World of Warships – Head Over Keels: Naval History (Re)Animated

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In Head Over Keels, we’re telling thrilling stories from naval history by making comic books come alive. Check out the first instalment!

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  1. Wow, this epic storytelling brought tears to my eyes… good job.

  2. Do anyone know about the BGM which start in 1:50 ???lovin it so much but
    still cant find out the song’s name…

  3. dudes thar was awesome!
    could you make an other one of these?

  4. Great music

  5. Brian S. clemente

    More please amazing video!

  6. Amazing video congrats to those who created it. I hope we will see more in
    the future

  7. THAT WAS AWESOME.You should start posting more guys.THanks to this video
    I’m downloading World of Warships.

  8. Fantastic video, hope to see more of these.

  9. Dimitris Xouiazis

    very good idea

  10. Would love to see some Tank history stuff like this… I mean I would NEVER
    EVER watch history videos, but this… Oh my god. Make more of these

  11. You need a tv show

  12. You must be doing a REALLY great Job here – noone tells you to Balance mM
    or make new ships instead xD

  13. Reaaly cool story.
    The art and animation are really great too.
    Hope to see more of this kind.

  14. Damn, for the pilots landing on U.S must of been a huge surprise. please do
    more of this animated comics. This is very educational.

  15. In the pacific Theare have more interesting history, please give us more

  16. I hope you will do more of these

  17. D’OH!
    -japanese pilot, probably

  18. Trafalgar D. Water Law

    gr8 banter m8

  19. I honestly do not care about what the Japanese did during the war. You have
    to give them the highest respect for their bravery and fortitude. They only
    resorted to extreme measures when they were backed into a corner. I’m sure
    the US would have done the same if pushed into a similar situation

  20. Really liked this WG, keep this up

  21. Very good, but the music is too loud. Turn it down and keep it up!

  22. gj WG. More please? :D

  23. ahahaha can you imagine that day , everyone tired and finally feeling
    relieved that they are going to rest when suddenly they go on high alert

  24. I’m really astonished by the idea and realisation of this short movie. The
    music and sound effects build tension superbly. And the part when they were
    reaching their own carrier gave me extensive chills. GJ Wargaming!

  25. yes yes, very interesting. nicely told and the comic idea is a good plan.
    but what happend? i guess those carriers werent far apart from eachother.
    the japanese must have gone out and try and find them. cool stuff, i want
    the rest of the story. and pls dont do a 30min tale in pieces of 2.5

  26. Great idea !! Carry on!!

  27. 김대환급항공모함

    that’s interesting…

  28. Michał Jankowski


  29. RollOut Maximilian Dragos

    wooooww cool stuff!! more! more!

  30. Cool. More of these!

  31. Was this only re-animated because of the IJN flag?

  32. had they just landed to US ship they all would have survived that night. i
    doubt they had any strength to fight back and US navy would had spared
    their lives should they surrender. though i know about Japanese pride so it
    could have gone bad as well…..

  33. Reminds me of the old Commando comics. :D

  34. awesome concept, awesome story

  35. Bär mitderlangenScher

    plz get jingles as your narrator

  36. At last something about real navy

  37. If I were one of the pilots, I would freak out and kamikazi the cv even I
    dropped everything lol

  38. Really nice concept and realisation

  39. Why didnt they drop their armanent when almost at their own carrier instead
    if ditching it as soon as you fly back. You never know what you might find
    when flying back.

  40. Ηλιας Καδδάς

    Do the same with tanks and keep up the good job!

  41. Just imagine he still would’ve had a bomb or a Torpedo when approaching the
    US Carrier….

  42. much better than history channel

  43. Wow this was amazing i want more of this

  44. c’est trop bien se type de vidéo *_*

  45. I love this!!!!!!!

  46. awesome concept ! loving it !

  47. This was really amazing!

  48. Great work,amazing art,thank you for this wargaming!

  49. Very cool, I’d love to see the story of Taffy 3 presented this way.

  50. Superb story! Keep up the good work WG!

  51. Number 2

  52. Gj Wargaming

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