World of Warships – HeHeee I spit fire on you honhonhon

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Needless say french have their own firestarter, and it spits alright.
Just count the fires.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Chili baguettes for everyone!

  2. Flambass getting blind fires while blindfiring.

  3. Dammit I thought this was a gameplay against the -HON- clan on NA?I’m that clan?

  4. jennifer stewarts

    aww, whens the last time you had fun and yolo’ed with a Derpski?

  5. Finally. I had wondered why you never play that ship when you loved it so much back when it was launched.

  6. flambass….change your nick to NAPALMbass

  7. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Spit in the non believers my brudas!! Flambass shows is the way!!

  8. TI’m surprised that the Montana was able to hit the water!

  9. SUMMER IS COMING (and it is a nice season for a barbecue party)

  10. why is everytime a french laughs on the internet he says “honhonhon” ? i never say honhonhon ….

  11. The new guy did well considering all the crap the enemy sent his way.
    I liked how Flambass changed focus to sink a Henry that was chasing his team mate.
    Well played gents!

  12. That was utterly disgusting. Truly utterly disgusting. I love it!

    If you haven’t, try out a fully built secondary fire spitting Lyon. I can guarantee you are going to make a lot of people salty! ?

  13. Wows : Pyromaniac Oprah Edition

    “You get a fire ! You get a fire ! You get a fire ! Everybody get a fiiiiiireeeeeee !!!!!!”

  14. 4M Potential dmg nice, they love you Flambass!

  15. what’s with the weird shell tracers from the Monty? looks like they hook right before splash down.

  16. How do u have a message appear when subbing with twitch prime?

  17. Only you can prevent forest fires. Nothing stops flambass from starting ship fires.

  18. I always pictured Fatso as an heavily accented, asthmatic pervert in his late fourtys, but he sounds nice

  19. Lol flamu lost a sub thanks to flambass’ play… check around 15:00 in chat.

  20. Who is this foul toxic Belgian clanmate you’re playing with?

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