World of Warships: Hector – Axial Laser Is Awesome!!

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Axial laser is awesome!! Imagine this in a regular match of World of Warships!

World of Warships footage of the Hector in Big Hunt.


  1. I want to have this in my regular World of Warships matches too!

  2. I struggled a lot with the laser weapons and prefer to play the Whirlwind. The mode overall can be good fun, but class balance can be a bit off.
    Nice video as always Aerroon!

    • @Aerroon Yeah it’s overall a quite relaxing mode to play, especially because for a change you just have to care for yourself if everything goes wrong. Class balance is just a minor annoyance when taking that into account.

    • @Aerroon Which ship do you think is the best in this gamemode?
      I’ve played a few games in the old ones, but I’ve really struggled against the new ships, with their really hard hitting weapons. It’s still fun tho, but advise would be great!😊

    • Arman Sagmanligil

      @Tobias Time imo, its easily the whirlwind. its got 4 torp racks and each time it levels up it can have its torps travel faster and faster til dodging is super hard

    • Sounds nice! Just got it, and I’ll try it out soon!😊

    • Hector is the only counter to all the annoying whirlwind roaming around with it’s wave and secondariee

  3. 3rd comment, I watch your content even though I have never played wows because u are so entertaining lol

  4. best use with this ship is the reload booster – 3 bursts in a very short time and a reasonable heal

    • I thought it would be the other way around. The 3 bursts seem kind of pointless, because the laser already does so much damage.

    • Александр Шугаев

      Reload booster is bad with that exact laser no only because its already 1-beam-kill for almost anything, but also because its doing nothing in 8 sec that laser firing.

  5. this front laser makes me think about the new druid dd will look like lol

  6. Александр Шугаев

    I consider that laser as the most overpowered weapon in that gamemode, ESPECIALLY if you use diving gear.
    Also I would not recommend hull with improved rudder shift for that weapon, it messes up with your aim too much.

  7. Guided lasar class comming to wows in next patch

  8. What’s weird is that this ‘mode’ would make an excellent space combat game.


  10. If only that laser was longer

  11. A whole new meaning to the phrase, “Light ’em up”

  12. Thanks for the Big Hunt vids I really did enjoy this mode but now there is nothing to play for since I maxed out all the ships and bought everything you can buy in the Armory, really not sure why WG didnt include credits to purchase for Battle Points like last time seems like a mistake IDK.

  13. I feel like this is a soft test for submerged torpedo tubes, maybe for a RN battlecruiser line??

  14. I love the axial laser too, but I use the blue hull, because it makes It easier to aim, since you have a longer rudder shift time than the one you have with the red hull.

  15. They really wanted your bitcoins before you could leave, thats why they refused you🤣
    Once i sniped an Avenger with like 4300 points he was low on life and tried to escape from the flyfires. I sniped him with the stock laser just before he could enter the portal and got his stuff, then got out

  16. The issue I have with this mode , it is now more pvp centered around the middle and aurora but, by the time you want to contest aurora, you’re usually at 2-3.5k points already and you’re risking more for a bit extra than the double points, I wish the point cap got buffed to at least 8k to justify going for aurora and stick around.

    edit: especially with aurora becoming tougher & giving more points every week it is like…. why? why bother ? it gives enough points to cap yourself out if you were afk all game.

  17. its soo op ik

  18. Josiah Ricafrente

    Took a page right out of Ace Combat and their TLS!

  19. haha secondary boost go brr

  20. Hi Aerroon wondering `my friend can you do a vid on the new captain skills like IFHE skill build for BBsl thankyou

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