World of Warships- Henri IV; Pushing a Flank (254k Damage)

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ElasticSpyder here with an amazing game in the Henri in which i push a flank and destroyer a few high tier battleships. The Henri is good at kiting but also pushing. Enjoy!!
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  1. I love the henri it is such a underappreciated cruiser I have hit over 150k damage easily in this ship it is such a good ship I love it

  2. christopher tucker

    Gd vid. I hate playing against the this ship as the armour layout has so much space it causes a lot of none pens for me

  3. Very solid ship indeed, maybe I will even give it a try in clan battles, although I consider it and the Minotaur a bit out of the meta. (In randoms though I prefer it over the Zao as a long range firestarter).

  4. Please mute discord for future vids

  5. On that bit about maybe someone saying you arent helping fuck them, as soon as i stopped listening to what people tell me to do in chat, and play to my ships strengths, I do so much better. People who talk about what you do, usually havent even played the ship they are talking about.

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