World of Warships – Helena WiP – 15 FREEDOM ROUNDS…but situational

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The T7 USN CL spits out 15 glorious rounds, she can be incredibly fun to play, but also at times incredibly situational (and extremely unfun). Interesting ship, but not one I’m keen to be recommending as the moment.



  1. This question has propably been asked a thousand times but when is the update coming?

    • iChaseGaming ok thanks.

    • @iChaseGaming I think what @Codo_Baas was referring to is about the date of the patch, if possible

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      I think 31 will be 7.5 and 4-5 weeks later 7.6 🙂

    • Thank you howly… look-all-those-caps-Enterprise (sorry still don’t get how to tag someone here), tho I dunno if would be the 31, usually they announce the date on the website a couple days before the actual update, and as this moment there’s no such thing, but thank you 🙂

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      As they do, updates are come to Thursday (31) and info about the update is mostly on that week Tuesday or Wednesday, but today is Monday only, so let’s hope. We’ll see in the next 2 days if I’m right or wrong. 🙂
      The name is fine, I know it’s stupid I created the account many years ago and it looked a good idea but I’m just lazy to rename it and don’t even have an idea to a new name. xD

  2. Does anyone know why we still don’t have:
    -Repulse (1941)
    -Renown (1941,much better than Repulse)
    -Any Revenge class BB
    -Sovietski Soyuz (Projekt 23) BBs as premiums,could even be Tier VIII
    And Alaska Big cruisers/battlecruisers

    • Agincourt is either t5 or t6 material. Because Fuso.

    • PickelJars ForHillary

      If they release every ship ever made right now there is no incentive to grind out lines in the future.

    • or you do, but “nda” ?? 😛

    • There are two factors that would make HMS Agincourt; or Rio de Janeiro as she was named in Brazil, a challenge to play. First, she was very long to fit in seven center-line twin gun turrets which meant her turning circle was horrible, though I’ve read her rudder shift was considered very responsive for that time Second; and more importantly, she had a somewhat thin armor scheme except on her turrets. So she’d be something of a glass cannon. To get all 14 guns on target you would have to give broadside and you could be severely punished in return.

    • IS-2 As for Renown or Repulse, if they do a BC Tech Tree, I’d imagine Renown would be a fun but challenging tier 7 (she had torps and was the best shot in the Fleet), and Repulse in her 1941 layout would be an excellent tier 6. The problem is that both ships, even after modernization, only had 9 inches of belt armor. Kongo has 8 and we all know how easy she is to citadel.
      I’d guess this for a BC Line.
      3: Invincible
      4: Indefetagible
      5: Lion
      6: Tiger
      7: Renown
      8-10: paper, G-3 at 9

  3. StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

    No you are wrong. This is a St. Louis-class cruiser wich was developed from the Brooklyn class, BUT because St. Louis is the name of the Tier 3 US cruiser already they changed it to the 2nd St. Louis-class USS Helena.
    It’s just as Brooklyn class as the Akatsuki or Asashio OR Kagero? is a Fubuki class IJN DD.

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe Kagero is a class of it’s own, it’s not a Fubuki

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      Dude, this is what I said. Helena is 2nd ship of the
      St. Louis class and not a Brooklyn class.
      And I used IJN DDs as a similar example.

    • Yup, someone pointed it out. It was an error on my part. St. Louis class, improvements made upon the Brooklyns.

    • It’s not the same though because Akatsuki was the lead ship of a subclass of the Fubuki-class. So Akatsuki being on the tech tree still makes sense because she was the lead ship of her subclass.

      Helena, being a famous ship and not being a nameship, should be a premium. They should put the Boise on the tech tree under the Brooklyn-class.

      Tech tree is for nameships of classes/subclasses. The only real deviation from this is the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. But the class name there is contentious anyway, and they wanted to do the 6×14.96″ guns, so that meant Gneisenau had to be the tech tree ship.

      There’s no such restriction for the Brooklyn-class.

