World of Warships Henri in the Clutch

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What’s up everyone? Last week had me sidelined with a nasty stomach bug, so I was pretty much couch-ridden. I’m back though, and feeling better. Going to throw up here (no pun intended) a stream highlight from a round in the Henri in which we walked away with a clutch victory. Yes, I may have been a little inebriated. Gotta love how awesome the Henri is though.


  1. second

  2. Hey Zoup! I really like your videos. In fact, when I start playing WoWs, I learn the most from your tutorial vids. Now i have 2 t10 ships, and still watching and hope u will release more vids. Wish i the best man!

  3. Since you were sick Zoup, is this what you counted as your BA weekend? Ha lolz.

  4. Hey zoup, may i at least know your favorite zoup, if i can’t have some.

  5. What a save!

  6. Hey Zoup! You must live pretty close by since I live in Owings Mills haha. Maryland is a small state, literally and figuratively.

  7. There are only two kinds of French ships in WoWs; Bad ones and Boring ones.

  8. Guard or reserve, Zoup?

  9. Wow. Great game. Also would love to meet up next time you come to Schenectady. WoWs and Discord: PreacherDaveB

  10. Was a pleasure playing with (as well as against) you, Zoup. Good games, my friend.

  11. What a great comeback. I think about this game often….since I saw more of it than I played. 🙂

  12. The Gaming Python

    1,206th. Great game Zoop. Love games like that, although I need a while to calm down afterwards lol 🙂

  13. do you even expert loader ? 😀

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