World of Warships – Head Over Keels: Dangerous Mirage

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In this animated glimpse of history, pilots are put through a roller coaster of twists and turns. If you like what you see, be sure to let us know what you think of the video series in the comments below!

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  1. Viper Retaliation


  2. Wow this is a really good story that I didnt know about, Thank you!
    Although I wonder since this isn’t about America masterbating about
    themselves about how good they were in WWII, I wonder if this would cause
    some backlash? Cause you know, Murica.

  3. Hopefull there will be more of these

  4. Excellent short story telling. This would make for a great series. Do more.

  5. Love you guys at Wargaming, and your games! Please keep making such
    gorgeous videos and improving amazing wows.

  6. This is PhlyDaily in WarThunder

  7. very good clip

  8. love this new video hope u guys make it into a series

  9. amazing video
    amazing dev
    amazing game
    A SOLID 10/10

  10. Do anyone know about the BGM which start in 1:50 ??? lovin it so much but
    still cant find out the song’s name…

  11. Kirby Glenn Bacusmo

    Battle of Leyte Gulf plsss
    The Operation Ambush on Surigao Strait on Nishimura Fleet

  12. nice video keep it up

  13. This is an incredible idea. Would love to see more.

  14. You guys gotta do one for the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the craziest naval
    battle in history.

  15. Their Sacrifice will never be forgotten, Valhalla Honors the best.

  16. That must be a nightmare scenario for most carrier pilots – landing on the
    wrong ship.

  17. Pretty much a summary of Japan after Midway. 27 planes up, 6 come back.

  18. Love the comic animation, cool story

  19. I think I’ve heard this story before somewhere. It never fails to make me
    chuckle when the Japanese drop their ammo, then try to land on the Carrier
    they were supposed to destroy! XD

    Really though, can you imagine the sheer rage and frustration those guys
    must have been feeling? Or what the American CV crewmen thought as they
    began to realize that it wasn’t American planes that were trying to land?

  20. What was the name of the Japanese CV cause I’ve never heard of the IJN
    Birge or the Bridge cause what a weird name

  21. ace combat assault horizon ost. 😮 i love this. make more pls

  22. +World of Warships USA’s flag has only 48 stars not 50

  23. This is really good need more, and I gotta find out what that song is at @

  24. Loved this video! Make more please :D

  25. Definitely do more of these, please.

  26. Dude this was awesome, i liked it!!!, make some more of these WoWs!! later!

  27. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    such a hart worming story :)

  28. nice make more of these videos

  29. holly shit, that was fucking amazing :D

  30. They used an Essex class for the US Carrier the Carrier they landed on was

  31. I wonder, what were the two carriers?

  32. Please make this a regular series

  33. Omg more please I love this art style so much

  34. I just noticed they depicted the Japanese carriers to have their islands on
    the starboard side of the flight deck. Japanese carriers had their islands
    on the port side

  35. Ding dong ditch Imperial Japanese version

  36. The US flag only had 48 stars back then.

  37. nice Story

  38. Such a great story, never heard of it before. And some beautiful animations
    to back it up, well done!

  39. this is really cool! i hope they continue this series

  40. Interesting

  41. Is that true a Jap plane tried to land on a US carrier?

  42. Epich :v nice art wargaming, should you make own warcomics maybe ^-^)

  43. This owns, do more of these!

  44. Haifuri.

  45. I love it. More would be awesome !!

  46. nicely done! more of these!


    Amazing art

  48. Ignacio Rodriguez-Trelles

    Really cool story. Please make more of these.

  49. Wow. Amazing video WG ;)

  50. Malith Loki Melkor

    Nice story piece WG. What a great captain on the carrier.

  51. epic!!

  52. 50!!!!!

  53. 50!!!!!

  54. Pretty cool upload

  55. Interesting story.

  56. Japan biased

  57. Ricardo Lawrence (Killer595)

    I hope the tell more great real life stories that was awesome

  58. very honorable

  59. wow :0

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