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      You realy don’t get it right?
      “Akatsuki was the lead ship of a subclass of the Fubuki-class” Yep that’s true.
      But Helena is a St Louis class ship wich is a subclass of the Brooklyn class.
      BUT the name St Louis is taken by the Tier 3 St Louis wich is an earlier cruiser class with the same name.
      If they put the Brooklyn class ingame the ship name would be Brooklyn but they not put that class but the subclass.
      It’s the same.

  4. Hope they don’t change the name, Helena sounds beautiful

    • I know Helena don’t have radar. I mean not a functioning one in game. But it has visually and it would be nice to see getting rid of it, for the reasons I stated. So I only meant a model upgrade mate 🙂

    • Helena had a radar and a good one. It was installed before Helena move to Solomons. During the Battle of the Cape Esperance Helena radar first picked approaching Japanese fleet.

    • She had, but not this one, which was installed on the St. Louis. These are the latest pics of her, where she was clearly visible and she not had that radar which is on her ingame.

    • Well she also only had 4 quadruple bofors mounts, all twin mounts were taken from St.Louis. Helena in game, just like every other regular ship is representative of the class and not a single ship. Helena in the game will be combination of both Helena and St.Louis for better balanced ship.

    • Yeah that’s right, that’s why I would loved to see it maybe as a premium. Well anyway gonna look forward to her!

  5. Someone has pointed out to me that the ship is part of the St. Louis class, so my apologies for the error. So if they do end up choosing names it’ll be Helena or St. Louis I guess. Hope they keep Helena as that is a much prettier name.

    Anyways, sorry about that, here’s a camo code 😀

    • iChaseGaming i hope they dont chane the name i love this ship and the name is perfect

    • iChaseGaming, you issue corrections more reliably than some news organizations. Thanks for putting in the extra effort.

    • I suspect they’ll keep the name Helena: having two ships named St Louis in game might be kinda confusing

    • The play style and close range damage fits it’s role at the second battle of Guadalcanal were it was within 6k yards of 2 IJN BB’s. If you haven’t read Neptune’s Inferno, it comes highly recommended.

    • That book is amazing! and yeah, Helena was the only ship to get out of that fight unscathed. because when 15x6in guns go blazing away at 10-12 shots a minute, “Like a great internal combustion engine with mistimed cylinders” (to quote Hornfischer)…that isn’t a cruiser anymore. that’s a ticked off, 10,000 ton machine gun. And more to the point, not even a fast BB wants to mess with that.

      there’s only one ship that Hiei didn’t really engage…three guesses which one it was

  6. So this is basically a 155 mogami but at tier 7 instead of tier 8 and with a smaller citadel and better AA? Am I missing something? Why is ichase complaining about it? Is it just the shell arcs?

    • I’m not complaining about the ship at all, did you actually watch the video? I said there are issues with the ship that make her very situational. If I had a choice between this one and Mogami, I’d take Mogami any day of the week

  7. The voice at 21:55 scared me

  8. Captain Griffin

    Your AP salvo against the Dirpitz did 2112 damage. A very Canadian number.

  9. Well, as someone who socialised on Atlanta and Cleveland, I can see the potential in these ships. You just have to get used to the arcs, and you can hit on 12-13km with the catapults ^^

    • Basically, it’s like an Atlanta but less squishy since her citadel is lower. Trading radar for better survivability and better arcs is pretty good.

    • Until you also realize that Atlanta can be closer to islands, while with these ships, you have to sit a bit further back, making you vulnerable to scout plane assisted return fire

    • As a des Moines main I’m thinking why complaining about those arcs with a des Moines you gotta do the same and btw, I can hit pretty easy with a dm 17 km on bbs (cruiser and dd just impossible).

  10. I don’t understand your problem with this ship. I agree that the USN CLs seem to be situational, but that’s not really a problem is it? Even if it is really difficult to “carry” in this ship, that isn’t a problem. I don’t see many carries in ships like the Myoko, Pensacola, Yorck, or Algérie.

    • Letheb I think it’s the problem of you depending on the map and the team protecting you that don’t happen 80% percent of the time in randoms? I think that’s it.

