped CAs.
    I didn’t realise WG was living up to the tradition of appallingly bad QA,
    but it would appear so. AP from BBs is such a RNG charlie-fox it’s hard to
    tell anyway.
    As for the Colobado, I suspect its armour is equally screwed in WG’s
    collision models because it (and some other USN BBs) take stupidly high
    levels of damage from HE.

  29. Hey Aeroon, first of all good job with the videos, keep it up. From my
    perspective of a BB player, i seem to have the same issues with HE taken as
    with the previous patches, but ive noticed a severe nerf in the penetration
    of AP shells (even battleship AP). I find difficult to even hit citadels on
    broadsided Atagos at 10-14 km with my NC so… idk wtf happened to all the
    shells in general, but WG messed it up :/

  30. That seems seriously bugged!

  31. Well bigger Problem is that they fucked Up ap as well

  32. They made He underpowered, Ap has too much penetration so they overpen
    I have heard hotfix for ap will be soon but i dont know about He fix

  33. And what exactly is not messed up in the new patch? Low dmg on low caliber
    HE guns is the smallest of problems.

  34. dude dont worry about others say what ever the fuck u want about the game.
    they prob aren’t as good as u

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