World of Warships | Henri IV – The NSGBF Game

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Henri. Teamup. Tuesday.
I’m not really back, but I’m lurking guys. Don’t forget me 🙁
Much love, see you all soon!


  1. first 🙂

  2. Welcome back mate!

  3. Awesome to see another video! Hoping for more to come 😉

  4. Is Henri IV worth it? Currently on Worcester, Harugumo, Gearing and kremil grind

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      It’s damage potential is huge but it’s gameplay is a bit boring (in my opinion) and a bit passive. It’s a fire support-second line cruiser that lacks the ability to influence the early game. But, since it’s fast it has the ability in middle-late game to be more dynamic (respond to flanks, relocate etc).

    • Long story short… Yes! It’s worth it!

    • I might consider it later then, when ive reached my current goals

  5. MiNi TiMe TheLostAngle

    should I upgrade IFHE ? the reason is i wanna be more cancer :3

  6. THAT THUMBNAIL THO! Henry with a Y? Ooof

  7. About that Colbert living so long. There is a video of a Colbert with acceleration mod using his speed and rudder to dodge close to 2 mil damage. Just very aware of his surroundings and enemy firing


    Nice Robin vid keep them coming <3

  9. Ah oui^^ Sympa et sale à la fois^^

  10. Man…..this one is too entertaining for sure
    Hope you can make more contents in the future

  11. So much fun just watching 🙂

  12. Hey Robin, it’s Sneaky Snake! Excellent as always 🙂

  13. Glad to see you’re dipping your toes back into youtube videos Robin. We all know you’re busy and live wows these days but still. Your videos are always a delight to watch.
    Have a good week!

  14. What the quack is your build on that ? D:
    range and no expert loader because i guess you have demo expert instead ? Mostly why range upgrade instead of more dakka ?

  15. just realized i ran into you in a game as the kitakaze and i was a neptune

  16. Oh.. its gonna rain.. Robin has finally uploaded a video???

  17. Forget you? How can we possibly do that. Always in our hearts mate! 🙂

  18. I wondered already where my favorite frenchman went this time again. Turns out he was sailing with one of his French ships and setting everything on fire! Good to see another video of yours. Don’t worry, we won’t forget you 😛 Nice game also. I like my Henri quite a lot myself, even though I usually suck a lot at cruisers, she is the one I can play rather decent.

  19. That was the most funniest and best games of yours Robin

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