World of warships – He made me do it

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I swear I did NOT want to do this, he made me do it.


  1. 0:50 and the half minute later… 😀

  2. Hey Flambass, thank you for that game 😉 (I was the Bismarck)

  3. You Gave Hans The Speshuul Gearing and look what Happened

  4. Very nicely done.

  5. LOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!! world chat!!! XD XD XD
    such a brilliant plan of trying to lure the other team to wait for you on the other end while your team mates get the 2 side caps……………

  6. Only 16k income WTF

  7. Hey guys we’re coming down the middle….no, really, we are!

  8. lol just goes to show how many people check out the in game chat lol lol … nice one guys lol

  9. ??????????????

  10. What is the music that starts around 11 minutes, please?

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