World of Warships – High Explosive!

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Wanna blow right through the bow armour of any ship in the game, from any range and at any angle? Then do I have a deal for you, squire! I got these Inertia Fuse High Explosive skills, they fell off the back of a lorry and can be yours for just ten skill points. Nice doing business with you, squire, and you didn’t see me, right?

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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Notification Squad, UNITE!!!

    I love Jingles at 6:00 AM…

  2. Jingles you realize there’s another flag you can put on called Victor Lima
    with reduces your penalty by another factor, so you actually can get back
    to base fire chance? Oh shit, I’ve spoken harsh words…. back to the salt
    mines… ??

  3. Gordon Ramsay: what movie are you watching?
    Daughter: it’s frozen
    Gordon: Fucking hell..

  4. Destroyer Shimakaze

    what port is that ?

  5. Jingles, the royal navy is a horrible example, they don’t have HE…

  6. So many people cream there pants with that new perk, if you look at the
    wiki and look at stats only some ships actually gain much of anything from

  7. Umm… who saw the cockup that was the last 2 minutes of this video

  8. Fuck High Explosive. Yours sincerely, Battleship players.

  9. 27:40 Hello Darkness my old friend…

  10. this perk takes ANY skill out of gun play for cruisers – no need to aim
    properly at all – just spam the HE like a fireworks display.

  11. As if BB’s didn’t camp at the back enough wargaming decides to make there
    armour irrelevant to cruisers and even some DD’s sigh.

  12. i personaly hate the IFHE skill becouse that just makes the game even more
    for cruisers. this game has been already dumbned down so much that people
    playing cruisers just WON’T BOTHER learning anything when HE ammunition is
    so frikin overpowering and those who say that cruisers are easy kills..yeah
    for other cruisers shooting HE with the IFHE even on broadsided cruisers. i
    seen it happen. so many people who actualy take the time to learn how to
    play the game with when using HE and when AP and where to go and things
    like that. the new skills like IFHE makes those learning curvers redundant
    becouse they don’t need to learn anything to do big damage. Battleships
    can’t effectivly counter cruisers at the ranges that cruisers usualy
    engange and stay in just spamming HE ammo at the BB. you have to be
    EXTREMELY lucky to have a massive hit against a cruiser..other times it’s
    just overpens or straddles. i want this game to be a great game but i only
    see it ending up as mediocre game

  13. HE spam and Fire damage are getting ridiculous now. A game name change is
    need to ‘World of High Explosive & Fire’.

    Jingles do you not now think this is a game breaking skill?

  14. British Knight aka MiniNinja1

    You describe it as a ‘no-brainer’ for cruisers, but I think that is taking
    it just a little too far. As you say at the start, the downside of IFHE is
    the -3% chance of fire, which can be offset by taking Demolition Expert for
    another 3 skill points, and mounting the 2 flags that each add 0.5% (one of
    which also increases the risk of self detonation by 5%). Now think about
    that. That makes this a 7 point skill (4 for the skill itself, 3 more for
    the demo expert to offset 2/3 of the penalty) that *prevents you ever
    getting the *advantages* of demolition expert (as in *extra* chance of
    fires) and requires that you run 2 flags every battle.

    In other words, this is a skill that is very desirable, but is very
    expensive. That kind of choice is never really a no-brainer. The maximum
    number of skill points possible for any commander in the game right now is
    19. For the average player, those 19 point commanders are a long, long,
    long grind away. For your average mid-tier cruiser, you may well be looking
    at commanders with 10-12 point captains, and investing 7 of those points on
    just one facet of play …. well, I recommend that people *do* engage their

    If you have before now scored decent damage on battleships with fires, and
    were running demolition expert, then taking IFHE is actually trading that
    away. Sure, it is a fair trade, but it is still a trade. Taking IFHE means
    you have 3% less chance, per shell, of causing fires than you would have if
    you’d taken demo expert anyway.

    IFHE is great news for Carriers though. There are an ever increasing number
    of Cruisers that are switching from having extra AA range in order to take
    IFHE. Many of them may also be skipping the 20% extra AA damage tier 3
    skill to take Demolition Expert too. So more and more Carriers are finding
    that a target such as, say, a Bayern, sailing right next to a cruiser
    escort that can have fairly decent AA coverage and would previously have
    largely negated any single squadron attack, is now probably not running an
    AA build, and may not have defensive fire at all, and even if it did, with
    a much shorter range, making it unable to disrupt the targeting on any ship
    but themselves.

    Worth thinking about, and far from a ‘no-brainer’.

  15. Who else watched to the end to get the second ending? :P

  16. Jingles, is there a way to calculate armor penetration on AP shells?

  17. What harbour is that?

  18. “RN Cruisers have 152mm all the way up to Tier 10” uhh, yes, Jingles, but
    they don’t have HE shells, so that doesn’t really count for this skill,
    does it?

  19. Shout out to Aerroon! nice guy and a great WoWs player +1 :D

  20. Welp you just ruined world of warships. xD

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