World of Warships – Help an Ensign – Strafing – Dominate the Skies

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This is a tutorial on how to strafe with your fighters. In the lower tiers of CV play, this will set you apart from your peers. It’s an absolute necessity when you get to the higher tiers.

Many don’t understand why their planes suddenly disappear. Some even think it’s hacking. Nope. That’s strafing.

Thanks for watching.


  1. Generally, this works extremely effectively only with the US CV fighters
    due to the numbers they have (6) but also the long width they fly in. IJN
    CV fighters can also do so but you need to really sneak behind and strafe
    from behind. That’s probably something to add in Zoup about how to best
    play IJN CVs as the US CVs are dominating the skies and I would like some
    perspective into how to do well into IJN CVs.

  2. Actually didn’t know about the friendly fire! Tnx 🙂
    – ClydeThaMonkey

  3. Very useful info for new players. I’ve never played beyond the Langley,
    but using this method I got 42 aircraft kills in my last battle before
    unlocking the Bogue. Found out the hard way that it also killed friendly

  4. Thanks zoup. I didn’t know this existed.

  5. sweet video

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