World of Warships: Henri – 1 on 3

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An actual in the Henri. Battleships? No problem!

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 French cruiser Henri IV.


  1. I hear Aerroon responds if you are early, like first…..

  2. His Magesty King George V

    I dont know what to comment.

  3. Hey guys, can I please ask a favor? I have a small channel with a few WoWs videos and more to come, can you please spare a few minutes and watch a video or two and help me out. I hope you enjoy what you see and I will see you on the high seas!

  4. I love your typing speed

  5. Does anyone remember those videos about a French cat named Henri?

  6. The One And Only Butt Duck

    Aerroon! I love your vids. you’re so real with how you feel and play and don’t put up a front. <3

  7. boristhebarbarian

    sepuku not sudoku (as in japanese ritual suicide)

  8. “RNGesus helps those in need” – pffffffff that joke made me laugh very hard xD

  9. fast as fuck boi

  10. In Soviet Mountain Range, France invade you.

  11. The Archaic Scroll

    What has higher pen, Moskva or the Henri?? Also, do you have any tips for someone trying to play the Schors and terrified of getting annihilated by enemy fire? The thing’s made of tissue paper and magnets.

  12. I love the look of the Henri a lot. The only thing that they could improve without making the ship completely OP is too buff the torps. Either give it 1 extra torp per side or increase the damage. If they did any of those they should decrease the range on them. But if they did that then ti would be a really good brawler to get up fighting BB’S. Also this might be a fun replay to send Jingles.

  13. Avacado_On_The_Wall

    Henri is quickly becoming the Minotaur… appeared to suck ass at first but is quickly becoming a seemingly good ship.

  14. “I spared some shells for this island, because screw this island in particular.” Got me.

  15. The Henri is very fast but is also a large target.

  16. Trần Tiến Thịnh

    anyone show me how to see only the ship when at port ???

  17. ur henri sounds so english xD

  18. Potato German BBs pro-sniping. Sigh.
    Seems a pretty capable ship, a long way from the test version that earned the nickname “hiv/aids”.

  19. …So it’s basically a plus sized khaba.

  20. nah games a pile of shit, worst thing i ever did was download this crap

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