World of Warships – Head Over Keels: The Navy’s Here!

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  1. Guys calm down. Seriously, the Germans WANTED to take Norway, and would
    want to find any excuse for an Invasion. So, if let’s say a Norwegian
    Destroyer shot a bullet near German Territory, they would still wage war.
    This was just the excuse.

  2. Pfeifedog GAMING

    Console release?

  3. ‘Them Swedes…’

    ‘They’re Norwegians, Mac.’

    -The Thing

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaannnddd….still waiting for the Royal Navy..

  5. That would be a great game Mode. Defend the Oil Tanker ;D

  6. Why do we have only two brittish ships 🙁 and they are both not the best, I
    was expecting HMS Belfast to be put in the game first

  7. Fightingshadows

    Was it worth it? Saving 300 men got Norway invaded, I think more then 300
    people died as a result of that.

  8. Retrospect is a bitch. I’m not laying any judgements down here, but were a
    couple hundred prisoners and an oil tanker really a worthy trade for a
    country’s neutrality?

  9. I love these! There should be an actual Word of Warships comic!

  10. Thunder And Guillon

    While watching this video I thought they were finally launching some ships
    of the Royal Navy, the biggest navy in the world at that time, but no.
    Still annoyed that they launched the fictive Russian ships before the

  11. This was incredibly well done!

  12. so the British violated international treaties to “rescue” some prisoners
    who would have likely been let go anyhow. tell me again how the Allies
    where oh so noble and kind.

  13. Stuart Frankland

    Churchill was First Lord of the Admiralty at the time of the Altmark
    incident, he did not become Prime Minister until 10 May 1940.

  14. Make more!

  15. Si the Brits got Norway involved into war, wow what a nice thing Churchill
    did back then. Hope you get out of the EU for your own people well being.

  16. the dark goblin

    sure when England destroys a country’s neutrality for military operations
    it all well and dandy but when germany did it in ww1 they declared war over

  17. christopher tucker

    awesome. more please!

  18. “The Navy’s here!” But there’s no Royal Navy in the game! Why would you
    upload a video about Royal Navy’s story and not spend more time on working
    on your Royal Navy in the game? Disappointed.

  19. See what pride can do.

  20. and yet we still don’t have British ships in the game that are not

  21. Do one about Taffy 3.

  22. Mathias Juul Dahl

    That is the only reason I don’t like the British, if just they didn’t break
    the laws

  23. Nightmare Duckie

    If you guys sold these comic books or posters of their pages in print
    without words I would buy them in an instant and hang them on my walls

  24. Leo R (Lobo 2001)

    Thx for the subs!!!!

  25. Isnt that a crime then ?

  26. but when will we be able to play these ships in the game? asap I hope


  28. Interesting story about the Royal Navy. Pity we CAN’T PLAY IT YET.

    Also more proof that Winston Churchill was a badass who got shit DONE.

  29. heavyweaponsguy45

    I would love to see more and more of these videos the short summary of
    historical story’s are amazing keep up the great work.

  30. And that is the only time we will see Royal Navy ships for another year.

  31. carloivanoide rodel

    wow, i love these,

  32. Good History lessons.

  33. So this explains Tracers catch phrase 😛 with a minor change of course

  34. I hate to ask it again and again but when will we have the missins to get
    Kirishima and Haguro on the EU servers?
    PS: love”Head Over Keels” :)

  35. nicely done. Good job to the team making this!

  36. i really lov this make it more please

  37. just watch battle of the plate.

  38. i watched this yesterday on there website

  39. PLEASE, make more this is so awsome!!!

  40. When the Altmark was boarded, Churchill was First Lord, not Prime Minister.

  41. Warner Moczulski

    RCN did similar boarding actions against U-Boats, and that’s typical
    politics well you did stop a ship from attacking my ship that you didn’t
    know about in neutral water so I’m gonna blitz you….

  42. I’ve been waiting for another head over keels video.

  43. I love these, but I wish they were a bit longer.

  44. Duc Viet Truong

    Before anyone said because of England Norway was invaded
    Do you really think Hitler would just let Norway to be neutral and would
    not make any “incident” to invade Norway?

  45. Graf Spee release confirmed!

  46. Make those Books and I will buy them.

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