World of Warships – Here’s Dave!

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And because I can’t pronounce his actual name, that means it’s the return of Vice Admiral DAVE, star of stage, screen and dockyard canteen!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Got here before 50 views… win win!!

  2. Is the intro supposed to have Ship Happens at the end, or should it change with the video title?

  3. the only thing that ruins the intro is the music imo. If you changed the music the intro would work

  4. Jasper van Soolingen

    I watched, liked and commented all at once for the first time. I want this old bastard in world of warships

    • Nicholas Williams

      i want my favorite owner of a salt mine in world of warships

    • If I recall correctly from last monday’s MwJ, they make a video, send it to WoWS per email and they upload it.

    • Jasper van Soolingen

      Alfadas fire so technically this video can still be on the wows official channel? All we have to do is send it to them?

    • No, the video has to be of the Challenge they have to do, while completing it and making “Captain Commentary” of it. At least thats how i understood it.

    • Alfadas fire – What happens, if I remember correctly, is that each Community Contributor is provided a challenge for the weekend. They must record themselves completing the challenge. They must then provide commentary as if they were the captain of the ship. After they have CREATED the video, the Community Contributor sends it in to World of Warships. The World of Warships admins then post the video to their official channel. It is when the video of the challenge has been posted, that fans can watch, comment, and like the video to give more points to Jingles.

      If I got any of this wrong, please correct me.

  5. Why why why does radar still go through islands, if so can I torpedo a ship from the other side of an island? Make it fair if radar go though islands, let ships counter that…

    • If you could not spot DD’s through islands, DD’s would be too strong. And i’m saying this as a DD main. You have to play differently with the current meta, but its not the first time this happens. Rushing caps at the start of the game don’t work anymore. I know you did not question the logic behind that indeed, but you should. If you know how to counter radar, why would you ask for a radar nerf then? And radar is not the problem. The problem is that WG puts it on everything they can’t balance lately. Easy fix for under performing ships.

    • jeova0sanctus0unus

      What do you mean WG cant balance lately? They could never balance.

    • Because its a major pain in the ass to program a radar that has to look for high poly terrain after it detects your ship in order for you to hide behind islands. not to mention how much possessing power it takes up.

    • Devin Aschenbrenner

      Paul Plus yeah Torp planes are bullshit sometimes, i mean don’t get me wrong in the hands of a good cv captain they are a nightmare, but can launch torps outside of the map, fly through mountains-and launch while in them. Come one war- gaming hard is it to put up a invisible wall?

    • Beauden Yetter well isnt it the same with light? And most games have “correct” lightning nowadays, so imho kind of a bad argument^^
      Imho the Problem with Radar isn’t straight detection. The problem is you kind of need to stay further away, then launch torps wich spread more over distance to get them shown to the enemy by planes and/or hydros.
      Kind of ironic i get 6.4 con on my akatsuki while everyone and there mother can outspot you with Tools. Dont get me wrong im not complaining (still have a 67% WR with it) but sometimes it kind of annoys me somewhat :-/

  6. Lauri Törni eat your heart out. Forget being a soldier of three armies, by my count Dave has been a soldier of at least seven.

  7. Grungar von Drachen

    Jingles, Tee Gee senior, unpronounceable? Really?!?

  8. Jemarc Quash Boxhill

    Ello elooo Your highness Salt Lord
    We have expanded salt mining to my home territory
    🇹🇹 Trinidad salt mine faction

  9. At 13:50 the Akizuki got hard spotted by the Cleveland, so to him in his UI it looked like Sonar just went off because the spottted icons changed. So he probabaly thought that he could get 1-2 volley of torps off and retreat. Sure, he was spotted but his torps would not have been for a couple more seconds. (Or so he thought)

    • afaik radar/sonar icon has precedence over other spoting methods … or at least that’s what WG claimed in one of the older patch notes …

    • Lubos Soltes, you happen to know wrong. Hard detection icon (exclamation mark) overrides all other markers.

    • Pretty sure sonar/radar detection displays the same icon as well, so he may have assumed the Cleveland was radaring him and the torps would be sneakier. That said, IJN torpedoes are visible from Jupiter, so…

    • even if it took time for the torps to be spotted they still wouldn’t have been a surprise. there is no other reason for a dd to poke around a corner

    • agreed…a lot of people don’t realize that if you can be spotted by sonar and see the Sonar/radar icon THEN get hard spotted …at which time you will see the Sonar icon change to the ship spotted icon. Many take this to believe the Sonar or Radar has expired and now they’re just hard spotted only. Personally I think that you should get multiple icons if there are multiple ways you’re beeing spotted. It would be great to know that you’re plane spotted and hard spotted or Radar’ed as well as hard spotted. Seems like an easy fix to allow the multiple spotting icons to appear at once.

  10. When was the last time Dave made a apperance here?

  11. Working togeather = Cheating! Making a plan = Cheating! Luckily there isn’t much of either in WoWS.

    • few days ago I played with my Kutuzov and I at the last breath pulled out a salvo of AP againts broadside Chapayev at range aprox 11km away from me, multiple citadel hits and he got sunk… he accused and reported me for cheating….

    • Is there a mod for this “working together” thing ? Maybe something similar to the “look at the map” mod in World of Tanks ?

    • I’ve heard that Jingles now gets 60% of his salt from chat instead of the mines…
      Anything and everything is cheating if it benefits you and is negative to the enemy. I haven’t seen anything like it since I left school twentyigfyidg years ago, I fully expect the enemy players to pull my hair at some point. I don’t know if they’re actual children or complete thick as shit man-babies, but I do enjoy their salty rants in chat, it’s the mark of playing well.

  12. I quite like the new intro!
    Change is good people! 😀 Don’t be stale and boring!

  13. Hey Dave, i’m Alex.

  14. VolatileBullfrog

    16:33 so what you’re saying is Meaty_Bites …. bit it?

  15. Shipmaster Crook

    Not fond of this intro. Looks terribly simple, almost on the lazy level, relying on pre-render content rather then your usual custom content for opening.

  16. I dont really like the new intro the music is completly out of sync with the video.

  17. Jingles, what’s so hard about saying Tee Gee Senior (TGSr)?

  18. Achim Hanischdörfer


    If you use the 406mm Guns, the Secondary Battery Mod 2 and the Gunfire Control System Mod 2, you get quite good dispersion.
    It is not exactly “Montana”-Level, but reliable enough to hit things well, irrelevant of the range they are at.

    *Please* do not ask me why other combinations produce horribly unreliable dispersion. I tested with a clan mate, and the smallest and most uniform dispersion pattern was achieved with *these* modules.

  19. Intro sucks

  20. BIA World of Warships

    This is so cringy to watch; hardly any skill here just sheer dumb luck.

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