World of Warships – Henri IV Legendary

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Testing Legendary Henri IV, it increases gun range and rate of fire at a cost of detection. Game was pretty awesome and hope you enjoy it!

Tier X French Cruiser Henri IV Replay – Discord


  1. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Hon hon baguette and omelette du fromage increases

  2. Hi NOTSER. Love your content and agree with your views and attitudes on warships. I also agree that playing as a division makes it easier. I like watching this say once a week, but not as normal. I prefer to watch you battle it out by yourself. Maybe because I play alone. Also I find Fin to be totally different in attitude to you, he always blames someone when you lose and normally reports them for being a poor player. You don’t do that and that’s why I like what you do, trying to find a better way, compliment people ( who aren’t in your clan.) and having FUN. I really enjoyed the games you had with Adam and Michael, some were serious but I also had a real laugh, they were brilliant. Sorry for the rant…ALL the best.

    • I’m the yin to Notser’s yang. I also compliment players when they play well lol. Obviously there is a reason “report for playing poorly exists” otherwise why would WG put it in the game? Either way, I played like shit in that game and probably deserved a report myself lol.

    • Street-Logic SurXIII

      poor fin I feel bad on this remark lmao

    • Reports are there for a reason. Also watching someone play solo isn’t very fun to watch. The addition of a division creates a kind of comedic value and is much more entertaining. And he can report whoever he wants and complain as much as he wants.

    • Up to tier VIII I only compliment and give advice to players who doesn’t know what to do. But over that… Excuse me! Get better or hear the criticism! Play few tiers down, listen and watch the score holders, see some YouTube vids on a game (I recommend Notser. He is a good analytic and presents plenty of different ships and situations). There is absolutely no reason for the player without skill to play hi tier. It is expensive and complicated most of the time. Goofs that say ” I don’t need to win, I play for fun” obviously do not give a little rats ass about their team which (judging by the stats) suffers most of the time due to this kind of attitude! Why should I put up with that?! Of course there is no need to curse. But people DO get emotional. If Your team is having a lot of fun usually red team gets exactly opposite. This is only logical. And if You get “raped” due to someones complete incompetence or/and ignorance – than to “share Your knowledge of a proper scenario” of the situation in the battle can only improve other player’s experience and gives You a bit of a tension release. If the player accepts He could do better of course. I do. We all do mistakes. Notser, for example, chronically does not give enough lead on a long range shots and pulls up a notser beaching himself once in a while carried away with a heat of the battle. ( 😉 Notser ) THIS IS WHERE I SAY “IT’S JUST A GAME”! But every hi tier player needs to know his role and ship and look at the mini map to be aware of what is actually happening around him to be a part of the team and HAVE FUN WITH OTHERS. Do nothing but PEW-PEW and You become a burden for Your team. Sloppy hi tier actions or lack of any places discord between players and You WILL hear “comments” and nobody can change it but You!
      Please forgive my English if it sounds weird. I haven’t practiced in a while.
      I hope You all have fun and lots of exciting battles! 7 feet under Your keel Captns!

    • Street-Logic SurXIII

      lol I Agree 100% if you cant hold your own or you just wanna play for fun t9 t 10 isn’t for you its to expensive for that whole im just here for the fun im here for fun also AND WINNING IS A BLAST!! lool

  3. french cruisers are the most boring line in the game. at least there´s the retreat memes so that´s something

    • Lol, french’s cruisers boring? What do you expect by “boring”? Maybe you prefer camp and spam with an english cruiser or spam with HE on an american cruiser?

    • Anything but boring. Hard, complicated, disappointing for some. Never boring

    • Rahmandito Kurnia

      Hmmm, it’s depends on how player play it. Kitting enemies with 45kts for 4 mins and 8 enemies targeting you. its fun and intensive

    • The most boring cruisers are no doubt the Americans… no torpedoes, shitty ballistics and obligation to hide behind islands to become an absolute scumbag for the enemy team… I really prefer my French cruisers… show yourself and maneuver, tactical bait FTW.

  4. Henri IV is a great cruiser…its top speed of 45knts and make it a nightmare for enemy team….especially in clan battles it has done very well for me

    Love the vids Notser, keep up the good work!