  11. good video, and the arc of USN ships, I’m gonna call it “lazy shell” like AP shell on Yorck… so lazy to get to the target, are there yet? are we there yet? : )

  12. I would like to see a fire mode toggle from plunging fire to direct fire. That is something all naval ships could do. You vary the amount of cordite behind the shell and increase the angle, you get plunging fire. You increase it and depress the barrels you get direct fire. This would give all DDs and CAs more versatility, and free the Americans from having to cuddle islands like a dakimakura.

    • Lukos0036 already in the game. Enjoy your scout plane.

    • No, I’m referring to the velocity and arc of the shells fired.

    • I like the idea. It could bring more depth to the game, always a good thing.

    • What? Make the game more complicated? WG will never gonna do this …
      Btw., I never heard of ships shooting with reduced propelling charge in battle? Where did you get this from?

    • It’s something naval gunnery has in common with artillery. You can vary the angle and charge behind shots to change the angle they approach on and the time they arrive. In the army they call it “time on target” and it allows them to put several shots in the air that will all reach their target at once. In the navy it’s just plunging fire and direct fire as far as I know. The former for beyond visual range, the latter for closer targets. You kind of see this with american ships in WoW if the target is less than 10km, the trajectory of your guns flatten out. But irl they would have done that further out than the range they allow for in game.

  13. This looks like no fun at all.

    I’m the kind of player that likes to be up front, leading the charge. If I have to start every game waiting for the rest of the team to move up just so I can get into cover, then I’ll have a nervous breakdown.

  14. iChase I’ve been to the Capital city of Montana and the people there pronounce it hel-EE’-nuh.

    • Actually, we pronounce it “Hel – uh- nuh.” Been here 50 years, and only heard tourists pronounce it otherwise.

  15. It sounds like the current US cruiser play style , hide / camp behind island , and short range (New Orleans/Baltimore is the same but they do have nice AP) and iChase doesn’t enjoy passive play style.

  16. You should do a “know your Ship” on the Brooklyn/St.Louis Class Cruisers. They saw lots of action and in the beginning of ww2 for the US Navy they had to hold the line against the Japanese and Germans. The Brooklyn/St.Louis hull was used to help design the Wichita, Cleveland, and Baltimore Classes.

    • “against the … Germans” – US cruisers against german surface ships? Where? When?

    • They never fought German surface ships, I never said they fought German surface ships, but they did fight Germans. USS Brooklyn, USS Savannah, and USS Philadelphia served entirely in the Atlantic and Mediterranean. All three ships took part in Operation Torch in 1942. The ships would take part in the Sicily, Italian, and southern France operations. USS Savannah would be hit a German Glide bomb off Salerno.

  17. Majestic Hotwings

    I’ve really never understood the argument of “shells are hard to land at range,” yeah don’t get me wrong- you ain’t hitting a smaller and maneuvering ship at range( ex. Kaba at like 13 km range). But honestly I wouldn’t be able to hit them at range anyways (unless I’m rolling in a Moskva) so it doesn’t bother me too much. on the other hand, because the Americans have some of the best DPM in the game (especially lower caliber and high tier ships) you can easily “walk the shells into the target” and once you got the lead right, you just have to track their movements to continue the onslaught. furthermore, I feel that Americans are the best defender cruisers in the game, especially if there are islands you can park behind. once they set up and it can be VERY difficult to push ’em off a cap once they are set up like that. you can completely shut down pushes if you are set up right, stuff like that wins games, even if it isn’t rewarded yet

  18. wanna learn to hit stuff before this ship line comes out atlanta memes is the best trainer

  19. For new players out there who are watching this video and reading comment section, the term “Situational” Chase mentioned pretty much sums up the entire US cruiser line; be it the Heavy cruiser or Light cruiser.
    And if you want to feel less frustration, try to make friends with your friendly DD.

  20. Slow, short gun range, mediocre Cruiser protection, slow floaty shells, mediocre AA, no utility like the Tier VIII-X USN CLs, mediocre concealment. Not a good package.

    The mediocre shell behavior is Cleveland style shells. The velocity, arcs are not a problem in short range, but once you get to 10km and trying to shoot at Non-BBs, then things start getting a lot more difficult. And with 14km max gun range… I don’t know about you guys, but for my Battleship, that’s easy range to hit.

    I look forward to this line releasing. I see much Citadels and Damage to farm off these USN CLs.

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