World of Warships: Henri Is French

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Henri does Henri things does a lot of damage!

World of footage of the tier 10 French cruiser Henri IV.
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  1. maybe i should grind the legendary module.

  2. Charlie Houston

    could you do a vid on the dunkirque pls?

  3. Nice boat.

  4. I absolutely love my Henri and it is a ship I have most dmg con (~110k in 350 battles), however, I feel like it is too dependent on the team to provide spotting, especially if you have LM (which I do).
    Also, I recently swapped deff aa for hydro as there are a bit less cvs atm and occasionally rushing a dd or Mino in smoke is hilarious.
    I have to agree with you BIG TIME on the part where you said turret traverse is bad… its the worst… It really ruins the game as it can’t keep with turn even with EM.
    The other things which make this ship a hell to play are Hindi and Zao, both of which can eat Henri with their HE. Also it is quite difficult to farm Kremlin, most of the shells just ricochet even with IFHE.
    I found German BBs to be easiest to farm as most of their captains invested in secondaries rather than Fire Prevention… You just land fire after fire….
    To put things into perspective- I remember once, there was a 2 man GK div which tried to push the flank with me being on the other side… Didn’t end up well for them (cca 170k on them).

    • Currently I am enjoying my IFHE Yoshino? with 64mm of HE pen it can eat any BB..any with the blink of an eye?

  5. Thoughts on the proposed IFHE and armor changes?

  6. maybe you could record in normal speed.

    • But it is normal speed. I just speed up the start of the match, because nothing ever happens there, but I still want to show my spawn.

  7. Henry worst nightmare is the Republicque..and its railgun shell speed

  8. This match shows HIV only works if your team already is winning for you.

    • You haven’t even watched it, have you? Henri pretty much carries this game: 2 kills and 90k damage in the opening 5 minutes gets a win on the east flank, then the rest of the game is snowball + mopping up, where this Henri again plays a big role. So go watch the battle now, maybe you’ll learn something about Henri.

    • @Gebe But as usual he was only able to do so cause his mates kept enemies at range and tanked. Yes he had damage but is useless to brawl and actually win a match. So in ranked have fun with it in it team.

  9. Aertoon is OP.. ps WG nurf him..
    He is the master of T10 sealclub..?

  10. Aerroon you going to do that vid from ranked. You mentioned it after the match. You CV me Des Moines. We made the big come back. Nice vid btw

  11. Aritz Rodriguez Bilbao


  12. 3:30 “cus my concealment is pretty damn bad”
    No, it’s just because Cossack has the British smoke, it already dissipated by by then xD

  13. *charges in a french ship*
    Wait that’s illegal.

  14. I hate Henry IV

  15. When all guns aim rearwards from the beginning, then you are french.

  16. Aerroon was like YEET

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