  5. Didn’t knew you could citadel a BB at close range, still in tier 6 but I will keep this in mind:-)

  6. Notser, you’re not supposed to post games where I play poorly and reee at the team.

  7. i looked at that bismarck citadel on 0.25 3 times and cant see like a real position where you couldve citadelled him, oh World of warships. you so silly.

    • Nils Pelka looks like it punched through some barbette or turret armor, they are citadel zones too.

    • Street-Logic SurXIII

      I get the Turret bay cit but his arch didn’t seam right for it I thought it had to be a higher arch not straight on

    • If I were to guess, that one shell that hit near the cannon that made a big spark effect bounced off of the barbette down and to the right into the citadel, if that is a thing – would be interesting to have someone from wargaming see this and the replay and tell us how it happened, there might be a thing or two to learn about game mechanics out of it – someone suggest that to sub_octavian! xD
      I haven’t heard about hitting barbettes for citadel, usually what comes out of hitting that is incapacitating or destroying the turrets

    • Looks to me that the shell went straight through the barbette armour, but I suppose there is nothing stopping it ricocheting off through the deck plating. I don’t think there is anything super special that devs need to answer for. Shells are ballistic, they can ricochet and remember, barbettes are citadels too.

  8. Notser, how would you feel about an anti-air shot like the Yamato’s “Bee-Hive” shot as seen in the movies. High risk high reward.

  9. I just don’t get why WG thinks cruisers with worst concealment than BBs are fun or make sense… I prefer not being perma spotted because of my concealment *sigh* at least rudder mod let’s me dodge shots well enough to stay alive

    • Kameel Hutcherson

      Mohenjo Daro or why a ship as large as a conqueror has 11km concealment.

    • Oh you think that cruiser has it rough play Atlanta like 11.1 range and 11.0 detection when u got stealth Brit BBs with like 12.0 detection. Wish they would lower Atlanta’s concealment a bit.

    • I play the Atlanta, I know how bad it’s got it, but it’s a bit more relevant to bring up the issue with the Henri when the video is about the Henri 😉 WG really needs to redo concealment on a lot of ships… I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing concealment modules and captain skills being removed or integrated into ships by default

    • Yeah, would be nice to see concealment mod and captain skill removed and just redo the concealment sort of like when they integrated situational awareness into all the ships.

  10. that bismark cit is ridiculous lol

    • It’s just a magic shell. It pens, turns inside, go out, 360° degrees, pens again, go down, citadel. Fun & engaging 🙂

    • It’s possible that the conning tower counts as a citadel in WoWs. It’s not the first citadel i’ve seen that was hit when firing at the superstructure of a battleship.
      Edit: Nope, i tried it. doesn’t count.

    • Maybe it happened to go straight into a turret barbette(below deck)?

    • Already did multiple citadels on a Boradside Bismarck at 9 km with Henri, fire under the funnel… Ballistics just go through the upper hull and turtleback…

    • Lol good to know!

  11. Street-Logic SurXIII

    was the cit on bismark possibly a through the top deck down cit I know u can pull them on yamamato and some American BB’s maybe german also but the ark of ur shell didn’t fit that either im so confused

    • At certain angles you also can pen the forward or rear parts and go to the citadel under the turtleback angle. Already citadelled angled Kurrywursts with Henri…

  12. Street-Logic SurXIII

    So do you still think French cruiser line is usless due to the Russian DD being same thing yet better in every way lmao

  13. Kameel Hutcherson

    That barbette cit tho ?

  14. Henri IV :Be a sports ship my friend ?

  15. Street-Logic SurXIII

    Finaly seen it 1 shell broke apart from the rest and went in the barbettes daym near perfectly slipped in I slowed it down and followed the shell farthest to the left there were 2 shells above the miracle shell u see the explosion as soon as the mystery shell hits the turret not fathest back but one before I think is #3 turret

  16. Did it pen under the Caesar turret? One shot looked to disappear there.

  17. maximino morgado

    I really enjoyed watching you play with the Henri IV with the legendary module. Have a wonderful day @Notser

  18. Great game and nice tactics, Notser! This actually looks like a neat build so kudos to WG. 11:47 Brosef, that kind of stuff happens to everybody at times, so the universe isn’t conspiring against you. All too often, things just tend not to work, better than they work.

  19. I like the frequent uploads now that you’re moved in 🙂

  20. Nothing worse than having to hurriedly squeeze it off when trying to hit it.

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