World of Warships – Henri IV – La Grande Baguette

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Henri IV, check. Big open map, check. Damage farming…COMMENCE!


  1. Bas Van De Kreeke

    fuck youb guys are fast ?

  2. never really thought much of the Henri

  3. Wait that piece of shit map ocean is still a thing?

  4. Avacado_On_The_Wall

    I call it the HIV. Earlier I smacked one of these silly (devastriked) in my Iowa, so my division mate said I killed HIV.

  5. The Bogue LOL. Yeah that ship isn’t great. However, it’s full bomber only configuration is quite punchy for its tier.

    I think WG should do a april fools event by making a supercharged Bogue that can do 40 knots, have a tier 10 loadout of planes with two three plane bomber squadrons and one 3 plane jet fighter squadron. It would be designed specifically for scouting purposes.

  6. Thanks for posting today Chase, had a rough day today.

  7. This is why my only t10 CA is Des Moines. No point in getting the others.

  8. Holy crap that ship is fast

  9. I;m not going crazy this replay is sped up, right?

  10. Number of likes= Number of days I go without playing Wows

  11. WG should shut down Wows and do Naval Legends full time. I’ll sub for that!

  12. 13:57 hit the aft of the DM, citadelled?

  13. The Bouge is good, not very good, but it isnt bad.

  14. love ur videos thx for everything keep going

  15. I had a 3440 base xp DM game but can’t find the replay :V

  16. Why does the moskva has better penetrating guns than the henri ? I mean, th heanri has 240mm and the moskva only 220… so unfair 🙁

  17. AFAIK both Hindenburg and Moskva should not spam HE if played correctly.

    Hindenburg’s got decent stealth it can use to get into nice positions and Moskva can kind of lolpen stuff even if they are angled quite a bit.

    But I may very well be wrong, I dont have any of them yet so. Just what I’ve picked up. But ofc all T10 cruisers CAN be played the same. I just consider it an over simplification. If played well they should not share playstyles.

  18. never played this map looks cool for hindenburg

  19. Edward Kenway…. dat Assassins creed 4 reference

  20. How is Ichase going to do his drops now that you can only do auto drops now?

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